Ufone Package Conversion Fee Go Up by 50-100%

U-LogoUfone has announced a 50-100 percent increase in package conversion fee for its prepaid customers to be charged from 5 March 2011, said Ufone’s official website.

Dear Customer, Package conversion fee will be revised on 5th March 2011. Conversions of Rs 5 and Rs 10 will be charged at Rs 10 and Rs 15 respectively.

Telecom Recorder says it received an official statement, according to which, the package conversion fee will be revised to Rs. 10 from Rs 5 on different of its packages (100 percent hike) whereas Rs. 15 will be charged on the change of multiple packages, which is currently charged at Rs 10 (50 percent hike).

The charges will be applicable on all local and international voice packages and offers.

The hike in fees has been decided to earn revenues from the customers, who regularly switch over their different packages for availing benefits, said Telecom Recorder.

Ufone has introduced more than dozens of packages over a period of time in order to attract maximum customers towards its network and towards utility of services.

The increase in fees is a rare thing in the highly competitive telecom sector of the country. Though cellular phone operators are quite wise to impose different charges side by side of tariff cuts on their services.

  • lolz every article where people side with any cellular company they are accused of being their employees :)…..

    On the technical side, package conversions do not cost the companies anything at all. All packages offered by a company are set as individual parameters on the network and when you change your package all the network server does, is that it unchecks your current parameter and checks the new one……

    In a competitive market, this is one way to earn some profits, there are approximately a conversion rate of around 15k or more per operator so if you do the math that leads up to some handsome revenue generation for which cost has already been paid. I guess in a market where the consumer wants everything to be free, this is a good practice as long as conversion prices stay under Rs.20

    • While I agree with you on your technical response, I have to disagree on ‘side with company’… look at what is he saying…great move. Think of this as Govt. of pakistan increasing Tax, lets say by 20% and the first comment that people of pakistan has is …. “great move”! and second is … “nice”

      • Read the comments on the article abt Telenor spam emails :) then you will know what I was talking about. As for the comments, for all we know, these can be sarcastic….

  • kharboozay ko daikh kar kharbooza rung pakarta hai,

    Mobilink increases the helpline call charges from Re 1 to Rs 2.

    so Ufone thought this would be unfair, because people call helpline not very often but they choose the packages on daily basis why not try this one.

    now the ball is in warid, telenor and zong court.

    lets see what they do………

    they all start charging for inquiring about your balance in your account.

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