Ufone Introduces Micro SIMs

prepay-header-microsdsimUfone has launched Micro SIMs, first time in Pakistan, used for iPhone 4, iPads and products / brands that require micro SIMs.


The new iPhone 4 and iPads are designed as such that they support only new generation of Micro SIMs, other global brands are also planning to launch products that require these phones.

These new SIMs function as normal standard SIMs and have the same capacity, the only difference is the smaller Chip Size. These new SIM will function on all products requiring micro SIMs.


SIMs will be charged as per exiting rates inclusive of tax:

  • New Sales: Rs.150
  • SIM replacement: Rs.50

Terms & Conditions:

  • These SIMs are designed for IPhone, IPads and all those product that require micro SIMs
  • Any customer can purchase these SIMs from any of the service centres.
  • SIMs are available in limited stock only.

  • Sounds pretty interesting!
    But if i want to switch my sim from an iphone to another lets say nokia phone? will the micro SIM work in a nokia phone?

    • Yes you can. They’re called “sim jackets” and are available in the market. All you need to do is put your micro-sim in to the jacket and pop it in to whatever hand set you feel like and you’re good to go.

  • kia main apnay existing number ki sim replace kar k micro sim le sakta hoon?????????

    is it cost 50Rs????

  • @Gemini: When and is facetime getting activated on warid?

    Great move by ufone as facetime only gets activated on ufone and mobilink.

    • FaceTime has nothing to do with cellular networks. What you do is open FaceTime on your idevice: enter your iTunes account and sign in or create a new account. FaceTime works through WIFI.

      • Actually, that’s not entirely true. You are correct when you say that facetime has to do with wifi but it doesn’t run on warid yet because it requires a “carrier software” 7.2 or higher. Warid at the moment is 7.0. I’ve tried and failed several times and trust me, it isn’t going to work with a warid SIM card anytime soon. I can’t say for any other networks though.

        • I have tried and got Facetime to work. But problem is that i had gevey unlocked iphone and it would not work on Warid. the moment i used a factory unlocked phone it started to work. It only activates on WEEKDAYS and not weekends. Wonder why but thats what i felt is the problem.

          An international message is sent to servers and reply auto received on your phone.

          Best to use Mitime which costs USD 8 and can be used to activate facetime on any iphone regardless of carrier, network lock, jailbreak or anything.

          Facetime always works with Jazz on the first try :)

  • I got my Iphone 4, I’m little bit confused, When I replace my primary ufone no with Micro Sim, I won’t be able to use that sim in my Nokia set, is there any other thing, in which we can put the micro sim and use in normal Nokia sets?

    Or I MUST get another no with on Micro-Sim?

    • A sim jacket is required to use micro sim in other phones like Nokia and Samsung. I am not sure about its present availability in Pakistan. If its is not currently available in market, it should be ther soon.

      • Just get a NORMAL sim from ufone.
        Approach Hafeezcentre and get it cut by any retailer for 100-200 depending on your bargaining skills.
        A friend will charge 50rs as its no cost really to put in a cutter and making it the right size.

        then use the CUT-out piece as your jacket whenever you use different phones.

        NOT recommended to use in phones with slide in sim cards as sometimes the card may snag the inside and get stuck so apply a little scotch tape at back of the sim to ensure proper fit.

        UFONE micro sims are cheap and perfect size best for IPADS and other peripherals that use small sims.. the problem is you dont get a jacket with it… you can use any other sim jacket with the ufone sim. If you have a spare sim you dont need get that cut and buy micro form ufone…use them the jacket with micro and you will have no problems.

  • Best option is cut u r regular sim with micro-sim cuter and save the remaining part of the sim to be later on to be used with other phones.

    Or u can use the micro-sim and put it inside the normal sim.

    • If you don’t want to go through the while ordeal of getting a new micro sim card. What you do is go to a any decent mobile shop and ask them if they have a ‘sim cutter’ and cut your current standard sim in to a micro sim and you’re all good to use it in your iPhone 4.

  • Good initiative by Ufone for providing quality services at nominal rates. Not everyone except iphone 4 or ipda users require micro sims right now.

    Sim jackets and sim cutting facilities also widely available in Hafeezcentre but best to get the genuine sim instead.

    Warid providing the same service too at Headoffice Lahore and multiple cities in Pakistan.

    You can also try your art skills if you want a quick sim change….



  • i am using micro sim right now n m having so many problems.. now my iph isn’t catching signals of ufone. i dont know whts wrong wid it now.. can anyone help me..

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