Zardari Secretly Visited UAE to Settle Issues with Etisalat

President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari recently had a 2 hours visit to UAE without letting anyone know to speak with the Arabian government for the resolution of dispute and pending payment issues with Etisalat, reported Dawn today without naming any source.

Etisalat is long holding USD 800 million against its 2.6 billion dollar purchase of PTCL’s 26 percent shares. Etisalat is apparently holding this money due to disputes with the Pakistan government over legal transfer of land and property titles.

According to Dawn, the outcome of Zardari’s visit is very promising. Citing an official, paper claims that Etisalat is likely to pay entire pending amount within few days.

“The dispute between the government and Etisalat over the delay in transfer of some land titles to the PTCL in Sindh had been resolved”, noted Dawn.

  • well cant they hold of payment for 2 more years ..
    everyone know how this money is going to be waisted ..

  • Allah ke naam pe baba, akhri 2 saal hain woh paisa day do warna meri govt. chali jaigi aur mujhay kuch nahin millay ga, PTCL, aik yehi idraha Govt ka tha jahan say mein kuch khaas kha na sakka, socha direct aap say hi lay loon bcoz CTO, COO, CFO yeh mujhay kuch nahin kilatay


  • loan that zardari took in almost 3 years is very very huge then the loan tool in last 62 years, what these people are doing, why they dont understand the risk they are taking, they are putting down the economy of pakista why dont they realize.

  • jeay ZARDARI.. just one visit and every thing is going fine and settled. he is a magician ..

  • Please O God wake me up, I am hearing that Zardari his highness did something good!!!

  • _______ hai ye bada!! lol… for God sake please get rid of Zarqavi aka Zardari!!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • It was a great mistake of General Mushraf, doing deal without considering the fate of land holding by then PTC (T&T). Etisalat paid Rs. 117 per share having face value of Rs. 30 at the time of privatization. (Actual value of share was Rs. 10 plus Rs. 20 premium). Now it is dropped to Rs. 16/= only. PTCL pensioners got 8% increase both times where as other retired Govt. servant got 15% increase. It is a great loss to ptcl pensioners.

  • I request to the govt of UAE please just hold this mony till change of this Crupt Govt of Zardari this mony will not be expend on public of pakistan it will expend all on un necessary official/private visits and in other cruption.

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