Nokia E7 Now Available in Pakistan!

The much awaited Nokia business smartphone, Nokia E7, is now available in Pakistan. With its tilting 4 inch Clear Black display, full keyboard and a fast access to a wide variety of apps directly on the homescreen, the Nokia E7 is the key to having a successful day in or out of the office. Importantly, the device supports business applications from leading enterprise technology partners including Microsoft and IBM.

Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of Marketing, Nokia Pakistan & Afghanistan, said:

People are continuing to look for solutions that suit both their work and personal life; in business circles this is known as the ‘consumerization’ of IT. The Nokia E7 gives people the confidence to bring their own Smartphones to the workplace to connect securely to corporate messaging servers. On the other hand, whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, university student or aspiring world traveller, the Nokia E7 is the only Smartphone you will need to get the world’s best Mobile navigation and mapping application, thousands of apps, millions of music, and a rich messaging experience.

For business users, Nokia E7 provides direct, secure and real-time access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and the corporate directory through Microsoft Exchange servers, as well as Office Communicator Mobile, developed by Microsoft for Nokia smartphones, which brings presence and corporate instant messaging.

Additionally, a wide range of entertainment and social services available on the Nokia E7 make it the perfect off-duty companion, and the Ovi Store offers a wealth of apps such as Bloomberg, Angry Birds and Sports Tracker.

The new arrival offers drive or walk navigation in 80 countries. The latest commercial version of Ovi Maps, available immediately via Ovi Store or Ovi Suite, adds visibility to subways, trams and trains, real-time traffic, safety alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, speed limit warnings, and improved search and location sharing capabilities.

The Nokia E7 is heralded as the all-in-one business smartphone because it allows the user easy access to private and business email, create, edit and share office documents and view PDF files with Adobe Reader, fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN, high-resolution photos and HD video with the 8 megapixel camera and dual LED flash, HDMI connectivity to project files, videos and images onto large screens and 16 gigabytes of on-board flash memory and USB-On-The-Go, enabling easy file sharing by connecting a USB stick to the smartphone.


Nokia E7 is available in Pakistan for Rs. 54,000







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    • its written at very last sentence,
      its 54000/=
      its good to have all in one
      nice job by Nokia

  • Kindly don’t write pros only. There are also cons.

    Main disadvantages:

    Symbian^3 is still behind Android and iOS usability standards
    Ovi store content is inferior to Android market and App Store
    Fixed-focus on an 8 megapixel camera is just wrong
    Camera interface is decidedly outdated
    Battery is not user-replaceable
    No microSD card slot


  • I agree with the points Irfan said. People are still unaware about Symbian technology they are only presistent in buying Android and Apple technology unlike the price suggests investing money on non-app handset is useless

  • Nokia symbian is best bcoz of supporting lot of apps otherhand apple and android apps are v limited.

  • i am sick of lame people saying the same crap like ‘SYMBIAN SUCKS .. ANDROID ROCKS’ ..

    i mean get a LIFE !! .. every form of technology has its pros and cons .. let people research and decide for themselves

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