Telenor’s Subscribers Cross 25 Million Mark

Telenor Pakistan announced today that the company’s customer base has crossed 25 million subscribers.

The country’s second largest Mobile operator grew in 2009-10 by adding subscribers at a rate of 14%, the highest in the telecom industry for the year.

Speaking about the landmark, Aamir Ibrahim, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan, said:

“With our strong people-focused culture, which is our core strength, and a wide distribution network, we are set to take on new challenges and reach new heights. Telenor Pakistan has the vision of becoming more than a telecommunication business, an example of this is easypaisa, our mobile banking service, which is helping to serve the unbanked population of Pakistan.

We are grateful to and congratulate our stakeholders and our partners in the telecom industry and the government whose support has been vital in our achieving this milestone.”

  • I doubt can not be PTA have to check Telenor’s process of declaring active subscribers
    Only strong in Northen areas in punjab low subscriber base
    In karachi better as lot of northen region people there

    • :) PTA does not have a check on anyone in terms of how subscribers are counted. I know for a fact that mobilink, ufone count any new SIM created in the inventory to be a subscriber :) which onviously means they have about a million or 2 fake subs depending on their inventory in the market.

      As for Telenor, it was once listed at the Dow Jones Index and infact was at number 5 in terms of sustanibility. To be listed and ranked on Dow Jones for cellular companies requires a transparent process of subscriber count, so there shouuld be no doubt as none of the other operators are listed there.

      All this is available on google. Do a little research before you comment.

        • Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by Telenor Group and sustainibility was just an index which telenor actually topped in 2008…

          also to enlist on dow jones there is a specific requirement which was related to subscriber count and it was that a subscriber who spends a certain amount of money in a specific period of time.

          Again, you need to research before posting… try a scientific invention called GOOGLE. It works :)

    • Yeah and which looser company do you work for Warid, Ufone – actually – you sound like a Zong looser :-)

      So – this is how a successful pakistani company can be managed – with just a hand full of Gora’s and a huge amount of Pakistani know-how! Everything is possible ! Well done Telenor – you make Pakistan proud

        • @truthless
          which losser company you are talking
          Warid one of the biggest Post paid subscriber base and best quality network
          Ufone most inovative package (Although i don’t like their marketing approch)
          Zong which added largest numbers in 2010

          • Sour Grapes!

            Telenor has been consistent with their growth. It does take a lot of time to be second largest.

            Ufone is not innovating anything. They are just monopolizing like PTCL does to Broadband Services.

          • The numbers don’t lie – warid has a big base in post paid, but this is 99% prepaid market so that number is nothing! Ufone who was No2 in the Market for so many years is a weak no 3 and is run by Arabs! Zong is too late in the game, a100% increase of nothing is still nothing! So listen to your elders and betters and stand up and applaud telenor for their success

  • hmmm well done Telenor! As for people complaining, propakistani per Telenor walay complaints nahi letay :p try their email address or helpline plz :D

  • Telenor Group passed 100 million subscribers in Asia

    (Barcelona, 16 February 2011) Telenor Group today announced that it has passed more than 100 million subscribers in Asia. This milestone marks another significant achievement in Telenor Groups successful history in the region.

    The announcement was made by Sigve Brekke, Executive Vice President of Telenor Group, and head of Telenor Group’s Asian Operations at GSMA World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.

    “With more than 100 million subscribers in Asia, Telenor Group continues to develop and reinforce its position as a leading pan-Asian provider of telecommunication services. This position is based on a long term industrial commitment, a strong customer focus and a fundamental belief that the mobile phone would benefit emerging economies as a vital tool in improving quality of life in the region,” said Sigve Brekke.

    Telenor Group entered Asia in 1996, and has since emerged as a leading regional mobile operator. At the end of 2010, Telenor Group’s five Asian operations generated 39 percent of the group’s total revenues and obtained an operating cash flow above NOK 10 billion. In subscriber growth Telenor Group added more than 23 million subscribers in Asia in 2010.

    Telenor Group, today controls mobile operations in five Asian markets with Grameenphone in Bangladesh, Uninor in India, dtac in Thailand, DiGi in Malaysia and Telenor in Pakistan.

    For almost 15 years Telenor has been a driving service innovation and customer experience in the mobile sector in Asia. Telenor Group’s unique segmentation and distribution platforms have become a competitive advantage, enabling its local operations to connect millions of previously unconnected people with basic mobile phone services. With strong local brands, Telenor ranks among the top operators in our established markets in the region.

    “As a mobile operator with a strong industrial background, Telenor Group has a long term commitment to developing our operations. Since entering into the Asia we have made significant financial investments and deployed management competence and industrial know-how”, said Sigve Brekke.

    “The demand for basic services will continue to be high, as penetration in some of our markets is still low, but the next big growth area in Asia will be mobile data and access to internet services. To secure a speedy adaptation of internet services it is important that local governments establishes regulatory framework that are investment friendly, secures a level playing field and stimulates continued development,” said Sigve Brekke.

    • so it is traget for Telenor pakistan to attain at least 25 million
      just like a traffic police give a target to have 1000 challans a day and they have do it by any means

      • If you actually had any kind of corporate experience you would actually make comments that make sense…

        Companies always have a target in terms of numbers, whether its the number of subscribers or the number of network hits they get or number of dollars they earn or the number of cell sites they roll out or the number of customers they service……

        The cellular sub base is very saturated as it is, and reaching 25 million is a big deal. Look at mobilink and ufone that actually lost a couple of million subs, and warid has just started to regain it sub base and zong has taken 2 years just to get on its feet…. so it is a big deal as it wud be for any company. Chk the annual sub fluctuation on the link below


        • Ansari

          you r giving reference of PTA link and in your upper post you r saying

          :) PTA does not have a check on anyone in terms of how subscribers are counted.:) PTA does not have a check on anyone in terms of how subscribers are counted.

          • The count of subs is not reliable but unfortunately it is the only source. Secondly, if you had actually seen the link you would have noticed that mobilink and ufone dropped a million subs all of a sudden due to efforts from PTA. Having siad that, i will repeat that this is still not reliable in terms of 100% accuracy.

            The fluctuation is somewhat more reliable

      • Rather than pointing fingers, I would appreciate what Telenor Group has done for the industry.

        FIRST thing FIRST, I am not an Employee for Telenor. SECOND, I do not use Telenor but as a sensible Pakistani like most of us here, we should appreciate what happened.

        Telenor Pakistan has been very fair and transparent when it comes to rates and policies. I remember that when they were launched. They had a solid plan unlike months later another company had a different set of lies on every other franchise.

        Plus, Telenor was the first telecom group which introduced real revolutionary products. EDGE was implemented by them. Voice SMS was their idea. Credit Sharing and mobile banking is also a feather in their cap.

        • I am a regular Ufone user, but i do agree with Saad Durrani. Telenor is the trend setter company and other pioneer GSM companies in Pakistan like Mobilink and Ufone is learning from the Telenor innovation….

          • yes trend setter
            i know they have offered my boss lot of personal benefits to port all numbers to Telenor

            yes they are trend setters

  • Telenor has proved that a consistent and dedicated effort brings a company to the height of success. I am a Telenor employee and I know very well about the great culture that Telenor has. Telenor is the only company in Pakistan which has gone beyond just earning and in all occasions when this nation was in trouble, Telenor cam forward with its full dedication to work for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. In the recent floods, Telenor donated generously and each and every employee of Telenor was trying to donate as much as possible. All this is being learnt by us in a corporate environment of social responsibility.
    Telenor is not like Ufone which is working on dirty marketing tactics of direct attacks on others. Telenor marketing strategy, its business plans, its employees vision and its future goals, all are aligned in a very positive manner and I am proud to be a Telenorian :)

  • Telenor fakin Jewish company.
    They make money by the way of deception.
    Majority of SMS they send to subscribers are misleading and engineered to rip customers.
    Telenor Sucks.

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