Salman Taseer Dead, Jang, Geo, Dawn Websites Go Down

Local TV Channels are reporting that Salman Taseer, Governor Punjab, has been shot down in Islamabad. The news has spread like a fire across the country.


Resultantly, those in offices are pointing their web browsers to news websites to know more about Salman Taseer’s assassination. But evidently, due to sudden traffic spike, websites of Geo, Jang and The News have crippled down.

A closer  at server indicates that machines are up and running, however, web server is unable to serve the requests.

It is told that Mr. Salman Taseer was shot 27 bullets by one of his own body guards in F 6/3, Islamabad.

More details on Salman Taseer’s assassination can be found here (Google News)

Update: has stopped responding as well.

Update 2:

Geo/Jang websites are recovering. They have added a security shield to avoid un-wanted attacks/bots.


Update 3:

Dawn is back as well.

However, both the publications need to re-consider their hosting architecture, which needs an immediate re-shape. Usually, news websites escape such traffic spikes due to their TV channels. However, this time news broke during work hours (4:15 PM) and hence news seekers had no option but to go to their websites – resulting into down times.


    • Yeap, it’s really sad, it took to long to killed him. Should be done few weeks ago, Sheeri Rehman and Shahbaz Bhatti are next.

      History remember MALIK MUMTAZ HUSSAIN QADRI as a HERO and as Muslim I proud on him.

      These politician can do anything but not any comments on Prophet Muhammad or their LAWS.

      • Jaisay muslim ke marne se Islam nahin marta issi tarah kafir ke marne se kufr khatum nahin hota…
        aap ke hero sb to ab phansee kee maut marein ge aur so called kafir sb ka janaza aaj shaid hazaron muslims parhein ge…

        • How could one pray janazah for anyone who loves the haters of Rassoolullah saw and calls a law unanimously approved by legislature a black law ? Obviously the man was intoxicated with thanklessness to Rassoolullah saw and and ALLAH himself. Of course you will always find Meer Jaffers who are British loyals who will sell out Muslims for expected benefits. So they will do anything for the money, including prayers for the enemies of the Prophet

          Those who tolerate and encourage the hatred of Rassoolullah saw should not bother to invite people to do dua on their janazah. A million may pray for them. Money can buy almost anything. However is ALLAH obliged to accept their prayers, when they have no love for his beloved messenger?

          • “So they will do anything for the money, including prayers for the enemies of the Prophet”
            hahahaha… what a fools paradise u live in dude…

      • no one from media considering him a hero,,did you watch news and programs all the day yesterday? Malik Mumtaz was considering to be a “wehshi” “janooni” KATIL
        And Salman Taseer was innocent “Shaheed”.

        I’m not supporting or criticizing any one. If it was really because of Blasphemy law, then it is appreciable, however if it was because of some political revenge then it is quite bad.


      • kia yehee taleem hay islam ki kay logoon katal karo…quran to kahta hay eik inssan ka katal poori insaniat ka katal hay…waisay logoon marna,cruption,dosroon ko kafir kahna yeh sab toheenay rasalat nahen…15oo sal say kia yeh tohenay rasalat qanoon islam ki hifazat kar rah tha
        ..yeh kanoon kis nay bania ziaul haq nay or jamaatay isalmi or fazlo rahman jaisay so called molvioon nay…yeh kanoon kuda nay to nahen bania.?or yeh qadri say ager poochain gain pata chala ga ess ko kalima bhi nahen ata hona….bus humarey piyarey nabi (saw)piyar ka darse dia hay amman ka darse dia kissi katal karnay to kabhi nahen kaha….pls kud bhi parnay ki koshish karen.

        • app ki baat bilul theek hai ..
          Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) k zamanay main kitney kaaferon nay APP (S.A.W.W) k khilaaf sazishain ki lekin APP (s.a.w.w) nay kabhi unko Bura Bhala nai kaha tha to Qatal kerne ka to Swal hee nai paida hota.
          agar aisa hota to uss waqt ginti k Muslan thy or baaki Kafir to or agar Kafiron ko Qatal ker diya jaata to sirf chand aik Muslman hee bachtay or ISLAM kabhi agay nai bharta…
          aik Insan ko bachana Insaniyat ko Bachana
          aik Insan ka Qatal Insaniyat ka Qatal
          or APP (S.A.W.W) ne Insaniyat ko bachaya tha

    • Good person definition very from society to society and person to person. He says Prophet laws “Black LAW” as a Muslim i can’t say he’s a good person.
      I don’t know what type Muslim u r.

      • Prophet law? Your ignorance is stunning. The Prophet didn’t make the law, Zia did.

        Muslims did fine without the law.

      • i don’t know k uss nay aisay alfaaz kahay thay ho sakta hai kahay hon lekin ap mujay kisi kitaab main likha btaa dain k “TOHEEN-e-RISALAT ki saza ser tan say JUda”

        iss ki SAZA ALLAH dainay wala hai Insano ka koi HaQQ nai

      • propakistani is ACTUALLY reporting websites of Jang and Geo are down due to above mentioned incident which does happen to be a techno post :)

        ps: manipulation is a GREAT gift!

      • GROW UP! The only problem is with headlines and a little details during the post. The GEO website acted very weirdly during just before the breaking news.


    • @Rameez,
      The guy in BBC Urdu who wrote this himself is very emotional atheist and against every person who slightly differs with his belief, so I consider him extremist in his own style of writing. BBC Urdu is a news source for our media but no doubt they have many anti-Islamists characters within them.

      • If you are correct in saying that he is an atheist, for him i would say, look who is talking; the one who has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. The author was supposed to mention it in his post about his ‘beliefs’. He talked about our fears but i guess forgot to mention his fears as he evidently hid facts about his ‘godself’.
        BBC Urdu does not hire sane people. They only take lunatics on board.

        [Comment Edited]

    • if u know the teaching of islam u will hate mumtaz qadri….bec of this law how many muslim were killed in pakistan do know that?..these so called movies if want find the truth just go search about these peoples character u will find they uttilize ordinary persons for their many of u know the translation of namaz which u recite every day…i can tel u 95 percent pakistani dont know the translation of sura fateh bec these ullemas dont want that u know the beautiful teaching of islam. in the name of jihad how many sons of land killed ? and how many sons of any moulna killled or go for jihad just findout .these maulnas has no money before 1980, no they pecharos land cruiser wher they get from just find out cruption happen in sending hajis for haj. just find out. they have big names but they dont have knowlege, they use innocent muslims in name God,in the name of holy prophet, but f u read and know the life of our beloved prophet SAW he always give taching of forgiveness,when he conquered makka he forgiven every body even the hinda the wife abusufian,who had eaten the liver or kalaga of hazrat humza rz.
      salmaan taseer did nothing wrong he asked for change the aw made by so called ziaz molvies. just to prolong his carear. im sorry to say we giving more bad name to islam rather then good name. in the end i will request every muslim brother pls read about the life of our beloved prophet in the light of quran. we will feel shame on the act of qadri.

  • Zuberdast kam kia hai pakistan mai Ghazi Malik Mumtaz Qadri ne….. we r all with you….. JO HAMARAY NABI KI SHAN MAI GUSTAKI KAREGA US KA YE HE HAAL HOGA ZUBERDAST…………

  • Salam everyone!
    Governor Punjab is dead now. One should not pass any insulting remarks against him. His affair is with Allah. Whatever he said and did, Allah knows everything and has written in a Book. Not the people, but Allah will decide his fate.

    • Before day of justice in this world, people will find it hard to discriminate between right and wrong. This is the reason we will find supporters of evil within us, but everyone knows what services Salman Taseer had for this country in religious and political grounds and how these effected us.

      • And just because his service was not good for religion and politics, he should be killed.
        Pathetic… Salman Rushdi kia kia keh gaya aur ayyashee kar raha hai…
        Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) ne kia apne ooper ghalazat phainkane wale ko maar dia tha… Danish cartoons par qadri sb ne kyun kuch nahin kia… just because governor wa an easy target, he killed him.
        Is there anybody here who appreciate Mr. qadri, go an kill Salman Rushdi, Danish Cartoonist…
        all who think that mr. Qadri did a good job only have courage to appreciate… none of you is probably so called Aashique-e-Rasool…?

        • take a chill pill. Mr. Governor incited anger due to his remarks. Did he actually do anything for the cause beyond just launching fireworks? Wasnt he aware of his country and its environment? Many influential people use the laws to oust their opponents, for instance, accusing them for murder. Did anyone call for removing those laws just because it was misused? On the other hand, every Tom, Dick & Harry are opposing the risalat related law just because it can be misused. wtf? Should we ban cars just because they cause accidents?

          • qadri killed governor just because he got a change and in the whole rest of the world there is no single muslim who can kill Salman Rushdie or Danish Cartoonist… everybody just talking here as a best Ashique-e-Rasool… and judge of all sins by all…Trying to be Almight? haan? truth is muslims are getting slammed and american drones are killing our muslim brothers and we ourselves are killing muslims too… How more pathetically descend we can?

            • How unfair. Qadri got a chance to fire his weapon and everyone around him did not have a chance to stop him. Right?
              I am not issuing any verdict. But, when you incite anger, you should know that something is going to happen. There are several who support neither Qadri nor Taseer. I dont know why is it so hard for you to understand.
              While condemning Qadri-supporters, you have absolutely no right to paint all of us with the same brush. So, its i guess you who is trying to be what you accused me of.
              And whats with that Rushdie & Danish stuff? Janab they dont have the balls to do it in OUR land. So, stick to what is happening inside the country.btw, leave us alone, and mention what did YOU do to deal with the menace of drones and all that? What a pity. You are typical example of mushroom growth of intellectuals lately.

              • Land is of Allah and he wrote satanic verses of Quran against u, me and all the Muslims… and exactly against Allah… “not in our land” what a patheti statement being a muslim… and how very pathetic we have become… I have absolutely not separated myself from others… give me one example from Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) life where such incident took place by any sahabee or other muslim… Irani king torned Allah’s and Prophet’s name and he was dealt with a law of Jihad…
                why r u all Aashique-e-Rasool sitting here commenting on qadri in appreciation… why don’t they gather balls and go and kill Aasia…

                • I have told you, that, there are several who are not supporting anyone in the salman taseer case. You just need a new pair of spectacles. As far any menace outside the country is concerned, its the state responsibility to announce jihad against those fitnaas. How come is it possible for you to be unaware of this rule of jihad being a Muslim? What a pity. You have admitted to have done nothing to tackle the things u r crying about. So, stop bickering and mend yourself before you point fingers at others.

                  • and Allah has blessed Salman Taseer with state honour and thousands of Muslim prayed his janaza… where as I will always be standing for the to be hanged death of qadri… a lunatic who deserves this fate under state law… and I pray we muslims stop being Allah by judging others for jahannum and jannat…

                    Mere to khayaal se agar saza mil gayee to Salman Taseer to gunahon se paak ho kar mar gaya… tabhi hazaron logon ne us ka janaza parha…
                    Apna eeman apne pass rakho mere bhai aur mujhe yakeen hai ke tum main se aik bhi banda ab qadri sb kee family kee support ko nahin jaye ga jo abhi tak police kee custody main hai…

                    not supporting anybody is having no opinion as well and I take it as munafiqat… and I cannot do it mere bhai… I am sorry but I have to differ from all the lunatics accidently trying to be Almighty in pursuit of showing love…

                    • Kia aik mis-used law ko kala qanoon kehnay per Toheen-e-Risalat ho gayee? Aur sitam bala-e-sitam k kisi mien jurrat mien nahi k isko saaf alfaaz mien condemn keray.
                      Yeh Mullas jo Khuda se ziyada insaanon se dartay hain. Jo Khuda ki khush-noodi se ziyada apany followers ki khush-noodi chahtay hain. Jinhein hurmat-e-Nabi se ziyada khud apni jaan ka fikr hai.

                      18 karor janwar-numa-insaano ka yeh jungle jissay dunya Pakistan kehti hai, poori dunya k liye aik threat hai. Yeh Pakis mulha pagal ho chukay hain. These crazy semi-civilized ppl need education, wisdom, and understanding of d greatest man’s (Mohammad SAW) sunnat, a true picture of islam.

                      Dunya walo in bhookay wehshi pakis ki sari aid band ker do. Sirf inhein educate kero. Sari aid sirf education-focused hona chahiye. Ilm wo freeza hai jissay Islam ne namz se b pehlay rakha, k yeh maa ki gode se shoroo ho jata hai.

                      Koi hai jo in semi-humans ko bataye, jo apnay hi bhayun ko nochtay, loot-tay, khasoot-tay hain, k insaani jaan ki hurmat Nabi-e-azam SAW ne kia rakhi hai? Wo religion jo yeh kehta hai, k Nabi k khilaf jang larnay wala kafir b agar ein talwar k neechay islam qabool ker lay to hazrat UMAR b ussay nahi maar saktay, kia aik musalmaan ki jaan lenay ki ijazat deta hai?…..
                      mullha mujh bataye KIS NOIYAT ki gustakhi ki saza maut hy??

                      ek kafar aurat Rasool(saww) per hr roz koora phenka karti thi jab ka Rasool (saww) ne unhe kuch na kaha bulke beemar hone per iyadat ko gaye ,, aur Abu-Jahal aur Abu-Lahab … ki gustakhiyon per bhi unhe Maut ki saza nahi sunaye gai !!
                      jahan tak main tv pe dekha aur suna ke ye Qanoon Zialhuq ka banaya hua hy !!!

                      ager Taseer na kala Qannon kaha to shayad Zia ke banaye hue Qanoon ko kaha na ke Rasool Allah ke qanoon ko Us nay aik bayqusoor aur mazloom aurat jo bachon ki maa bhi thee us waqt sahara diya jab us ko sahara denay wala is dunya mein koi na tha
                      kiya ziaulhek Qanoon ko kala Qannon kahena Gustake Rasool hai ????/

  • Salman Taseer used the Governor House just for partying, plus he had several illicit affairs.

    He was appointed by Mushy, to promote the so-called liberal agenda in Pakistan.

    He didn’t do any SINGLE thing for the good of the people of Punjab or Pakistan during his tenure as governor.

    He got what he deserved.

    [Comment Edited]

    • I wish we muslims start refraining from being Allah and let the decisions of saza and jaza be kept to Almighty only…

  • Does anybody think that a political act is being portrayed as a religious event? We need to be sure that we as a nation aren’t getting trapped by some mastermind?|?|?

    • You dont need to worry. You are safe in laps of the notion of enlightened moderation. All rise for Sir Musharraf the ‘savior’ and his leftovers.

    • You have to wonder about propakistani’s moderators. They let all sorts of racist (anti-Arab, for example), hateful (see the other ones in this post) remarks through.

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