IT Companies Can Help Celcos for Speedy Re-verification of SIMs

The IT solutions service providers could design a secure and rapid verification and blocking system of SIM and handsets provided that the integrated working environment will be ensured along with government support.

Hassan Jamal, Country Manager SAP Pakistan stated this while talking to ProPakistani.

The IT solutions and application provider such as SAP is highly advance to aid the government and cellular industry for speedy and transparent re-verification of SIM and blocking of handsets without IMEI numbers.

“It will be a challenging task for any resource provider to design a sophisticated and advanced IT applications in order to re-verify gigantic subscribers’ base of more than 100 million,” he said.

There should be integrated system in which cellular operators, manufacturers, dealers, franchisees and retailers are connected with database department, National Database Registration Authority (Nadra), Jamal added.

The data is very complicated and sensitive issue, which must be tackled sophisticatedly Therefore it needs a realistic time frame for accomplishing a fool proof task, he replied on the query if software providers can re-verifiying SIMs data in 30 days.

The data is very complicated and sensitive issue, which must be tackled sophisticatedly, he commented.
SAP Pakistan is well-equipped with its consultants who can design phase wise process for SIM verification with complete transparency but stakeholders’ level of cooperation should be high in this process.

Hassan Jamal said the SAP’s Mobile Apps platform is looking forward to get its share in emerging mobile banking in Pakistan, which will make the system secure and rapid as per international standards. He said the SAP’s organization is capable to design different value-added services to the mobile operators as per needs and demands of the customers.

SAP Unveils Future of Analytics

SAP Pakistan has launched its new software on Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) here on Thursday in Karachi.

The software provides a database of different companies to foreign investors, businessman and entrepreneurs to take timely and right decision through the assessment of provided information.

The software provides intelligence of different companies in 25 different sectors of the country including oil and gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, engineering, banking, distribution and others.

The latest BI and EIM solutions of SAP are designed to help tackle big data, integrating structured and unstructured data and even information from social networks.

The software is mutual product of SAP and Business Objects.

SAP Pakistan has been working in Pakistan for last 10 years. It has 500 consultants and 150 clients base in the country.

  • Free publicity for SAP. When I read the headline, I expected a story about LOCAL SOFTWARE HOUSES helping our government, but no, it’s an outside company with local resources who customize outside software for local market. And charge $$$ for it.

  • Telco’s are already connected with NADRA’s verisys and they have their own implementation plans, i am sure re-verifying subscribers registration is not a technical issue for them, but could be a financial.


  • Agreed with Shaid & mustafa that this is just a commercial for SAP and telcos already have abilit to do it but will just cost them!

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