Submarine Cable Announced to Link Asia-Europe Faster

IMEWIThe launch of IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe), a fiber optic submarine cable system which links India & Europe via Middle East was announced today in New Delhi.

The 13,000 km long three pair fiber optic cable named IMEWE (India- Middle East- Western Europe), has a design capacity of 3.84 terabits per second.

Backed by Bharti Airtel and deployed by Alcatel-Lucent, IMEWE is result of a consortium of nine partners comprising leading global telecom operators from South East Asia and Middle East.

Internet Service Providers and Network Operators hope to utilize the additional bandwidth to support high-bandwidth peer-to-peer IP-based broadband services such as multimedia streaming, broadband Internet and voice/video telephony.

The cable system will ease connectivity requirements of Middle East and European countries to Asia and vice versa. The IMEWE will also help provide alternate routes for meeting bandwidth requirements.

The IMEWE is funded by nine major telecom companies:

  • Bharti Airtel (India),
  • Etisalat (UAE),
  • France Telecom-Orange (France),
  • OGERO (Lebanon),
  • Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (Pakistan),
  • Saudi Telecom Company STC, (Saudi Arabia),
  • Telecom Egypt (Egypt),
  • Telecom Italia Sparkle (Italy),
  • Tata Communications (India).

IMEWE has following landing points:

  • Mumbai (India) (two landing sites)
  • Karachi (Pakistan)
  • Fujairah (UAE)
  • Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
  • Suez (Egypt)
  • Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Tripoli (Lebanon)
  • Catania (Italy)
  • Marseille (France)

Other functional submarine cables for same route includes

  • SEA-ME-WE 3 and
  • SEA-ME-WE 4

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  • Can Pakistan make a connection for same type of cable with Gulf Countries to decrease rates of Internet/ Telcom etc?

  • Now Pakistan is on 4 major internet backbone cable system as of today (TW1, Sea-me-we 3, sew-me-we 4 and IMEWE)almost having around 10Tbps capacity.
    But same time here we are some technology constraint for end user last Mile topology i.e how to provide high rate bandwidth on DSL, WIMAX or any other broadband cable, however many service providers are working on GPON, FTTH, FE, 3G, 4G and LTE to provide very hight rate band for corporate home/individual user. the day is not far away will be get it very soon….

  • BTW TW1 IS NOT A MAJOR CABLE SYSTEM FOR INTERNET CONNECTIVITY. Its just small link from Karachi to Fujeirah as compared to the massive Sea-me-we-3,4 & IMEWE

  • @ truth:
    Dear FYI TW1 is owned by Orascom Telecom only in Pakistan and rest of all cable systems are consortium of multiple countries.i.e.
    SEA-ME-WE3 consortium of 32 countries
    SEW-ME-We3 consortium of 19-20 countries
    IMEWE is consortium of 9 countries

    And we are not talking here about cable length system we are talking about criticality and dependency thats why TW1 is major back bone for Pakistan and having around 50% market share in Pakistan for bandwidth in IP and LDI Transit. bandwidth serving…:)

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