Ufone Becomes SAMENA’s 1st Cellco Member from South Asia

Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd (Ufone) has become the first cellular operator from South Asia to join SAMENA Council, a telecom council with 80-plus registered organizations, said an email statement sent to us.

Pak Telecom Mobile Ltd, operating in Pakistan under the brand name Ufone and a leading operator in one of the SAMENA region’s most competitive markets, ranks among the largest cellular networks, with a subscriber base that exceeds 20 million. The company is widely accredited in Pakistan as the brand that revolutionized the industry and changed the perception that cellular services were only for the elite. Ufone has led the way to increase brand equity and market visibility through strategic consistency in reaching out to the masses, making network enhancements, and offering a diverse variety of value-added services.

Ufone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecom Company Ltd, has focused on expanding connectivity at affordable price structures in a market where average user purchasing power has been on the decline over the past several years. Among the earliest and most active players, Ufone has significantly developed Pakistan’s cellular market and pioneered the launch of MMS, GPRS as well as GPRS international roaming and prepaid international roaming services in Pakistan.

Ufone’s CEO, Abdul Aziz said,

“Ufone is a believer in innovation, to further equip the consumer with the latest in technology.

Ufone’s stride towards being a leader in innovation has earned acclaim off being among the region’s most innovative top players. SAMENA gives a platform to inform and share real-time exchange of ideas with other regions. Ufone finds SAMENA’s direction and progression to be of much strategic significance.”

Mr. Tom Wilson, who is the CEO and executive managing director of SAMENA, expressed his enthusiasm over Ufone’s joining SAMENA by declaring that

“SAMENA is a conduit of business ideas in the region. Our experience in the region so far has convinced us that SAMENA offers a highly strategic marketing and knowledge platform that operators should use to their advantage.

Ufone will surely benefit and several of SAMENA’s sub-groups and committees are open for Ufone to lead. I congratulate Mr. Aziz on his decision to join us.”

SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s membership platform, since its creation in April 2006, has generated new approaches for better dealing with telecoms and pertinent regulatory challenges as well as for serving growing customer needs in the market. 

    • I think, Mobilink has worst data network in the Pakistan. Ufone and Telenor is good as per my experience. About Warid, I never used it.

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