Mobilink SMS Plus: 150 SMS a Day for Rs. 1.50

2011-02-03_145522Mobilink is offering this SMS package, called ‘Jazz SMS Plus Offer’ that allows its customers to send 150 SMS to any network in Pakistan for a flat rate of Rs. 1.50 plus tax per day.

Jazz has revamped its earlier SMS Plus offer allowed 250 text messages from 7 AM to 7 PM for Rs. 1.50.

Tariff Details:

  • Price: Rs. 1.50 plus tax
  • Number of SMS: 150
  • Validity: 24 Hours
  • Minimum Balance Required (with tax): Rs. 1.8

How to Subscribe and maintain?

  • Subscription: Dial *106*1# on Mobile screen and press send.
  • Status Inquiry: Dial *106*2# on mobile screen and press send.
  • Un-Subscription Process: Dial *106*4# on mobile screen and press send.

Terms & Conditions

  • The offer can be used to send free SMS on any network in Pakistan.
  • On day end, customer would be automatically re-subscribed to the offer and the subscription fee would be deducted from his account. An SMS notification would also be sent to the customer at the time of re-subscription.
  • If the customer doesn’t have sufficient balance at the time of automatic re-subscription, then he would be unsubscribed from the offer. An SMS notification would also be sent to the customer at the time of un-subscription. Customer can re-subscribe to the offer after recharging.
  • This is a limited time offer.

  • this is good website for all user of pakistan.
    lot of information and interesting things on this website.

  • All the operators have hit the trenches. Fighting like this with each other on just price is not wise and justified. Each operator needs to create its own niece market to survive.

    For some people, price is not the only issue.

  • this is INSANELY cheap!!! love you jazz for doing this, at least SOMEWHERE i can save my money since everything else in this country is so expensive! :s

  • How one can know the remaining balance of sms on this offer? Plz tell me, as there in no such information in this post.

    • in my knowledge, there is no way of finding your balance as far as this offer is concerned and you can not resubscribe to this message twice in one day.

  • bakwas offer ! and lets see when they stop this offer ! mobilink please improve ur horrible network ! kuch paisay network par bhi laga lo ! ur downfall has already begun !!!

  • MOBILINK , you are falliiiiiiing down.

    PLEASE stop these insane packages & grow your network .

    TELENOR still STRONG by far..

  • Great :D
    There is a package for people like us who message in the day as well, and not the people who stay up all night and have free calls and sms.
    Im happy to hear about this package :D

  • I have to say i being a die hard ufone customer am sad to agree that service has gone down the drain. Not a single text going out what so ever! This package is enough to convince me to port to Mobilin. its cheap, loads of msgs and atleast you can trust it to work when u need it most

  • i was just looking for unsubscription of this package, thanks alot and keep helping us by sharing useful stuff

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