Adsense Spotted on Ufone’s Website #Corporate Fail

A ProPakistani reader sent us following snapshot and a URL from Ufone’s official website, that contains two adsense units on it.

Not to mention, this page on Ufone’s website is created to sell Mobilink numbers.

We won’t say much on this, just the headline and below image will tell you the complete story!



Adsense units are gone now!

        • This is not a part of the website but its a classified page made by ufone to serve the people who want to give any ad on this site free of cost….
          So I think dont always critise someone first lets confirm if they are doing something for good cause or bad.

      • Let me assure you, is owned, but not managed by ufone (or any other MNO for that matter) – It is their product vendor trying to squeeze in a few extra bucks.

  • as it mention in the url its UBAZAR so obviously you will find there ads weather for jazz or for anything it does’n matter.

  • That UBAZAR is a classified Ad portal so its not a big deal as you can sale anything on a classified site…

    Here is its story if you bothered to research before writing a post:

    UBAZAR is backed by classified(check website source-code), adsense profits are enjoyed by not Ufone…

    • BTW… you can also see a sign posted in bottom of site “Powered by PAKBOARDS (which is again a PakWheels network).

      • ufone better pay few thousand dollars to pakwheels to get rid of ads. even if pakwhee is earning there is no point of showing ads on website

    • if we visit and both of them have same content to sell/buy. only difference is of formatting as ufone needs to follow its corporate design and pakboard needs to make its own colour scheme in order to keep it save from any legal matters.

      if you visit this link this is network DNS record of and whereas, if u visit both of the entries are exactly getting matched. hence we can say tht there is routed/mapped to

  • u can even spot adsense on
    these giants rely on few bucks from Google to keep their sites up… so bad examples

    • in my view corporate sector doesn’t require any advertisement they can bear thr own expenses, earning from website is not thr revenue generating area.

  • O bhai jab pe google adsense lag sakta hai tu kya ufone nahi laga sakta kya ??? shaid iss se paise kama k SMSC advance kar lain service tu behtar hoge ufone ki

  • I think this post is of no value and just creating a false impression.

    UBazar is an online selling / buying portal open to any one. You can easily find people selling all kind of numbers and stuff.

    There are people selling cars and home stuff, so one can’t say such stuff that it shouldn’t be allowed.

    This post is just a spam and must be removed.

  • UBazar is a classifieds site and so people are posting whatever they want to sell ! and that’s how it’s worldwide for any classifieds site !

    I think UBazar/ has done a great job in keeping their site clean from all sorts of other spam ads.

    Kudos to Ufone to be brave enough to not worry about users selling Jazz numbers ! They are winners in this telecom battle and they know it !

  • You know how, at times, someone tells a joke to a group of friends and then no one laughs? This post was pretty much on the same lines.

    (a) the screenshot point towards adsense units on the site as if its a horrendous crime. Big deal. Its obvious that the site is being powered by, so some sort of revenue sharing must be going on between the two: Ufone and Pak eventures – how is that so funny?

    (b) The other issue is with the Jazz phone numbers for sale. Read the title: FREE classifieds. Everyone can post whatever they want for buying and selling. Its an open platform.

    To be honest, I think it would have been a petty and cheap move by Ufone if they intentionally siphoned off ads mentioning their competitors. In fact, the story might have been more interesting if that actually was the case as it would expose Ufone’s insecurity.

  • @Mehwish – did you not take your morning tea today? Get some caffeine and wake up!

    Its 2010 and google powers most of the digital ads. Websites put up ads for monetization. Monetization is the term used to refer to making money. All companies attempt to money (unless they’re paid for my government grants), and in this particular case ufone has partnered with a 3rd party (ie to host the service.

  • I dont think its such a big issue of monetizing a website such as ufone classifieds. I have been following closely on Ufone online presence in social media as well and their team is doing a remarkable job in comparison to Telenor’s amateurs.

  • its fakeeeee…look at the ads unit it is out of the body of site
    watch live cricket
    cricloverz . com

  • Hrmm that has been weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I desired to state that it is nice to understand that a person else also mentioned this when i had trouble finding the exact same info elsewhere. This is the initial place that explained the answer. Thanks.

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  • Assalam 0 Alikum All,

    See brothers, means to buy/sale things. In other words, earning point where people can gathered.
    Adsense means to earn for ufone bazar :P


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