74 % Pakistanis on Mobile Internet Use Nokia Devices

Pakistan_Mobile_OS_Market_ShareOut of estimated 5 million mobile phone users, availing GPRS/EDGE facilities in Pakistan, 74 percent are on Symbian powered Nokia phones.

Over last one year, market share pattern has remained almost the same, where Apple powered devices, mostly the iPhones, share 8 percent market of mobile internet users. Nokia has lost its market share with a slight margin, from 76 % in February 2010 to to 74 percent in February 2011, however it looks that Nokia’s dominance in Pakistan can’t be compromised in near future.

This information is revealed by StatCounter, based on websites powered by statcounter analytics system.

Here are more details on market of Web OS for Pakistan:


Nokia, the largest mobile phone manufacturer, enjoys high market share in all developing markets, including Pakistan, India, Middle East, Africa and South America. However, it has lost the race in the developed regions, such as USA and Europe.

Apple is dominating in North America, Europe and Japan. In fact, Nokia is not in stats for top Mobile OS being used in the said regions. Other significant players in North America and Europe include Android and Blackberry.

Following is a global depiction of Mobile OS share:


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  • Above diagram (without stats for Pakistan in it) comes from icrossing.co.uk

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Nokia is cheap. That’s it.

      Even Nokia is switching to Windows 7 for their smartphones.

  • Symbian is history now. Make way for IOS or Android.
    There will be a significant drop in stats for nokia for next year where android and IOS will be on top.

    • Lol, Android is a “Sh*t” OS. Thats too BUGGY (just open 5-6 websites in differnet tabs in android), Android has WORST/Outdated user Interface with BAD/OLD icons, Android has nothing more than few icons mostly poiting to Webshort cuts… lols

      Though iOS still looks quite stylish, and sleek but has limited appeal (wont cater to masses whatsoever).

      The future is a Mixed bag, Low end users will prefer Nokia (non symbian, and symbian), which
      HIGH END Devices are “WINDOWS PHONE 7” which will ROCK hardly once Nokia Launces it by the end of this year 2011 :)

      So just keep the Dirty Android Crapsh*t with yourself. Such a crap piece of Sh*t.

      • I was diehard nokia fan i,e. for Symbian and have kept all the high nokia still have a couple of them n97mini, e71, e52 and the so called mighty n8 which is put to dust in terms of performance and features to Ip4 except for the camera offcourse :p.

        The point is nokia is moving to winmo7 which has still have a lot to catch up in terms of apps and features not to mention copy paste which is still not available on winmo7. So new developmentof apps for symbian RIP symbian.

        And as far as android goes lot of developers are coming in, interface is same crappy like symbian no need to compare.

        And abt IOS limited appeal u must be kiddin me look where the world(not pakistan) is moving more and more people are buying IP4 so it is appealing to masses. I personally was not a apple fan but IP4 changed my perception no lags, smooth as silk OS what else do u want tons off apps. I can live without bluetooth transfer.

        • Symbian is far better than android. And in terms of features Nokia N8 is far better than apple crap. Does ur iphone 4 have usb on the go, hdmi port, 12 mp camera, crystal clear voice quality, xenon flash, real time multi tasking by which u can open more than 60 apps at the same time (i have tried this on my 5320 xm), and u can hold Nokia N8 anyway u want and without the fear of losing reception or droping the call. Go and study something then come and talk.

          • Symbian is dead accept it.
            N8 is full of crap how many times have u used HDMI port, usb on the go???? . read my post carefully i was not comparing the camera cz it is the best i admit that.
            Multitasking duh u call that multi tasking open 10 apps in symbian and it lags big time, text input sucks in symbian even in n8 the operating system is full of bugs even after so many years.
            Just compare the apple crap and symbian sh*t together u ll feel the difference.
            Who said apple drops signals i have tried the death grip and all that stuff no loss of signal it only happens in 3G environment unfortunately which is not here in pakistan.
            Am using IP4 just because of apps and friendliness of the OS nothin else.
            And yea check Nokia’s CEO press conference u ll get all the answers.

      • have you ever used android ?
        I am using htc desire HD and android has the best features compared to any other OS out there ..

        go ahead and check Nokia’s CEO statement about andriod/ios and their symbian OS

      • Then why is Nokia’s own CEO afraid of android? Look what he said:

        In about two years, Android created a platform that attracts application developers, service providers and hardware manufacturers. Android came in at the high-end, they are now winning the mid-range, and quickly they are going downstream to phones under €100.

        Android came on the scene just over 2 years ago, and this week they took our leadership position in smartphone volumes.

        READ HIS OWN WORDS — http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/08/nokia-ceo-stephen-elop-rallies-troops-in-brutally-honest-burnin/

        No matter what you persosnally think of android, the people who CARE and MAKE MONEY are afraid of it, and symbian is LOOSING to Android.

        • ceo is an _______ and he took the job just few weeks back ..!!

          He is from microsoft and all his policies are to make nokia merge with microsoft ..!!

          Now give some good logical facts or keep your mouth shut against symbian ..!!

          • The market share is a “fact”: Nokia has least market share as smartphones in the West. Everyone wants iPhone or Android.

  • It will happen when Apple iphone, android powered cell phones will be available in Rs.10,000 – 15,000, till then Nokia Symbian will lead because Almost All peoples afford Symbian Handsets manufactured by Nokia, even S60 5th edition devices are available in less than 20,000/15,000, where as apple is available from 35,000 to above 50,000.

    Android is also nearing apple as far as price is concerned, Clearly They cant lead Pakistani market with in next two to three years, Poverty is the main problem here and people somehow can afford symbian handsets.

    • Huawei already has cheap phones around Rs 10,000. The Zong phones are locked to provider, but other people can still buy the Huawei phones directly.

      And, Huwai is just the first. Others will try to get to that price range.

      • Q mobiles are very good and are emerging in Pakistan..
        Internet is good using Opera mini..
        even they are not for heavy use but they are good for middle class and less frequent use of mobile internet…

  • Symbian platform is feature but could not compete well with new operating systems or just nokia could not extract out what was there,whatever but android is indeed powerfull and affordable device will be available by times,zong one is nw at 11k,eclips got the same price with dual sim and another at 100 dollar with solar chargng and X3 by huawei can be an afordable option

  • Asif? U r not in senses i think,android is a shit?Oh my God! Believe f u wr an operating system owner how jealous would u be then?Has google got some issues with you?Lol,tel me what else does better stuff than android in any aspect?

    • Hey Saaim, in What Fifth World country are you ? I think your Standard of VISION is way below Standards ? Android is a OUTDATED so-called OS. I wont even call it a OS.

      Look at the interface, its just like i am running a crap Windows 98/Xp (10 years Old).

      This is 2011, still progressing, i think OLD/Grandpa’s like you might be loving Crapsh*ts named Android.. Whats so special you find in android ? A Browser (buggy) ? an Audio player (lack advanced Equalizer and Sound features) ? Wifi Connectivity (every handset/OS has it) ? Bluetooth ? Does Android has anything special ?

      Common search out google, look at SCREEN SHOTS of WINDOWS PHONE 7, i own 2 Windows Phone 7, and i love the Ease of Use/ the Style, The Fast Browsing (didnt even crashed ever). For your information Read WINDOWS PHONE 7 review (the True Mobile Phone OS of the FUTURE) at: http://www.gsmarena.com/windows_phone_7-review-521.php

      • Funny, my nokia 5250 has a buggier browser than any android 2.1 or 2.2 phone, and my nokia has no equalizer or wifi or bluetooth 3.0

        and, who REALLY needs an equalizer on their phone? are the phone speakers/headphones HIGH quality?

      • It’s seriously your lack of knowledge.

        can you please elaborate few of your points.

        1. Android is and out-dated OS? what makes you think that?

        2. Browser: Just read Android vs iOS vs Nokia browsers comparisons and reviews online. Android’s browser is the winner and renders non-mobile websites very accurately on your mobile phone small display.

        3. Wifi Connectivity? I am connected to my home/office wifi router all the time and there are no issues. while traveling i can make my android act as a wifi router and connect my laptop and iPod with it :)

          • Cheapest android HTC is probably 2x 5250. But, look what I get with it: upgradeable operating system, android marketplace (ovi sucks!)

            Also, it is VERY EASY To write apps for android. Have you seen the android app inventor?? Even a 12 year old kid can make apps

    • EDGE is the current technology but it can not give reliable and fast connectivity.
      3G is the only way which is unfortunately not available in Pakistan yet..
      So wait and wait…

  • It will be the number of applications that will dictate the level of popularity of an OS in future. In fact it is already happening, look at Symbian, iOS and Android. Apple got its 10 billionth app downloaded a few weeks back, Android is over flowing. Symbian is loosing ground and BADA is still in its infancy. The coming year will show the trends. And considering the fact that it is going to be a year of Tablets and off course most if not all are choosing Android as a choice OS, don’t be surprised to see Android getting more popular. I recently got an Android device and am impressed with the thing.

  • Oh man u r aware of nothing,ur comparing win7 to gingerbrd o honeycomb?U r just stuck wid intrface n plz dont beat dt drum so often,have u tried maxthon mozilla and dolphin?Their browsing experiance and android full flash?Go to android.Com or talkandroid and have some info,what do u think world is insane and u r the only one on earth with some brain?Bulshit..I am not talking bad of winmo but 4 heaven sake that even lacks copy paste, dont compare to a fantastic os like android..All the devolpers gone mad putting money in andro app devolpment?Its android’ capabilities u idiot thats compelling into apps dvlpmnt,and 4 ur kind information get out of the shell and have a life

  • Win7 lacks bluetooth file trnfer,usb data storage,no sound equalizer no flash o silverlight support no copy paste etc,does android lack them?Win7 z just a cute litle boy with a make over with no power up 2 date,when microsoft get it out of the beauty saloon and train it to have some power and grow then DO beat the drum but DO remember not to be dumb talking against anyway

    • Well n00bs like you might be using Maxthon mozilla.. not even 0.01% of mobile users use such Niche. Silverlight and Copy paste are coming in SUmmer 2011 to WP7. For your info, WP 7 does already have Equalizer (HTC HD 7) with great sound quality.

      Lol :D haha Gingerbread, honeycomb what are these ? just some custom Breakfast Menu names put out of nowhere for Grandpaa’s like you. Come out of 1960’s. Come to the Digital world with futuristic vision.

      LOLs read this:

      Still after copy pasting Android is a crapsh*t for N00bs like you.. soon the fake magic of Android on you will peel off, since Symbian and Windows Phone 7 (soon) will rule.

  • And the link u provided shows win7 z dumb or powerful?Plz everybody visit that link and laud that win7 lover 4 showing us how …… He is

  • Wait for the symbian^3 new ui update a.k.a PR 3.0 update in 3rd quarter of this year and 1st meego device nokia n950 successor of nokia n900 is coming this year powered by a intel atom 1.2 or 1.6 ghz proc, 1gb ram, 16 or 32 gb space and with PS 2 like graphics.

    • yeah :) waiting for this one. Though Symbian^3 updates are not Upto mark. I mean still many bugs… I was a great fan of Symbian back from 2006, but had now lost its flavour, because of Lack of improvements, and still somewhat buggy (hangs many times).

    • Ya wait n wait i was tired of waiting for n8 they relased it almost 2 years of announcement got a IP4 n i dont regret it best touch phone yet.
      Ya features good look on paper but the end user experience that is what where it really matters.

  • Bilal bhai dont xpect much now from symbian,nokia has turned back to it,i was a diehard fan of it tho it did feel bugy mostly but…And meego project is just getting so boring,just a single device??Damn it!

  • Laroo nahe bhai log, apna apna phone apna apna maza…share your experiences as users, don’t yell on each other as none of us is their brand ambassador.. ;) wasay I want to go for Iphone n Driod both, but only andriod phone is so far in dual sim.

  • All OSs are in a constant state of evolution. This is good in some ways but bad as well. Upgrades and updates coming out all the time, bugs , workarounds etc. Sometimes I fell a Nokia 1100 beats all… :-)

    • I want to buy a Samsung Nexus S when they officially release it in Pakistan, because Google will support with with new Android releases for a long long time. It won’t be cheap, but support for new releases is important because a new Android release comes out every 6-8 months.

  • I don’t know why u people fighting for things which are not made in pakistan. Just use one u like. They’r not ours.

  • Hi,
    I think 8% Iphone share is wrong. Actually it is Samsung. RED color is for Samsung and GREY color is Iphone. Due to security issue, not many people dare to have Iphone or highend phone all time. Also 8% share is quite huge and it can’t be iphone. Comparing picture with other countries it seems 8% iphone share in pakistan is wrong.



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