PTA’s Annual Report for 2009-2010 [Download]

pakistan-telecomPTA has released its annual report for ICT industry of Pakistan for year 2009-2010.

Comprising of 94 pages, this report covers all aspects of country’s telecom and broadband industry.

Download Report:

  • You can download the full report by clicking this link 16.9 MB
  • (PDF File – Right Click and Select “Save target As)

In coming days, we will cover each chapter of this report in detail, while the summarized facts are given below:

  • Total teledensity of country reached 64.08 percent in FY 2009-10 with 3.5 % YoY growth
  • Cellular teledensity reached 60.4 percent
  • Total telecom sector revenues reached Rs. 357.7 billion in FY 2009-10, compared to Rs. 333 billion during same period last year
  • Cellular Mobile sector revenues were Rs. 236.1 billion with 11 percent YoY growth rate
  • Total investments made in telecom sector during FY 2009-10 stood at USD 1.13 billion, where cellular share was 80 percent
  • FBR collected Rs. 44 billion as sales tax and federal excise duty (FED) from the telecom sector during 2009-10, as compared to Rs. 49 billion during same period pervious year.
  • Total tax collection by mobile sector was Rs 71.95 billion, which was Rs 82.3 billion in 2008-09.
  • Activation tax declined by about 53 percent in 2009-10.
  • PTA collected a total of Rs. 13.56 billion as license fee, USF and R&D contribution, compared to Rs. 9.15 billion collected last year.
  • Fixed teledensity, following the global trend, dropped to 3.68 percent.
  • Pakistan has total of 3.42 million fixed subscribers, 2.66 million WLL subscribers.
  • PTCL’s share in fixed subscribers is 74 percent
  • Broadband subscribers reached 900,648 mark in FY 2009-10, showing 100 double the size of previous year’s subscribers.
  • PTCL enjoys 53 percent market share with 474,387 subscribers with Wateen at second slot with 21 percent market share and 188,725 subscribers.
  • PTA received 24,711 complaints during the reported year, out of which 95 percent were resolved.

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