Engro Rupiya Facebook Page Got Hacked and then Re-Hacked

Apparently, the Engro Rupiya of Engro Company has lost its facebook page. According to updated available on Facebook, the page was officially used on 3 back.


However, as per latest status update on the page, a Pakistani hacker is claiming that the page was hacked and he had to re-hack it to brings it back. Hacker is now looking for the real admin to give the page control back to the owner.

Hacker claims that the page was hacked by some Albanian hacker. We are awaiting response from the hacker and the company on the situation.

Meanwhile, go through following conversation made after recent most status update.


Via Pakistan ACCA


  • May i know his name? Lol it reminded me of hacker named trick from pakistan who hacked 1000 facebook pages with in couple of hours (google it if you want to know more)… Good share.

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