Needs to be Updated

Having and maintaining official websites in Pakistan Government is considered to be a thorny task from the past experiences, came on the scene. And keeping them updated is a something what-should-not-be-discussed since the official personnel may have other “important” tasks to do.

It’s been three and a half months now since the last governor Mr. Salman Taseer got assassinated in Islamabad.

The official website for the governor of Punjab is, which still shows Salman Taseer as governor of Punjab, really need to be updated.  Interesting fact is that the website has been redirected to Salman Taseer’s personal website

So if you are in a mood to visit the official website of Governor Punjab, you will simply land on the personal website of late Salman Taseer.

Though you can visit the website manually but still, Slaman Taseer is there.

I wonder whether Mr. Latif Khosa (present governor of Punjab) is unaware of this situation or he is just ignorant enough to pay heed to the issue. Whatsoever, there must be some dedicated department/group under the federal government to tackle such issues as three and a half months are more than enough.

Federal government had started something named as e-government campaign back in the past, which started off, launching official websites for government body. But when it comes to updating? Huh! What’s that?


  • Maybe PPP doesn’t want to update it. in this case i support this stance. Salmaan taseer was a hero for me. maybe khosa is not unaware of that

    • Salman Taseer (regardless of his negative character) was a tech-savvy individual. The new takla Khosa probably only knows if a thing like internet exists.

      Talking on teh bigger scale. PPP is too busy looting the country and trying to complete its 5 years session of loot-manao instead of focusing on real issues like electricity or even minor ‘presentation’ stuff like web presence.

      Jiye PPP, Marein hum pakistani.

  • Thats not it. Im glad they fixed the hell amount of 404 errors and undefined links on the website. The whole thing, in itself, looks like something from the 90s.
    –Powered by Netsol!

  • This is supposed to happen when a bunch of relatives are holding all seats in management.. FAIL!

  • Google Toolbar says this page is in

    Worst ever web development you will see on government websites, in case of any technical problem you email them and for sure it will fail to deliver or there will be form mail errors and bla bla. Chacha mama lagwa daitay hain IT departments mai bus inko.

  • This domain leads you to a private domain where one can read some gora’s sayings (probably we don’t have anyone better to quote ?)

    “How can a man die……….”
    Thomas Babington Macaulay

  • This is not the first time itz happening .. still many government sites are either not maintained ever or not being updated on regular basis

    We hope best for us .. and hope since long ..

  • comments k lye hakoomat me chora he kya.sir plz kuch khayal krien awam ka.Ap jawab da hen Allah ko us ne zimay dari de he apko aur ap ne hisab dena he usko.kis bat pe naaray lgatey he ap kya dia he ap politicians ne awam ko jo tha wo b cheen lya.Hum din ko b bahir nhi nikal sktey.khudara bacha le is kom ko chor de america ko aur mehnat kre ap ne sirf looto pe hath rakha he.Agar awam ko relief de ge to next time apko seat mile g.Garam garam na khayen thanda kr k khayen.Thanx.Ishtiaq Ahmed Goursi Gujrat

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