Pakistan a Lucrative Market for Cloud Services: Oracle

Mr. Kaleem Chaudhry, Regional Director, Enterprise Technology for Oracle Asia PacificMr. Kaleem Chaudhry is Regional Director, Enterprise Technology for Oracle Asia Pacific, where he leads a team of enterprise architects focused on providing architecture advisory to IT and business executives.

He supports strategic customer and partner/alliance engagements and is a frequent speaker at industry events on IT trends, Grid computing and infrastructure optimization techniques.

Recently Mr. Chaudhry was here in Pakistan for ‘Enterprise Cloud Summit’, when ProPakistani got a chance to get his views on Oracle’s Cloud Computing solutions – here is what he says:

Defined as the delivery of software and hardware as a service over the Internet, cloud computing is convenient, easy to access and low-cost platform for enterprisers and high-end professionals of different sectors.

Kaleem Chaudhry said that Oracle is enhancing its sophistication to the end users and cloud is the latest innovation for that journey.

He elaborated that there are two types of clouds – private and public. A private cloud runs within the firewall of an enterprise and is for the exclusive use of that enterprise. The system helps multiple users to share same working environment within organization and among multiple organizations.

While on other hands, he said, Public Cloud offers a platform under supervision of third party vendors, where multiple enterprises can use the shared infrastructure. For instance, different apparel makers connect with a private cloud having applications of their requirement. In the Public Cloud, the equipment is managed by service providers for multiple users.

He told us that Oracle offers solution not only for private and public clouds but also for hybrid cloud. Oracle platform offers various technologies in the data center in a way that multiple users of enterprises can access and share the application mutually. In addition, Oracle also offers an arrangement where a third party vendor buys infrastructure and helps other firms to work with it.

Both private and public cloud computing provide great computing efficiency, elasticity, scalability and the availability, thanks to an underlying Grid Computing architecture. Public clouds are typically faster and cheaper to get started and simpler to manage, while private clouds provide greater control over security, compliance and quality of service, are easier to integrate with in-house IT, and are potentially lower cost over the long term.

He explained that an enterprise can save its expenses significantly with 35 percent deduction in operation expenses, 44 percent cost reduction in electricity charges and 85 percent saving in physical cost with the accessibility to Oracle clouds.

The popularity of ready on demand access to IT environment is vital for entrepreneurs that comes without procuring expensive equipment and deployment of physical network.

Commenting on the the potential of Cloud Computing in Pakistan he said that it is growing tremendously with prevailing trend of using cutting-edge technology in the business model of medium and large enterprises.

Public cloud allows them to have access to highly advance technological and sophisticated environment without any upfront cost.

He told us that Oracle has handsome customer base in Pakistan, which always welcome our new technology because of reliability and quality of service.

Telecom, media and banking sectors possess exceptional potential to utilize cutting-edge technologies in their businesses. Oracle is at forefront to provide them high class services in accordance with the need of these sectors at most affordable charges.

There are well-known banks, cellular phone companies, government entities and manufacturing units in the country, majority of them including Pakistan Mobile Communications (Pvt.) Ltd. (Ufone), Pakistan Telecom Mobile Ltd. (Mobilink), Pakistan Telecommunications Ltd., Telenor Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd., Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., Wateen Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd., Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd., are already using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure for database and business applications.

Mr. Chaudhry said that Oracle recently organized a ‘Data Centre Summit’ where a key level participation of officials from multinationals, banking and telecom sectors and manufacturers were seen, which showed the level of interest of the Pakistan firms towards the emerging technologies and application trends.

He emphasized that in today’s world, Cloud Computing is very essential technology. Pakistan is a growing economy with a lot of opportunities in its dense markets, in connection to which Oracle also finds a lucrative opportunity in the country because technology is a core foundation of every business in Pakistan.

Talking about IT Human Resources in Pakistan, Kaleem said that from his interaction with people at various local events he feels that Pakistan has been producing highly skilled IT professionals, which is evident from the advanced IT infrastructure in Pakistani firms. Pakistani professionals perform their task tremendously at world class organizations and they are playing a key role at Oracle also.

There is lot of potential in the educational institutions of Pakistan and it can produce brilliant IT professionals. The growing population depicts the growth of human resource also and more skilled workers will be the part of different organizations in the future.

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