3G Services to be Available by 2011 End: Seminar Notes

PTA PHOTOThe Secretary Cabinet Division, Mr. Abdur Rauf Chaudhry has said that 3G services would hopefully be available to the Pakistan Mobile users by the end of 2011, while it is expected that the Policy for auction of 3G services licenses would soon be presented to the government and Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for discussion and approval.

He said this while speaking at a seminar organized by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in collaborat0ion with Qualcomm and Central Asian Cellular Forum (CACF) at Islamabad on 3G mobile services.

The theme was “Opportunities for All: Development of 3G Devices in Pakistan”.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen, moderated the ceremony. Delegates from Board of Investment, Pakistan Engineering Council, Ministry of IT, Representatives from Qualcomm, IT & telecom Industry experts, CEOs of telecom companies, International Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Local Investors, Mobile Distributors, Academia and media representatives attended the seminar.  The Secretary said that the local manufacturing of 3G handsets is very important and govt would consider the recommendations given by the Industry during the seminar.

On this occasion, Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen said that by the end of this quarter we will be able to roll out plans for 3G services once the Policy is approved by the Government. He said that handset manufacturing is a vital segment of mobile Eco System, by the end of 2011, there will be an estimated sales volume of 300 million 3G mobile handset around the globe. Pakistan offers an excellent opportunity for investment in 3G handset manufacturing with availability of skilled manpower and upward growth of mobile market. He said that creation of a favorable climate for high value added, low cost R&D, production and marketing will certainly instigate investment window in the country.

During the seminar Chairman PTA also delivered a comprehensive presentation to highlight the worldwide practices regarding 3G manufacturing. He presented various investment incentives offered in various countries. Chairman also highlighted the present 3G handset market in Pakistan with necessary future roadmap to promote handset manufacturing industry in the country.

Mr. Raheel Kamal, Mr. Sanjeet Pandit and Mr. Hani Yassin of Qualcomm also made presentations highlighting magnitude and importance of 3G Manufacturing in Pakistan. During the seminar speakers of International fame focused on the pre-requisites for handset manufacturing proliferation such as incentives, mutual coordination, infrastructure development and technology research.

Mobile phone has become the biggest platform available today with almost 5 billion wireless subscribers, of which there are more than 1 billion 3G subscribers in the world. The 3G number is expected to grow to 2.8 billion by 2014. With upcoming 3G auction in Pakistan and network rollouts in the near future, the industry would be benefited from the data growth and exciting applications and services on the 3G networks. Various full-featured mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows, Java, Brew MP, etc., continue to drive the proliferation of mass-market Smartphones offering thousands of applications, services and mobile content.

  • baatain kara lau. Ab qualcomm 3G kai chakkaron main manufacturing ke story phaink rahi hai.

    The world didnt find us fit enough in good days to manufacture GSM handsets in Pakistan and why would they consider manufacturing 3G handsets without have an actual market as well as the the investment incentives.

    A wshful thinking is what PTA is trying to dream and dream knowing fairly well that the way to 3G is not through making money but by giveing the spectrum and tying with regulatory attractions.

    Now we have another secy giving us deadlines making me think y is it that raja pervez ashaf is only rmembered for not keep his promise. Because electricity has demand and a market whereas 3G is just a dream…

    • polish person ….
      i think u don’t know about 3G tecenology .
      so don’t leave comment next time against 3g technology ok..

      • app nay thek kaha in logn ka 3g ki tecnogy ka kya pata. i stay in malaysia here now using 4g servies or ham abhi tak gsm

  • They will propose the plan to government !! Will government even care that what is 3g and pay-pal !! Do they have to even propose these things to government which have become necessity for HUMAN BEINGS !! Ohh sorry I said human beings !! For a while I thought I’m not in Pakistan under ZARDARI government. All He will know about will be “how to use his internet banking account online connected with SWISS BANKS” Wont even care what happens here. :)

  • why would anyone invest in any technology manufacturing in pakistan. we bearly have enough electricity to run other busnesses in the country, and how do you expect people to get to work with infrastructure accrosss the country collapsing on a daily basis. i would hope some of the more fundamental issues are addressed before the govenment trys to convince us they are interested in making these things happen. dont hold your breath !!

  • i already told that 3G will never come to pakistan because if 3G come to pakistan than who will vote for these ignorent politicians. just look to india 3G is providing 21mbps speed for their people as well as you can see where a brand new car( tata nano) has just price of 1lac rupees so 3g is nothing there. and look we people, who are just dying for 3g. guys we should fight for our rights, first they told “3G Spectrums to be Auctioned Shortly: PTA Chief,Aug 3, 2010” and now they says 3g will be available at the end of 2011 means 1year wait simple 2012. see what will they do to stop 3g Auction on the of “3g mobile manufacturing”

  • I really hope they do it this time. Previously it was Chairman PTA the Retd Gen Sahib who put up a whooping price on the spectrum, obviously none of the operators complied. Now we have another story, another deadline. And what about the millions of 3G mobile phones being purchased by Pakistanis? What is the point is having a 3G set that is underutilized? I think we are very late in shifting to 3G thanks to our Governments.

  • Well! Good news for us that 3G is coming. I really appreciate the efforts of PTA for conducing such seminars/events. I hope very soon all pakistani’s will enjoy the 3G services.

  • Everyone is commenting 3G is comming lol, they will first provide the idea inforont of Government to approve, do you guys think they will aprove? Do you guys think our it minister who dont know about fullform of IT would be aware of 3G, and its demand? FORGET ABOUT PAYPAL AND 3G PEOPLE.

  • because they will send qaoutation to buy used 3G towers from worldwide and all 5 mobillink telenor warid ufonr zong operators will try to buy the cheapest 3G towers antennas which will be already used and low performance antennas

  • ALLAH kry yeh such ho ore agr es sy ZONG k busines ko ore growth mily to phr to ALLAH kry yeh 2011 k end main nahi 2 ya 3 month main he start ho jay

  • 3G is not come to pakistan beacause pakistan is a poor cuntry and pakistani

    كل جميع الحرمي في باكستاني سيدتي

    he is not want to come 3G in pakistan

  • thats a great service but came very late in Pakistan….any body tel me how can i activate it on my ufone connection because my Nokia hands set supporting 3g service as well

  • ya ppp ki govt main ajj tak jhoot he bola hy 2011 k end main 3g ho ab to 2012 k be 3 months ho gye hain

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