Warid Gets Irfan Chaudry Back as CTO

Warid Telecom has re-hired Mr. Irfan Chaudry as Chief Technical Officer of the company, after a gap of four month, we have confirmed with multiple sources close to the situation.

Mr. Chaudry had resigned from CTO’s office at Warid in September 2010, reportedly, due to differences with higher management.

However, recent reshuffle in Warid’s Management made a way for him to get back to his lost seat. Mr. Chaudry will also take care of IT department as interim head.

Mr.Chaudry has been with Warid for last six year.

Telecom experts are taking the re-entry of Irfan Chaudry as a sign that Warid is no longer looking for a buyer, at least for another year or so.

This opinion is supported by a fact that Warid employees got up to 15 percent increment in salaries. This announcement was made by Mr. Zouhair A. Khaliq, Executive Director, Warid, in front of managers and senior management at Royal Palm Country Club, Lahore yesterday in a townhall meeting, told us a source in the company.

Reportedly, Mr. Khaliq held a similar ceremony in Karachi today, where managers and higher management from south region were present.

According to our source, during the Lahore session, when someone asked about the possible merger of Warid, Mr. Khaliq replied “If Warid’s merger was supposed to happen, it would had happened by now”.

Mr. Khaliq also announced that company has no plans for any head cut in near future.

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  • Yes thumbs up for warid…..Real life ka network. Baki tu sab martay he ja rahay hain…i guess ufone’s boom is over now…. Next time is coming for warid.

  • From what i heard, the had resigned due to deeper issues than just differences with the management but that is a different story.

    Such a lot of changes within the top management of any company is not a good sign. Companies need stable managements to progress.

  • Yes Warid is coming bigtime, i came to know through reliable source that Warid is acquiring another operator in Pakistan to catch up the growth they lost during last 1 or 2 years!

  • Great News, and yes its true Warid is the best and has very satisfied customers, i am sure these changes will take the company towards progress :)

    Good Luck Warid :)

  • Now it’s time for Warid to move on, things need to be re-scanned, new CTO will have to hire more technically strong staff in Operations and Quality department, specially in South to grip things and obviously MS team.

    • I strongly agree with Jingeez comments. Strong technical staff is required in Network Operations & Quality Department to grip MS Ericsson and Wincom, specially in South. Time to do more friutful changes to get the best results.

  • Agreed for more changes. Change the NOQ South Manager and his Assistant and see the results. You will achieve the best (not even better), that’s for sure.

  • Guys wishful thinking

    You obviously dont know much about Telecom

    Warid is in a mess and has about 3 subscribers, buying another operator is definately not an option.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Bring some attractive packages in prepaid to grasp on the losing market share.
    Postpaid is doin well may be a change in tariff like telenor otherwise its ok.

    • In GPRS (GLOW)
      30 RS 10MB 30days validity
      3.99 RS 2MB 01 day validity
      20 RS 100MB 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m 01 day validity

      Telenor far behind in speed and packages

    • Warid’s cann’t be so loyal to company or customers are loyal to warid so i am customer of warid since june 2005 by switching from mobilink and till now i found warid is the best operator
      If employees of Warid were loyal than now i am sure they could be the market leaders

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