Pakistan Needs 15,000 IT Graduates Every Year: PASHA Chief

graduatesPakistan’s demand of human resource in Information and Technology (IT) sector has increased substantially over last couple of years and it requires 15,000 fresh graduates every year to meet the need of the local market.

Ashraf Kapadia, Chairman Pakistan Software Houses Association ([email protected]) stated this in an interview with ProPakistani recently.

He said that local universities are producing merely 50 percent workforce of the what market requires. Not only this, very few of these fresh graduates come with exceptional professional skills.

[email protected] chief mentioned that top-notch universities including FAST, NUST, GIK and few others institutes produce excellent graduates but their share is very limited, just around 1,000 graduates an year or so.

He urged that Pakistani IT universities should enhance their standards of the education as well as number of students to meet the growing demand of local and international market.

The local software houses are once again making high success to obtain handsome businesses in developed countries, particularly in US and EU markets, nonetheless they keep their firm focus on local market, which is also witnessing significant expansion thanks to multinational and private sector entities of the country, he added.

“I hire 40 to 50 fresh IT graduates every year for different positions but this figure will increase in next couple of years”, Kapadia said, who is also Managing Director of System Limited.

Pakistani firms providing IT and IT –enabled services to USA, UK and other Asian countries. Gaming and animation, networking, database and programming are major fields of the IT professionals of the country in which they are performing well.

Besides IT core fields, Pakistan IT firms are getting popularity in the sector of call centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).Medical, legal and accounting practitioners have also bright scope in foreign commissioned BPOs.

“Pakistan can compete with its neighbors’ particularly with India but we are lacking in our strength of workforce because students are reluctant to join IT field as their career,” [email protected] chief said.

“Students should work on their specific specialization in IT field for the bright future not only in the foreign countries but in Pakistan also – specifically in the field of content development for towering telecom sector”, said Mr. Kapadia.

“Jobs opportunities are tremendous and salary packages are attractive in the market but professionals are required to explore their expertise and equip themselves with the advancement of technology”, he added.

[email protected] members IT firms do provide internships to students in order to make them ready for the mainstream industry at the earliest, he concluded.

  • sub bakwaas,

    no one is hiring the people, if there is one seat a line of 100 graduates either fresh or experienced stand in a line just for an interview.

    if a company hires they put them on probition period and then after two months says thats we didn’t get the business sorry you are no more with the company.

    if by chance a person gets a job, they put all the organisation’s work on him, as he is not an employee he is a donkey.

    if a person working for a two to three years and he demands the bonus or increment in salary, company puts an excuse of financial crunch.

    all B__shit

  • It’s very true, there are so many IT related Jobs out there, one just need to have right professional skills.

    Techlogix, Systems and CDocs are just to name few of the software houses which are hiring extensively. As far as these firms are concerned they offer competitive salary package (around 25k-30k for fresh graduate), annual/Bi annual salary increment based on performance, medical insurance, provident fund etc.

    • Yes but all those companies work on BUSINESS projects. The projects that kill you by boredom. No one is working on the next facebook or twitter or anything like that

  • Thats totally wrong. IT industry need talented engineers so if you have talent you will get job easily, i am 200% sure about it.

    If you are talking about techlogix, CDocs etc they are not paying up to market standard but there are some good companies e.g confiz solutions, 7vals etc that pay you more than market standard. so i will recommend especially fresh graduates to join such companies to safe your career path.

  • Well ill be one of them in 2015 :D

    Just because we are on the point Im looking for a university to do my Software Engineering Which one would be the best

    Im looking at UET [Lahore] or Nust [Islamabad or Pindi] What do you Experienced guys think ?

  • Pasha chief must also tell what are the future of those IT graduate who are searching for jobs after graduation from recognized universities like Punjab university, FAST and many others……..Is he have answer of it. The guy wants more graduates only their exploitation.

    • Its true that although we have lot of jobless IT grads but problem is that most of them lack in technical/professional skills…

      Getting a job out there in IT industry is not a problem for a person with good technical skills

      • 100% agreed,
        Graduating from a recognized university alone doesn’t guarantee a job.

  • sab bakwas… i have done mcs in 2003 and i got good job after 7 years (job mean real job that you can support you family… not internship or something)

  • Every organization needs experience, no more jobs for fresh graduates, and they say that we need more graduates, every BS student takes a turn to MBA, very few people do MS, just because they dont get any experience here in the industry, if anyone gets a job, its totally on source basis, no merits now a days.

  • AOA
    I have not yet graduated and i am sure that i will get offer from all the software houses that i have applied. I just got an offer from cdocs and they are giving me more than 35k which is just superb for fresh graduate in any field. It is really a bright future waiting for all IT professionals in Pakistan InsAllah

  • well i agree with the writer of the blog

    it is damn true people donot come to IT Field only because it is not considered good in our society for few damn reasons.
    I still remember doing my matriculation in computer science even there was no computer science facility in my school. Teacher used to say u are into a very pathetic field . There is no scope of this field.

    And today i m one of the best in this field Earning a handsome money .

    To increase the number of IT graduates we will have to fix the problem at root level that is in schools and colleges fixing the perception of people.

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