Pakistani Hackers Retaliate – Hacks 270 Websites, Including CBI

In response to ICA’s (Indian Cyber Army) attack on 40 Pakistan’s government websites earlier this week, Pakistani hackers have retaliated by defacing some 270 Indian websites in a single go including Indian CBI (Central bureau of investigation) website.

In an email sent to ProPakistani, PCA or Pakistan Cyber Army claimed that they have defaced Indian CBI’s website. PCA said that this was a planned defacement in response to ICA’s attempt.

PCA left a message on CBI’s website as following:

This attempt is in response to the Pakistani websites hacked by ‘Indian Cyber Army’. We told you before too.. we are sleeping but not dead.. remember PCA (Pakistan cyber army)!..back off kids or we will smoke your d00rs off like we did before..

lets see what you investigating agency so called CBI can do for you or for us! haha… one more attempt from your side..we got your every website lying around here like its our local server! buahahaha.. so we would like to say to your 31337 hackers and your 31337 NIC team..

go and read some more books guys are seriously bunch of script_kiddies! know nothing rite now.. got r00t access to NTC server? ..mass about something like this..a planned attack! haha.. btw we got r00t to your NIC too :P ..your filtering sucks..have fun! and DO NOT DISTURB..we got better things to do.. :D ..stop complaining about Pakistani websites your own ___ first..thats what intelligent people do!…tata :D

A message by Pakistan Cyber Army
Pakistan Zindabad!

Screen shot of CBI’s website:

In another effort, HEX786, a Pakistani hacker, has posted a message on his website announcing the defacement of 270 Indian websites.

HEX786 didn’t deface those websites, instead inserted a html file named as HEX786.html in root directory of mentioned websites, exactly the way ICA did to Pakistani websites.


HEX786 warned Indian hackers to not to initiate the cyber war. He writes:

Indians No0bs Hackers We Are Warning You, Stop this Cyber War You have Started Against Pakistan. Don’t think that You’re far Away from Us. We Will Make Your Internet Hell, See How We will Defeat You in Cyber War You’ll Never Ever Forget.

Complete list of hacked websites is given here

It merits mentioning here that senior hackers on both side of borders are advising their communities to not to engage themselves in such activities.

    • Why do you need to bring your GOD in this now?? Did your karachi press club sponsored you?…lol…crazy _____

      [comment Edited]

      • TELL DEM A DIFF BW..
        40 GOVN SITES and 2 govt sites!!!!
        lol..poor country….
        ol da rest websites out of 270 wr like shopekeepers website,school website etc etc…..jinko banane wale ne he kabi khol k nahe dekha hoga…hahahahah
        “bachon bade ho jao,papa se panga kab tak loge?? hahahaha

        n mene out of 270 bas 2 sites k he naam sune hai…its so funny!!!
        Dudh(milk) piyo!!!

        • so what man. CBI website is one of the most powerful website of india…….. bulllllllshit

          grow up u lil kids of india. grow up man…….
          just imagin if pakistan hack the most powerful website of india then what abut other craps….

          jaoo pahle maan(mother) ka dudh (milk) pio phr panga loo apne papa se
          p for papa and p for PAKISTAN

          • beta 100 fight ke baad jeetne ko jeetna nahi naseeb kehte hai aur rahi baat mummy papa ka ka wo to duniya janti hai kaun kiska baap hai

          • chhaa gay o boss!

            keep sm distance u indian fools we will soon run
            acsii codes on ur sites so that u will never b able to even call ur mom!

            papa ko gud buy bolo

            Pakistan iz the DAD of all

          • salam bhai do contact wid me as soon as possible…. send me uor id i m a pakistani n i need uor favor against dese indians…plz..

        • Yar Dudh (milk) walay!
          India hasn’t developed to the extent where a shopkeeper even own a website. No doubt India is very glamourous and beautiful in movies but in reality even in Dehli bafaloos still do the poo on roads and people live in “jhopar-patiz” and play “dandiaya” over pile of “Goobar”. Silicon Valley (Bangalore) dil par hath rakh kar bata, India ka sab sy ganda city hai ky nahe ?

          Aray humko 170 million ka pait palna hai, tumko 100 years lagaen gay abhe..China ny itni taraqi kar le lakin aaj bhe ghurbat hai and u r not 10th part of China in progress even after so much support of Europe and US to be boss in South Asia.

          • oye, pussira..
            ooops.. i mean bashira …. :P

            tumko 170 million ko paalna hai fir bhi paal nahi sakte..
            har din bomb blasts karte hai..
            kabhi market mei
            kabhi masjid mei
            kabhi bus mei..

            pathetic loser and terrorist country…

        • website hacking ..bawahahahah………skiddes ….we are masters of C, C++, Perl, VB, VBscript, Java, Javascript, Leetscript, Bash,
          VXcoding, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Python, COBOL, REBOL, Pike, .NET, ASM, uh and… er Internet Cod…..
          you have no idea how to code do you? it took you 15 minutes to count your members..hahahah..bloody indians

  • Pakistan Rocks….It’s Already Proved That…Pakistan & Pakistani’s Are Always Step Ahead From India…In Every Field..! Pakistan Zindabad

    • Pakistan really rocks when bombs exlpodes here and there….yes you guys and your country is always ahead in that including begging from USA….!! Really thats Zindabad for ya….keep on going lads.

      • Sick Gay…… why you are burning.. when your hackers hacked pakistani sites you were enjoying it ….and the way you bring all the other unrealted things to the topic which is discussed is not new to us.. this is the only thing you can do.. stereotype and prejiduce against pakistan.. nothing else..

      • we r not beggers ur ans iz this tahht sm thing is behind the scene bacho!

        mama sy bolo ap ko kuch social scieences b sikha dain beta

    • Pakistan rocks… and look how Pakistani’s prove this .. by killing innocent people all over the world and bringing shame to the name of Islam, Allah and whole Muslim community. indeed great thing to be proud of.

      • sure shabir jig,
        so u think a Muslim can blast up a masjid? now why would he do that for what treasures of the world; could u tell me?
        n these bomb trainers have been caught having beards and all but no khatna. ab khatna(Circumcision) samjao?
        u mind telling me people of the north Pakistan; pyaing 5 times a day and following most of Islam’s values more than any Muslim society of the world which u call conservative do not have khatna??? and i’m punjabi
        and to link things up here bro, tell me what RAW is doing in Afghanistan as per called by the US??? and why aren’t U protesting for Ksahmir like we are here?????

  • Gr8 Guys! I was just waiting for this news to come..
    Allah Bless U Guys..!!
    They first started all this so now they have to bear the cost..

    • You guys started this and always have. you have always been the ones to explode bombs, kill innocent people, not even sparing ladies, kids and old people. And then you seek your god’s blessings…!!!

      No religion preaches all this.

      Stop doing this disgrace to your God and religion.. there are better followers of Allah over the world.

  • We hacked your websites on 26/11… but how can you ever forget how you bled India the same day. And you saying India started it. you had already started it. I cant believe … all learned people are here posting messages backing this. You should be rather initiating things to bring peace among the two nations. No one is to earn anything from all this. There’s no point shedding each others blood.

    Stop this.

    • Mr shabir! Is this the way to bring peace..?? Look at all ur comments..
      Y u relating all these to bombings, killings etc..
      Our comments r only related to the specific topic..
      & yeah I’m proud ov PCA..
      Y not u go n tell ur own so called ICA, Y not post advises on ur forums & criticize them..??
      How can u come to us n say this is not the way to bring peace..??
      First get into ur internal matters, align ur activities & then come advise us..

      • We don’t advise fools. So how do you think you will bring peace. We hacked your websites after what you did here on 26/11 so look into what your nation is then talk about other things.

  • gr8 work n sorry 4 all da posers plzz take ur agenda smwher els v knw b8r wt v doin n allah swt knwz b8r who blows bombs nt me nt u den who r those u b8r guess..

  • Thumbs up for the PAB CYBER ARMY. Long Live Pakistan.

    According to Indians are still afraid of Pakistan & they even can’t think to fight against Pakistan after Mumbai attacks.

    Love you Pakistan & well done ‘Pak Cyber Army’ team.

    Thank You ALLAH.

      • We screwed you in 1947 without an army, remember!.This is just one incident you stupid piss drinking gandustani.GAY HIND!

      • 10 pakistanio ny mumbai me tumko thanda kar dia tha .yaad ha ?
        ye kuch or chaye to is bar 20 bhej dengy .hhahahha

        • itna hi dum hai to bolo apni govt. se ek baar kabool karke to dikhye media pe. uske baad to khel hum dikhayenge tumhe………

          • pakistan me pehly aag tum ny lagai ha. teri govt q kabool ni karti pehly?
            tere india me to bari army ha, tere india ka dum kahan gaya ?
            itni bari army k bawajod tum log darty ho. hahahhaha
            sala dum ki baat karta ha.

      • It’s is due to foolish involvement of Pakistani govt in the so called War or Terror otherwise we have every thing… we earn and eat our self.. only corrupt leaders cause this…
        but also remember your Telecom scandal…
        ha ha ha

  • Mr. Shabir go give these comments to ur Indian Friends….No need to post such Bullshit here.

    It is YOUR country that starts such Bull shit, every time and we always bare it but when they cross limits they get a Tight Slap from us.

    These Two nations can NEVER be and SHOULD NEVER Unite. We are proud to be an Independent Nation and we THANK GOD for that.

    @Sick guy….ur r really a SICK GUY and this is how u represent ur SICK COUNTRY !

    • Oh really!

      You yourself are a shame to your nation and humanity. Sach sunne ya samjahne ke liye na to tumhein khuda ne dimaag diya hai na himmat.

      YOU ARE SICK. looks who’s talking about independence..udhaar ki to zindagi jeete ho. bhikhari

      • @ USMAIN….

        Humain to AID khud milta ha …we never ask for it…But Just have a look at ur country all ur Indian Girls get DOWN to ALL THE AMERICANS to get a single Dollar…they spend and day and nights with them for just bluddy 1 dollar…!!
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  • they have hacked only 2 or 3 imp websites n the rest of it are like shopekeepers website,school website n ol the unimportatant one….. whereas INDIAN CYBER ARMY have hacker their all 40 imp website.. GROW UP PAKI NOOBS!!! HAHAHAHAHa

    “Grop UP pakis,u noe whoz ur big Dady” lol

    • why are u crying like a kid ,,,,, indian hacker also hacked shopekeepers website,school website n all the unimportatant one….but PCA just kick ur ass and give u a warning that not to do again otherwise ur internet feel u like a hell……so back off …. :P:p:P:p:P

  • well done pakistanis.
    we can give every answer to india like nukes, then cyber war then mumbai. what else they need from us .hahahahaha.
    indians dnt forget mumbai when 10 ordinary people did some thing to u. what if they were trained ? can u imagine ur loss?
    so be in ur limit and like always u r the first to do something we only responded u in a better way than u.

    so mind ur own business


  • we are happy to live in a country of bombs instead living in a country full of whores like u. take care of ur home or u r 1 of them ?

    • Then why all Paki cricketers lined for a job in IPL.. poor pakis ..only know from where to beg..US..
      country of beggars… You poor pakistani even taken begged for flood relief money.. Even we hv donated you $50 million .. so better take care of ur country…

      • thats why modi and ipl was criticized by icc.
        and every bollywood movie favours muslims point of view.

        asameese and tamils will tear u apart soon. just wait and see.

        and we have answer for ur every action. i supported mumbai attacks, because of indians intervention in our country we have to respond india in a better way.

        u people r that much scared from pakistan that all the day ur media barks about pakistan.
        and the truth is pakistan never starts any war with india. its india who do it and then cant bear answer from pakistan side.
        as far as mumbai attacks are concerned every person knows that it was impossible with out indian local support, may be it was reaction of gujrat attacks on indian muslims, may be reaction of indian muslims exploitations, may be to recieve world attention, may be some kashimiris from indian occupied kashmir did this. who knows.

        and then all blame goes to pakistan.

        wake up india.

      • no one can take panga with muslims. look to super power in afghanistan. now usa is inviting more countries to share there defeat.hahhahahahaha. super power became zero power and these indians zero power think they can do some thing. hahhahahahaahhaha.

      • Correct!!

        Khud ka to inke paas kuch hai hi nahin. pata nahin kis baat ke independent aur pakistani bante hain.

        • hum wohi pakistani hain jin ky bary me tumhara media har waqt tumko darata rehta ha .kia samjhy.

          chalo apny india me jao or kuch bara socho warna phir 10 admi bhej kar mumbai ki ent sy ent baja dengy

  • bullaaahhhh Indian u r still child go to your mom. and dont tried to look at PAKISTAN………
    Pakistan Zindabaad.

  • india just dont want to make hell for innocent people just because of some freaks so apni had me hi raho

    • @^^^ Mr.Abba from Shit India,

      Ur innocent ppl are lying down those Americans.. and they keep u indians UNDER THERE FOOT…and u do that with EVERY country…thats why u are roaming around in Every country like insects !! cause ur OWN country is a HELL for ur Ppl.

      Pehley apni Had mai raho us ke bad hamain advise karna !

  • We, Pakistanis are under terrorist attack, those Indians living in peace. We, Pakistanis with less education and skills, those Indians funded by foreign universities. We, Pakistanis poor and baggers of the world, those Indians preparing to becoming economic giant with the help of nasty Americans.
    But still again We, Pakistanis SLAPPED them hard. We, Pakistanis can do anything to protect our independence and integrity.
    Wish all of Indians with best of SLAPS from Pakistanis.

    • u r right . no one can take panga with muslims. look to super power in afghanistan. now usa is inviting more countries to share there defeat.hahhahahahaha. super power became zero power and these indians zero power think they can do some thing. hahhahahahaahhaha.

  • Its not at all a great achievement…. If u bunch of hackers are smart enough, then u must step forward to spread education in your country. “Which is in Disaster”.

    Agar chain se sona hai to jaag jao!!! u still have time…

    The CBI site will be up and running sooner and later… But what does this proves??? ur not doing any good to any1 my friend.

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