Mobilink Jazz Introduces Daily Mobile Internet

Jazz Jazba now introduces daily unlimited internet service with no limits on internet usage.

Now you can use daily unlimited internet on you Jazz Jazba connection with no data limit in Rs. 9.99 per day.

How to activate?
  • Send an SMS to 6006 to activate Mobile Internet.
  • Mobile Internet will be activated after 24 hours.
  • No activation required for existing Mobile Internet subscribers.


  • The activation is free.
  • Subscribers will be charged Rs. 9.99 on the day they use the Mobile Internet.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Unlimited usage with no time limits.
  • Internet charges will be deducted at day end.
  • This offer is only valid for JAZZ & Jazba customers.
  • No taxes apply.

  • zubair


    • Nabeel Amin

      Bro Zong is offering 2GB Package for Rs.200. It’s not unlimited.

      • Ahmed

        Even EDGE doesn’t support more than 384Kbps, why would you expect 512Kbps ?

      • Aaqil Mahmood

        Dear, this daily package by mobilink is also not unlimited, 1GB usage limit/day.

        Charges 12Rs incl tax

        • jameel

          salam aaqil bhai
          main jazz jazba ka net use karna chata hn apne nokia 5130 say..ager ap ney ye service use ki hai tu plz plz sai sai or such baat btaye k kesi hai service logo k comments dekh kar dar gaya hn k use karna chaye ya nai plz waiting ur ans
          sm [email protected] par email ka rply karey
          sm jameel

          • Raja

            assalam o alaikum ap jazz internet use kro bohat acha net chalta he 24 hour chalega or roz 10 rupees katenge agr apke pas bal nhi he to phr bhi net chalega thanks

          • M iqbal h sial


            Yar jazz ki speed yeh hai 1mb download in 4min

            lucation-=-pul askap-116=7cr-kassowal-chichawatni-sahiwal-punjab-pakistan-asia-world

    • Aaqil Mahmood

      Yes Zong and Ufone are too slow mobile internet service providers.

      • Ahmed Bux Marfani

        no bro Ufone pr internet very fast chalti ha pr Ufone pr internet bohat mahingy ha

  • Zulfiqar ahmed

    Also tell How to unsubscribe this offer

    • Muneeb Ahmed

      plz tell me how to unsub.

      • hannan

        write UNSUB and send to 6006
        the service will close within 24 hours

        • Muneeb Ahmed

          it will reactivate again…………
          nothing works

  • Fakhre alam

    best offer. But mobilink doesn’t have edge facility.

    • K. Shahzad

      Mobilink do have edge facility they also do have a service called flash which is even higher data rates than edge.

      Not sure they are providing edge on this service. However most likely they are providing it, wherever they have edge they provide normally when they talk of GPRS.

  • OMG … Mobilink gonna start a new WARFIELD :P

    watchout … ppl

  • Zulfiqar ahmed

    Agar is ki speed achi hui aur edge suported ho to main zong 2gb ke bjai is pe convert ho jaonga
    zong main edge ki speed maxm 17 kilo byte/sec ati hai
    aur ufone main 27 kilo byte/sec
    agar ufone jaise speed hui to acha hai
    kya koi bta sakta hai ke
    jazz fully edge suport kr rha hai ya nhi


  • Ali

    waoooo nice move by Jazz…. but can you confirmed plz once we activate this service we will charged every day 9.9 rs even we didn’t use internet…?
    and how to deactivate this service and what is the charges of deactivation


    • Omer

      If you use Internet any day for any time, you will be charged Rs.9.99.
      The previous per kb charging isn’t valid anymore.

  • Wow gr8..thanx to mobilink.but they also need to upgrade theire internet with edge

  • kafeel

    the offer sounds good
    but everyone knows
    apna network’s quality specialy data network
    pathetic network apna hai
    acha network sapna hai

  • Rizwan

    Am I dreaming? :-O
    Mobilink introduced GPRS pkg for Prepaid customers??

    Really appreciable and Mobilink come-up like BIG-BANG..!!
    All in all, Its outstanding, Unbeatable and what more to say…. Its amazing yaarrrr!!
    More than expectations.

    This is what we say:
    ‘Dair Aye Drust aye’

    Hope, it may continue else Mobilink might claim it is as a Limited time offer and after then, Offer Closed =P

  • Nabeel Amin

    So for someone looking a good GPRS package for their smartphone, which service/package do you guys recommend? I want at least 1 GB per month.

    So far the cheapest and most cost effective/suitable was 2GB GPRS package by Zong for Rs.200.

    Is this Jazz Jazba package better?

    I currently have ufone and I will be switching to another network based on the best GPRS package, as ufone’s 1.5GB package costs too much (Rs.500).

    Looking forward to replies.

    • Omer

      GPRS and EDGE speed isn’t that good but with Jazz’s this offer, you cna get unlimited Internet per day for Rs.9.99 PER DAY or Rs.300 per month.

      • Irtza Shahan

        East or west Zong is best . I am using Zong 2GB pkg and its amazing and let me tell u that in rs 200 19.5 Fed is already included . mneans that u juxt need to have 200 rs bal in ur cell no further tax while in case of jazz this offer it will charge u rs 9.99+ tax that is actualyy rs 11.94 which is 358.20 per month while Zong is only charging 200 and 2 GB is alsomt unlimited Im usin it since a long tym and never ever even used 1 GB in month

    • Asi

      Mobilink internet bakwas hai. No video streaming no downloading and nothing else. Its only wastage of time and balance

  • Nabeel Amin

    So does this offer mean than even if we consume 100 Kb worth of data in a certain day, we will be charged Rs.10?

    And for the whole month (unlimited) the charges will be Rs.300?

  • SK

    Zong 2GB k baad best Offer hay, mobilink nahe use karta :(

  • SK

    Zong 2GB k baad best Offer hay ye, mobilink nahe use karta :(

  • Aslam Sahuka

    jab zong 2gb @200/month with edge servis dey raha hai to phir jazz ka slow gprs @300/month q ?

  • Nabeel Amin

    Why doesn’t ufone introduce a better package for GPRS? By reading the comments, in speed terms, ufone is the best?

  • Zulfiqar ahmed

    Yar jazz ki bhi kahin kahin edge ata hai agar signal purey hongey to speed bhi achi aye gi zong ke signal main problem hoti hai maine 1 software se check kya hai ke zong bhi fully edge suported nhi hai kuch towers main edge hai aur kuch abi tak purana gprs hai

  • Zulfiqar ahmed

    Main samjhta hun ke ab telenor ko bhi gairat khani chahiye kyunke un ka edge aur quality purey pakistan main no 1 hai
    speed=30 kilobyte/s
    tu kardo khamoshi ka bycot aur koi acha package do

    • Irtza Shahan

      bhai telenor ki speed achi isliye hy because un k servers pe users bht kam hain jab zyada log use kren ge to wo b slow ho jaye ga !

  • Rana

    week end package of moblink is a fraud package i subscribed this package for Rs.30/a confirmation message also send to me by moblink but when i called to my friends my balance was lapsed and on a complaint to moblink i was told that it happend mistakenly .
    who is responsable for that mistake?
    ofcourse MOBLINK.
    i suggest to all plz beaware of such packages,keep ur balance Rs.000/ before u call under any package.

    Rana 03002321640

  • Shani

    Well excelent offer there speed is also stable then zong crap speed,and telenor walo sharam karo, iam going to put my jazz sim again,jazz apna hy :)

  • it’s the best package from mobilink.i will preffered it on zong 2gb.

    • Irtza Shahan

      Lol Zong is giving unlimted in 200 per month while its wil cost u 358 per month so y to prefer jazz ?

  • Zulfiqar ahmed

    Ì think here is the answer of unsubscribe “Subscribers will be charged Rs. 9.99 on the day they use the Mobile Internet”

  • Iffo

    Yeah, nice. Many months ago mobilink were giving free internet to every costumer. There was no cutting. I think mobilink was testing its service. I used free jazz net many of GBs..but net was blocked a week ago. Now its back again with good rates. Im agree to pay 9.99/day for net.
    Jazz apna nhe tha pr ab jazz apna hai..:-)

  • kafeel

    ٹیلی نارنےاگر ہوش کے ناخن نا لیے تو بہت جلدانٹرنیٹ استعمال کرنے والے تمام کسٹمردوسرے نیٹورک پر منتقل ہوجائنگے
    ٹیلی نار نےاگرکسٹمر کی ضروریات کے مطابق انٹرنیٹ پیکج متعارف نا کراۓ توبہت جلد زوال کا شکار ہوجاۓگا

  • Manzoor

    Ufone walo kuch karo, give atleast 1gb package for Rs.150. I and a lot of others r going 2 put their jazz sim again after a very long period.

    • Omer

      That’s high too, We can consume 1 GB a day in Rs. 10 with Mobilink.

  • Saad

    Please also mention that this package has been automatically activated on jazz numbers. I have 3 jazz numbers in my home and internet usage on them is minimal. Why then do i have to pat rs. 10 every day?

    also i caleld 111 and asked for deactivation of this package which i was told will be done in 2 hours. I called today after 24 hours and i was told that there was a system error and my package is still active – yes, its activte on all three numebrs – like yesterday i wasted another half an hour on 111 and asked them to deactivate it. lets see what happens now.

    they activated a service i didn’t want and as a result this is what happened:

    1. wasted abt 1 hour of my time trying for deactvation.
    2. 6 calls to 111 totalling Rs. 12+tax
    3. charges of Rs. 29.97/day for intenet on 3 numbers needlessly

    And im just talking about 3 customers here, mobilink has over 30 million. imagine the profits they will make by playing dirty!!

    • Omer

      The previous per kb charging isn’t valid anymore.

    • Umair

      Delete ur GPRS settings instead of wasting time…

    • zain

      thanks to god that you have telecom sector where prices are going lesser. rest is infront of your eyes

      [Comment Edited]

  • Rizwan

    As per my discussion to Mobilink’s Sales & Service Manager;
    Mobilink does support for EDGE services for for selected cities. i.e. LHR, ISB, KHI, FSD etc..
    In terms of speed limits, Mobilink supports Max. Speed in EDGE areas varies from 10kbps to 21kbps where as in ordinary GPRS areas speed varies from 4kbps to 9kbps!

    I hope this may help many ppl to understand GPRS speed limits in Mobilink.

    Source: My Uncle is Sales & Service Manager in Mobilink GSM – (ISB) Pakistan, He told me abt this all.

    • Omer

      It’s still good when we have no electricity and can chat online for timepass via mobile (Facebook chat application)

  • Replay


    You don’t get charged till you use the internet on that day!! Plus the offer was launched today and it says that you will be charged after the day ends so it is strange that you got charged already. Are you sure you are not posting because you work for some operator??

    • Saad

      the amount will be deducted tomorrow for today’s use, the 111 rep confirmed that.

      no im not posting because of any other reason but the fact that i am a customer and i have a couple more customers in my home who are dependent on me to activate/deactive services and to get knowledge everytime there is an sms from mobilink.

      i just feel the package is badly pushed onto customers…

  • ahmad

    pta ko complain karo

  • i hope mobilink this internet package will bring a new competition among the mobiles service provider.

  • Shahid Saleem

    — Internet charges will be deducted at day end.

    Does that mean if you activate at 11pm you will be charged in one hour?

    Too bad it is not activation for 24 hours instead of activation for rest of day.

    • Omer

      Try waging your tail in front of them like you do here at other people’s comments and they ight do somethign for you.

      • Faizan

        that was un-called for.

      • Shahid Saleem

        Thanks, bro!

    • Islam

      No you are wrong! Its 24 hours package, I confirmed it by there Customer relation department. and this is truly good package, The balance only deducts only if you use internet, other wise not

      • malik

        jazz internet daily package is fraud pckge. customer should go into the consumer court for damages against mobilink.

  • sohail

    a very good package from mobilink but mobilink has very poor service and in many rural areas they have not gprs service like in my village. Telenor is best but it should reduce rates.

  • Umair

    So far service is good. I tested Skype call using mobilink, it was good..

    and according to my knowledge charges are only for usage. So you can delete GPRS Settings to avoid charges..

  • Saleem

    I am wandering…on GPRS/EDGE, how much speed users will be getting? Unfortunately, that way Pakistan Telecom sector was growing, it is badly struggling since start of so called Democratic rulers.

    We were quite ahead in technology few years back…then stagnancy, rather down-turn started. Imagine, majority of nations are enjoying 3G and bandwidth speed of 27MBPS etc… here telecom companies are busy in making people fool by providing depleted technology “Edge/GPRS” and charging enormously…above this Government is enjoying huge collection of taxes approximately 32%+.

    What is future of telecom unless they are not allowed to bring world’s best bandwidth on mobiles. Now telcom is not a name of proving calling service…it is bundle of high speed data and calling service.

    How people can enjoy true experience of Smart Phones with this pathetic Edge/GPRS service available only.

    PTA should stop ____ people and take sensible steps.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Manzoor

    Ufone is the best, but their charges r very high. Especialy their sms package charges. They r offering weekly sms package only on uth package, ufone walo kuch khas karo.

  • i think they give 23 or 4 mb of internet tat cannot be called unlimited

    • Islam

      No you are not right! I am using it from 4 pm till now its more then 20 mb now and still activated using opera mini.

  • Chaudhry Khalid

    muje 23-April-2011 ko ya message mila tha mobilink ki taraf sa,,

    Dear cystomer,
    now enjoy unlimited GPRS daily for just Rs. 9.99/day. No activation is required; simply keep on using mobile internet. Applicable from: 30/4/11

    ak din ma nat net istamal kiya tha us din mara account sa takrebn 15 sa 20 rpa charge huwa tha, 5 sa 6 mint net istamal kiya tha. us ka baad ma na net to istmal nai kiya, Or na hi daily mara account sa koi us ka baad charges charge huwa hay…

  • hassan

    May be linlk gave data offer sahhhhh…
    They don’t have network quality and Data speed is pthatic that why unlimited

  • Aisha_parveen

    mere khayal me zong ki service sub se achi service hai baqi sub network wale fozol batain karte hain mobilink wale aj bhi porane system pe chal rahe hain iska andaza es bat se lagaya ja sakta hai k jo 24 hours lete hain package active karne me wo kitne fast honge har koyi samjh sakta hai jo package zong wale 24/sec me active karte hain wo bat 24/hr me bhi mobilink wale shayad kar sakain. Khair apni apni pasand hai.

  • khalid

    v have mobilink edge here in gilgit..speed 10KBps to 26KBps..comparable to zong edge..

  • No jazz offer is boring , ap ko ye nai pta kya zong offering daily mobile internet at rs.5/day its amazing.
    I just use zong and also i use zong 2gb pkg.
    Its amazing pkgz by zong..!
    I love zong.
    And telenor is second after zong.
    Zong is the no.1 for mobile internet.
    Sb se pehle zong ne hi to mobile internet k pkgz introduce kiye the bhool gaye saare?

  • Information Technology Jobs

    In terms of speed, Telenor’s internet is best of all. I am using Telenor internet more which is very fast compared to the internet speed of other networks.

  • kafeel

    ایک خوش آئند بات یہ ھے کہ اب موبائل کمپنیا انٹرنیٹ کے پیکج پر مقابلہ کرینگی
    میرا خیال ہے اس کا ایک فائدہ یہ ہے کہ اب 3Gٹیکنالوجی کی جانب راستہ ہموارہونا شروع ہوجاۓگا
    اب وہی کمپنی کامیاب ہوگی جس کے پیکج سستےاور اسپیڈ تیزہوگی
    عامر بہائ آپ سے میری درخواست یہ ہے کے پاکستان میں EDGE کے نیٹورک کے حوالے سے کچھ لکھیں
    آخر میں یہ کہنا چاہتا ہوں
    پاکستان میں موبائل انٹرنیٹ کے اپنے ان دوستوں کومشورہ دونگا جو موبائل پر انٹرنیٹ استعمال کرنا چاہتے ہیں

    پہلا نمبرزونگ کاہے اگر آپ کسی بڑے شہر میں ہیں تو200روپےوالا پیکج آپ کے لئے بہترین ہے

    دوسرا نمبر ٹیلی نار اگر آپ 10روپےمیں 3ایم بی خریدنے کی ہمت رکھتے ہیں
    اور آپ کسی پسماندہ گاؤں میں رہتےہیں تو آپ باحالت مجبوری اسی کواستعمال کرناپڑےگا
    تیسرا نمبر یوفون پیکج انتہائ مہنگے
    چوتھا نمبروارد پیکج بس سہی ہی ہیں مارکیٹنگ کمزور
    آخری نمبر جاز

  • Ghaffar

    Hi Guys.
    Kya Kisi ka Mobilink free internet chal raha hai ?

    • Muhammad Adnan

      yes of course, men net blkl free use kr rha hn jazz pe, app b download hoti hain, pictures or songs audio video b lakin streaming nae hoti!
      Me bal load nae krwata to net free chlta hy jb load krwaon to wh kat lety hain 10 rupez

  • Abdul Rehman

    gud pakg ha agr speed achi ay to

  • Chaudhry

    Boht zbrdas pakge hay, lakin speed nai hay m0blink ki.

  • Nice package i love its


    be positive yar! At least data packages ka competetion to shuru ho gya. Specially mobilink jesa operator agr unlimited offer de skta hai tou why Ufon and telenor can’t do so? I dont think that 2mb data daily bucket is enough and specially for high end smartphones it means nothing. You have to activate again and again your so called data bucket and moreover with Ufone you are bound to use your bucket just once in a day. In terms of data usage and price tag Zong is best of all but speed is something that will always test your courage. I dont say that only zong have speed problem, all of the operators doing so pathetic in this regard. Telenor has slightly good speed but it doesnt any good data package, as i already mentioned that 2 or 3 mbs mean nothing for a smartphone.
    About this offer i would say that its a good begining of a new data based competetion.

  • Jazz is rocking again but need to update its data reate.

  • Rizwan

    Same thng hapnd as I said before!
    Mobilink using slogan “UNLIMITED STREAMING, DOWNLOADS etc.” for its GPRS ad campaign.
    I’m using this pkg since its launch date but still now I’m unable to stream any video frm any site incl. Youtube! Further, downloads? huh, even a wallpapers is not downloadable using Mobilink GPRS! It not more than a Bullsh*t.
    In short, we pay Rs.9.99+tax/day for surfing, nthng else!
    Again, ZonG is best in Speed comparision as well as Rates =)

  • asad

    you can also watch live tv in this offer..

  • sarhadi_uqab

    Great job mobilink

    1:sub sy pehly 5/hour interduce karaya.

    2:I think under 70 paisa (0.68)per 30 second bhi achi move thy

    3:aur is package ny to tmam network ki bolti he bund kr di (9.99)such mey unlimited aur wo koi tax nahe

    Best of luck

    Umeed karta hoon baki companies bhi is tarah k packages interduce karway g

  • Muhib shah

    Guys looking for networks speed i am going to help all of you. I tested speeds of some networks in 1.d.g khan 2 jampur 3 rajanpur 4 kotmithan 5 sahiwal and mianchanuu on my persenol edge based handset. Let me tell you my persenol experience first we will talk about
    This network really sucks its package is very cheap 200+50txt for whole month an you get 2gb of data
    its speed is 0.01 to 9 kp/sec most of the time zong gives 0.64 or lower than this. That really sucks i recommed dont use it.
    is better than zong but also suck theis net bundles are very bad
    1 to 11 kb/sec
    jazz now have a good package and a decent edge speed.
    Its Price is very cheap 10rps for whole day
    speed.edge speed is 10 to 22 kbps/sec go for it
    package is very expensive 90rps+17 for 45mbs
    i cant tell you wow very fast 20 to 38 kb/sec i even cant believe it but its my persenol experience i shared with you i hope it will help you atlast
    expensive and slow sucks
    500+txt for month
    speed is
    4 to 9 kb/sec in these mentioned aerias ok take care and good bye choose your connection smartly

  • shakir

    me use telenor internet pkg,net spead is very good 12kb/s to 35kb/s at edge any ware in pak but pkg rates very high,me want 2gb pkg just 100 per month

  • Lubna khan

    0e plz koi mjy btay k 0nce we hav activatd dn hmary daily 9.99 charges katain gy k jb net use kro tb katain gy. . .

  • Israr

    I am not using GPRS. It is disabled in my phone settings. Still I am charged 9.99 every day. I tried calling their customer service, but they claim that I have connected to GPRS. Which is not true, since GPRS is off in settings.

    I have even deleted GPRS settings, but am still getting charged on daily basis.

  • Ma heran ho keh jaz b net pakg dy sakta ha. R ab tele ko b sasta krna pry ga sb sy mehnga ab tele ka ha beshaq speed sb sy achi ha but asy nh chalta

  • Aaliyan

    I am useing jazz it,s best

  • Saira

    i activated it but speed is not good . opening facebook takes 7 minutes

  • Kifayat

    the zong 2GB data plan is being used by me for the last 18 months in the area of Thana, Malakand having good rate but speed @ snail. However I tested it in Mardan and Lahore and found excellent. In case the zong enhance its coverage, it is all the best, otherwise I might be compelled to transfer to jazz new data package.

  • hafeez

    salam dosto me jazz use krta hu pheley nhi krta tha jb se ye gr8 package aya hai jb se jazz use krna shuru krdia hai jazz beat all suck network in on time so such it is ufone is a show off network which is nothing doing else fooling people wid their expesive rates and with their stuiped ads to make impression on people telnor is very expesive in all angels its internet pakges is joke wid unjustice nd unfair usage in high cost warid who has nothing worst network in pakistan zong is also costing high in every thing call sms internet zong sucks aur jo log speed ki bat kr rha hai pheley apna mob dekhko knsa hai srif network se nhi mob se boht farq parhta hai speed ka aur jo streamming aur download ki bat kr rha hai me ne bure bure software download kr chuka ho achi speed k sath agar kisi ko speed brwani hai tou wo uc broswer install krle opera mini is old aur me ne hazaro videos stream kr chuka ho ok frnd gud buy thanks

  • Zeeshan

    Bhai Log Ya Jo Zong Ka Bta Rahy Is Ki speed to kuch nahe Is k samny My apna Cell phone(6300) pc surt K Zarye pc sy Connect Karta Ho to Mujin I.D.M py downloading Speed Minimum 29 Kb/sec Dati ha Or mexsimum 80 kb/sec Dati ha Mast speed Ha Agar Or malumat Karni Ha To “contect my Cell Only girls Not boys (03442750436)”

  • Zeeshan

    Saira Contect me I will Tell You how can You Incress your sufing And downloading Speed I Have A Trick jst sms Me I will Tall you

  • muhib_shah

    oh my god super fast speed even in my village jazz rooookkksss. There are always 3 to 4 signals in my village ‘murghai’ and its giving 15 to 20 kb/sec mindblowing speed there aur itna sasta 10rps for whole day and unlimited downloading. Today i downloaded 10mbs data in only 11 min!s hats of mobilink jazz aur jo loog kehtay hain speed kam ho wo gprs setting renew karin aur dakhain k un ka handset edge enabeld hay k nahi?

  • muhib_shah

    oye zeshan __ larki dakhi to line marna shru kar di waisy there is no trick in the world that can increase the net speed. Well look at hafeez he is sensible person

    [Comment Edited]

  • hafeez

    salam dosto kia haal hai sb ka ab sms aur calls k packages ko koi nhi dekh rha ab internet ka doar hai tu ab humare networks ko apni services connectivecty speed ye sb improve krni parhri ge jb bi log apni pakiwe sim dobara lagye ge warna nhi jise jazz ne kiya hai sb ko peachay chor dia hai jazz waly b past ki performace ko nhi bilky future dekh rha hai jb bi wo suceesful ho rha hai keep doing gud work jazz nd dont fool people like ufone telnor zong aur ye speed waly pheley b bolta tha ab b bol rha hu k speed wahin se nhi brti ye ap k mob k upar hota hai thanks

  • Danish sarfraz 4rm Rawalak0t (AJk)

    A.o.a” 4rndz im using Zong net on my mobile, 4rm last year and a half…ITS PACKAGES R OWES0ME BUT SPEED IS NOT GOOD ENougH.PLZ ANYB0DY TELL ME THAT,SPEED Of Jazz net is better than z0ng or n0t? ALS0,TELL ME H0W CAN I TRANSFER MY U SIM 2 JAZZ?”JAZAKALLAH”… my n0 is, 03129282274 or mail me , [email protected]

  • hafeez

    w.slam dosto @dainsh bro speed tu sb ki ek jise hai agar apka mob powerful ho kitne k wo us network ki speed catch krle tu pir speed ayi ge warna network ki jitni b speed ho faida kuch nhi hoga jb tk apka mob capable na ho speed ko catch kre aur jazz pe convert krwa na hai tu is num per dial kro 03056785678 thanks

  • sahir ali

    all sweet brothers, yar koi ye bataye ga jazz speed kitni de raha hai? zong tu 115 kb de raha hai

  • farhan khan

    hey guys jazz internet has a problem… While using data service your voice or sms service will not work ..!

  • Farhan Khan

    Hey guys ..mobilink internet has a problem use kartay hoe aap ka no band aata hai check it out and raise this big issue

  • Farhan Khan

    main kafee dafa complain kar chuka hon magar mobilink walay is problem ko solve nahi kar rahay bahanay bana rahay hain

  • Kiran

    Jazz is fraud n m totally exausted by dis offer, wall papr k siwa kuch download ni hota, or ye offer unsub bhi nhi hoti

  • Diya Shah

    Ek r bat k jaz sirf tb charges leta h when u hav enough credit,agy sb smjhdar ho k kia krna h

  • usman kamboh

    bhai skype b kesi sim per kaam karta hai ya nahi mean to say ufone telenor jazz warid ya zong

  • usman kamboh

    pls koi muje bata sakta hai ke pakistan mein mobile internent per skype b kaam karta hai ya nahee mere pass e nokia 5 hai jis mein mein skype use karta hoo dubai mein ab mein pakistan chutee par ja raha ho aur nahee janta skype pakistan mein mobile par sign in hota hai ya nahee pls koi bhai thura sa bta de

  • zahoor

    ohhhh bull shit…men zong k 2gb package ko slow smaj raha tha….jo utube k alawa bake chezen ache chala raha tha….jazz activate karaya….daily package is just a crap…ye fraud hay…sirf browsing hoti hay wo b bohat slow….very poor and 2 din men muft k 100 rupe kat chukay hen….by jazz for ever….lootnay ka ye tareeka bohat arsay bad jab jazz dobara on kia tabe daka….zong is the best…utube ke kair hay….reasonable speed and no frauds….so i recommend that u should never ever use this bloody company that could not understand the importance of customer satisfaction after so many years of experience…they never perform in competition….

  • hafeez

    oh bhai pheley apna mobile dekhko knsa hai khatiya mobile le kr utube chalne lega aur nhi chala tu network pe apni okaat

    [Comment Edited]

  • dr.gad

    my all dearest friends
    after seen all the comments here i only liked to say:
    leave all the topic and comments respected as they are
    but try to use mobilink
    i used ufone and zong but found mibilik intrnt service is more better
    dr ahmad gad
    consultant of edwin command on dos solution,canda

  • yasirarfat

    how to unsub internet in my my jazz sim pls repaly me thanks every day with out use internet cut 9.99 pls inform me thanks

  • shuja

    very nice service

  • Farhan

    Hey guys.. i am using this package but it has a very big problem ,mobilink network turns off ur no while u use internet if any one calls on ur no a recorded voice says ( aap k matloba no se jawab mausool nahi horaha ) couple of times i complained to help line but they are not trying to resolve this big issue ..soo plzz raise this issue ..Thankyou..

  • Farhan

    Main bauhat pareshan hon aur ab sim Change karnay ka soch raha hon

  • imran

    dosto apne speed ka kya krna ha shukar karo k pakstn jese mulk ma intrnt a gaya ha….sare operator users ko lut rahe ha aur logo k balance ko buri tarha cheat kr rahe ha…ma warid par apne bal ko lose kia ha jabke mane use b nae kia lakn warid is cheating subscribers along with others…[email protected]

  • humza

    speed mobile ki hoti hay agr ap k pas koi china ka ya koi purana mobile hay to us ki speed slow hogi

  • humza

    speed mobile ki hoti hay agr ap k pas koi china ka ya koi 7 8 sal purana mobile hay to us ki speed slow hogi

  • Haq mojood/Nazir unar,sakrand

    mr mobilink net ki facility hamare shahar NAWABSHAH ko bhi do yar kyon ke jazz k costumers NAWABSHAH me ziada hain.
    Jholay Lal Qalandar Mast Shahbaz.

  • Muhammad Nawaz

    I think sub networks ne awaam ko pagal banaya hua hei, mukhtalif heelu bahanu se saada loh awaam ko loot rahe hien, activation code batatey hien magar deactivation code nahi batatey, maqsad kisi na kisi tareeqey se lootna hei, marey mobile per setting mojood nehi magar 10 rupees daily kaat laitey hein, pehley customer service k namaindey se free baat hoti thi ab whan b 2.50 rupees ke kototi lag ghi hei, allah bachaei dhoka baazu se.

  • tahir mehmood

    bahot khoob mobilink jazz internet speed min koe sani nahin rakhta costomar caer center waly ba ikhlaqeu hain aur achi trah se paish ate hain,God bless him.


    Bhaiyon mai aap ko bataon mai 2 weeks se net use kr rha hn mobilink pr with the speed of 1.5 to 8 kb/sec ye maximum speed ati hy jo ap ko din mai taroon ki tarah nazar aaske gi ar sab se bekar net pakistan mai mobilink ka h

    best providers of net
    4.zong the end mobilink

    so the worst is mobilink

    with my experience

    i suggest you to buy zong for internet pakage with best prices


    mai 2 weeks se net use kr rha hn mobilink pr with the speed of 1.5 to 8 kb/sec ye maximum speed ati hy jo ap ko din mai taroon ki tarah nazar aaske gi ar sab se bekar net pakistan mai mobilink ka h

    best providers of net
    4.zong the end mobilink

    so the worst is mobilink

    with my experience

    i suggest you to buy zong for internet pakage with best prices

  • Dua

    Hi can u plz tell me how to unsubscribe? Ive been using this package but its just a waste of credit. Can someone tell how to unsubscribe…? I’ll be really thankful.


    how can we deactivate this stupid service it charges me 10 rupees evrydayyy…even if i dnt use it plzzz plzzz tell me how to deactivate it PLZZZZZZZZZ

  • Zuhaib

    I m using internet from jazz and it is free from last 30 days i did not pay for this but the net is working with horrible speed…oh its all trick to change ur i.p adress its a cheat but true u can change us i.p adress by calling
    its a 24/7 service in just free of cost.salam to all hackers

  • Khalil ur Rehman

    I also a mobilink internet user it is good but not too good like telenor.
    Jo bahi free internet use karna cahty hain wo iss number per rabta kar sakty hain 03157780815

  • Saad

    Yar downloding ksy ho gi 5310 pr?

  • AADI

    Yar jazz daliy internet pakage unsub code kaya hai isy unsub kest=y karo…

  • AADI

    Call center waly be call receive nahe kar rahy hai…
    is pakage ko unsub kesy karty hai…

  • Aftab khan

    Bhai log mobilink net agr 50 Mb se ziada use kro gy to net ki saholat khtm kr di jati hi,aor eska per koy hal nhi try it

    • Ali

      to pckg change krnay say thek hoga ya nae?????

  • Anya

    helow guys! just stop activating this bulshit! Mobilink is cheatin da public… Y we r becomin so fool… Itz all marketing of clever money suckers mobilink! n their employs r da crap freak of da world! If u gonna forward ur complain they wont do anythn else thn suckin their own shits! It is da most worst conection for internet! N yeah ofcourse thr is sme ans’s for others… It is on da base of daily charges whethr u use or not! n once u act it .. It doesnt works whole day so betr to not use dz sim n live tension free.. Zong peoples say zong is good itz givin 2 gb thn especialy those peoples telme do u use all da net of 2gb??? Huh u wont b able even to use 1 gb! U knw its a network of china… Chale to chand tak ya phr rat tak! Itz not trustable! Now comes ufone… It gv’s da most worst service… Damn expensive! They r only good in marketin coz they know how to make fool othrz well! Evn i act internet for 1 hour… N in tht hour i was just waitin .. Agr ek link b open hojaye to bahot he! But my all credit was finished… 1 hour pakg was abt 15 rs n they took my all credit! N nw comes warid well no need to introduce tht coz they r good for nothing! Aisa lagta he kisi sheikh ki branch ho! Sorry to all sheikh’s but thtz true! Letz trust non of thm! N now comes telenor it is betr thn all of thm if u gonna use it for sure u gonna see da diference… But it gv’s very less mb n its costy but speed is good! it gv’s till 45 mb per month n price is 100 rs! Includin tax! So wat to do guys hope so they start givin us unlimited internet with good service… N if u want so just lets make da unity strong:) n let us all cal on telenr to convience thm for unlimited internet package! Kardo khamoshi ka bycot! :p n happy ramadan to all! N dnt act mob internet coz its gv bad headache.. Trust me mobilink was 1 of thm! My advise for all is stil if u want use net thn use telenor … N just For facebook only! Tc bubyee:)

  • Anya

    n yeah they wont evn pick up da phone.. Coz they dont want u to use net more n more huh ! Anywas but u guys can cal thm in da morning aftr 8:30 …. All employs r hanging around they r quiet busy so cant pick up da phone tht bloody rascals!!! Huh i jst wana kil all da money suckers… N want to throw all of thm out of pak… N i knw i cant coz only 5 to 10% peoples gonna b left thn:p God help pakistan.. Ameen ok now tc bubyee…

  • hellø frnds ! ! !
    Sb se best pakage hai jaz ka unlimited pakage . . . Jtna mrzi døwnløad krø aur upløad krø . . . Aur jtne din mrzi use krø . . . Acha ye hai k apna sara credit finish kr k use krø avein paise b kaat lete hein . . . Lekin buri bat ye hai k speed sb se sløw hai chahe jø b mbile use krø . . . Streaming b ny høti . . . Døwnløadin speed is minimum 3kb nd maximum 9kb/ps . . . Facebøøk k liye thek hai . . . . Øk bye

  • Asim

    Under a scheme of Mobilink i was supposed to use 50 MB data on GPRS per day. There is no system to check usage of bytes at mobilink so i over used some bytes. Now my GPRS services has been blocked by mobilink sighting the reason that i have over used my GPRS data limit. I am seriously disturbed that i cannot use GPRS on my set when i m willing to pay for extra usage.
    The response from mobilink is reproduced below:
    With reference to your email related to GPRS issues encountered against mobile number we sincerely regret the inconvenience that has been caused to you in this regard. However, please note that the fair usage policy is implemented on daily basis only and a consumer may utilize the said services the next day. However, in case you have a high usage of the said service, you may like to convert your prepaid account to postpaid and avail GPRS services where different packages are offered to our valued customers. For more information in this regard, you may visit the following web link;

    Then i sent them following email:
    1. Why i was not informed about blockage of GPRS services in case of over usage? Whereas i have been receiving messages on daily basis that an amount has been deducted from my balance for using internet. Do you block a SIM when there is no balance in it? Do you allow to call from a SIM in which there is no balance? Why this policy is not being implemented in case of GPRS? OR is it your way to make people use post paid accounts more?
    2. Why there is no system in place to warn or to check the bytes used?
    3. Why am i not being informed about the amount payable of over usage of data (which i m readily willing to pay)? so i can pay it and get my GPRS services reactivated

    In your email i was expecting a detailed a comprehensive reply about the bytes over usage, amount payable and date of restoration of services of GPRS. Instead, i am extremely disappointed to see your totally uncalled for suggestion of switching to post-paid account.

    I request you again to immediately inform about bytes over usage, amount payable and date of restoration of services of GPRS. In case of non-receipt of a detailed, legitemate and logical reply from your side, i would review taking up the matter with the Regulators and subsequently to discontinue my long association with Mobilink and switch to some other network using Mobile Number Portability.
    I will keep you guys posted in case any development.

    • asif

      Hi there…
      I have a very similar story to you, Asim!
      The buggers at the helpline talk like we have committed a crime and are being punished by blocking our GPRS! we pay for the bloody service man!!

      I have called the helpline over and over for more than a week and have also written to the email address but nothing but generic response from there!

      here is what i posted at other places:
      I have (actually had) been Mobilink GPRS for a few years now… and used to be satisfied with the service. Now recently they launched the 10Rs daily unlimited for prepaid users. I am so freakin lazy I still use the years old and still expensive prepaid number!
      Anyways, my DSL at home was broken last week and I used the GPRS to download a few apps on my phone. Next day, the GPRS stops working…
      I have called the helpline like 5 times in the last week and they say that since I exceeded the 50MB daily limit, my GPRS has been blocked till further action!
      I mean come on! calling 50MB of data ‘unlimited’ in this time and age is like pizza hut advertising an all-you-can-eat iftar with a limit of one slice per person! ridiculous!
      Anyway, I think its time I switch telco and also move to post paid.
      Can you suggest a good connection that has excellent data services as well?
      Or can someone tell me if there is a way to get my Mobilink GPRS sorted out?
      It has been a week and I am as pissed as I can ever be!
      The helpline ppl just say that you used too much internet and we blocked your GPRS, no complaint registering or anything! they talk about it like i committed a crime of some sort and I am being punished for it, so I should deal with it!

  • sara

    it dosent work fast for lg ku 990 oo

  • Anya

    heyz guyz… I m back.. Wel itz betr stop using mobilink.. coz thr employ’s behavior is very bad.. I hate mobilink.. Da main prob is with da area too.. Coz mostly at some places network goes good n in some bad.. First chkout ur area which conection internet is good at ur area go for tht 1.. I realy dont like mobilink they r not in da favour of peoplez…. Soon it wil b no more.. Hope so:p n telenor is nice seriously.. But they gvn upto 45 mb n let me cal mob to ask hw we can deactivate it… Coz mostly peoples r havin dz prob.. So let me help u guyz just hold on for a sec.. I m cmin bk..:)

  • Anya

    hey i talk to thm… Thr is no way to deactivate through msg.. U hav to cal from tht num on which u hav activated internet thn u hav to ask thm to deactivate ur gprs.. Thn ur prob wil b solved… But wat i thnk wen u cal thm ur num cme’s in da screen n info abt ur num.. So they just knw u hav activated internet may b thtz y they dnt pick up da phone.. As they r money suckerz… They dont want u deactivate.. Betr to throw dz sim in hell … :@ anywaz i told u da salution folow it may b they solve ur prob.. May b..! Tc Allah hafiz
    Anya khan

    • Samia

      thankyou so much.

  • Samia

    will someone please tell how to unsubscribe jazz such mobile internet package.?

  • Zia khan

    Peley jazz sy free internet tha mgr ab 10 rupes mein 50mb internet detai hein agr 50 mb sy zaiyada internet istamal kia jai to net blocked kr detai hein or dobara on b nai karty.

  • sanam

    tell me how to deactivate this enternet pakage

  • Jazz Daily internet is now limited to 50mb and if you cross this limit your GPRS will be blocked. I personally experienced that. I call to Mobilink Customer Services for blocking GPRS they asked that you cross the limit and your GPRS is blocked. So I personally think that if you have good signals of Zong then Zong is best for internet and cheap. If you have money then Telenor is best

  • Moblink walo kuch karo internet ka speed high karo warna hum moblink internet use karna band karaga ok qasam se

  • Noshi

    yaro maine tou subscribe b nhi kia, mobilink walon ne khud he guess kr lia k muje b mobile internet use krne ki zrurat hai and meri daily deduction b ho rhi hai :( Help line pe call krna kisi torture se kum nhi hai…….. atleast 20 min wait krna prta hai aur itni der men BP high ho jata hai……. now that it seems that i hate mobilink and gona change my sim very soon

    • WAQAS

      To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006″…..

  • Muaaz

    plz….tell me That how to unsubscribe….to daily internet package…..: its not working…gud…speed is to slow….kindly infm me…on my id….plz…..

  • Imran

    Mobilink Jazz Daily Internet Package

    Jazz Jazba now introduces the first ever Such unlimited internet service with no limits on internet usage. It gives you a chance to live your online life with unlimited chatting on Yahoo! and msn, unlimited social networking on facebook, unlimited tweets on twitter, unlimited browsing and unlimited uploads & downloads.

    With a pledge to dedicate ourselves to the task of providing exciting services for our youth, such jazba gives them unlimited freedom in real time.

    *Unlimited usage with no time limits.
    Subscribers will only be charged Rs. 9.99 on the day they use the Mobile Internet.
    Internet charges will be deducted at day end.
    This offer is only valid for JAZZ & Jazba customers.
    No taxes apply.
    MMS rate on Jazba package are only Rs.0.99 per 50 kb (No tax applies)

    Send an SMS to 6006 to activate Mobile Internet.
    Mobile Internet will be activated after 24 hours.
    No activation required for existing Mobile Internet subscribers.
    The activation is free.

    *To keep on providing enhanced user experience on mobile internet, fair usage policy of 50MB/day on Such Internet Offer will be implemented from 2/8/11
    ** If in case the user does not have enough balance at day end, charging attempts will be made against the user for the next 48 hours.

  • zubair

    my dear frends it is not unlimited , 50mb per day

  • junaid

    Guys i used internet on my pc from my cell phone with zong and its speed is 460kb/s try it. And downloading speed upto 20 30

  • junaid

    Guys i used internet on my pc from my cell phone with zong and its speed is 460kb/s try it. And downloading speed upto 20 30

  • sam

    how to deactivate this Daily Mobile Internet

  • sam

    how to deactivate this Daily Mobile Internet on jazz

  • hafiz waqar

    kya ye package abhi bhi available he???

  • nokia 5800 internet satting chinacopy ke


    The most expedient internet package is recently being provided by the ZONG, but their infrastructure is so very weak that all the towers particularly in the country yard and villages are not capable of EDGE.
    in case the zong enhances its infrastructure, it will surely lead the market in this regard.
    we request to zong authorities to please install EDGE support in our village “Thana, District Malakand Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”

  • Raanjha

    sb fraud hai


    mobilink had charged me Rs 30 +
    for such internet , while i have not subscribed any internet facility and never useed such internet , will anybody tell me how to unsubscribe and why they have charged me without using ??


    charging me daily such net usage without subscribing , how can i get rid of this daily net usage deduction as i am not using such net

  • Ashok Kumar

    How to unsubscribe the internet pakage………
    plz tell me about the code.

  • crime expert

    moblink unlimited internet free use karne ka tareka;.

    1.6006 per blank sms send kare
    2.24 hours main active ho jae ga free use krne k lie ap ko apne acount main balance 9.99 se kam rfakhna ho ga yani 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,ya9.8 ok
    now you use free unlimited free downloading and using thanking me on my number 03058758692

  • omar Ghumman

    mobilink mobile net ki speed bkwas hai.

  • Sani

    Mobilink net is a fraud with customers, nobilink activate net on ur phone simply by sendeng sms to 6006 but deactivation is very lengthy, means u will have to call to 111: which is not fair!

  • mraafiq

    Jnb mey jaz net use kr raha hu magar koi bi video download ni hoti jb k dosry network use krny waly same cel se downloading k mazay loot’ty hy or hamari setting hi pori ni hoti kindly mery cel ki setting aisi snd kry k mey koi bi video download kr sku ya dekh sku

  • Sharukhan

    Koi B network acha nahen hai sab buray hain han internet ki speed men telenor sab se fast hai 2nd number pe ufone hai 3rd nunber pe warid 4th number pe zong aur mobilink ki internet ki speed hi nahen hai wo bekar network hai mera was chale to us network ko band karwa don sala mera balance b girta hai aur men na kuch download kar pata hon aur na kuch stream kar pata hon plzZz! Mobilink ka network band karwo

  • ahtasham malik

    asalam u alikum jazz par net free hai ap k pass agr balance na ho to ,,,,,,,,,,,speed b kafi achi hai n70 aur s60 series par ,,,,is k elawa jazz is quite good ———————-03002461956

  • ahtasham malik

    nimbuzz is very best ……….jazz k thrugh 24 hours fb aur yahoo par online free main

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    Ab tak 3 networks ki GPRS/EDGE services use ki hain aur yeh speed mili muhje:
    Warid: 16kbps/34kbps
    Ufone: 12kbps/31kbps
    Mobilink: 0.60/5.6kbps
    (Used in ‘EDGE’ service areas – while downloading songs/apps)

    honestly, Mobilink 3rd class k naam pe bhi dhabba hai. Lanat hai Mobilink pe. 1 click karo, sheher ka chakkar laga lo site phr nahi khulay gi.

  • jazz is good in only calling rates.

  • ayesha

    hello guys any one tell me plz how to activate/deactivate internet……plz text me…….0313-4279929

    • WAQAS

      To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006″…………

  • Ali

    Yar mai moblink internet say jan churvana chahta hu kia karu ye moblink walay helpline pay ganta ganta wait karvatay hain lanat ha asay moblink pay koi bata day yar

  • Abdullah

    3333 pa msg krny se kaunsa pakage activate hota ha?

  • Abdulrehman

    May new internet setting kese mangawa sekta ho

  • Tauseef Aslam

    How to deactivate mobile internet?
    plz tell me…!

  • Rahim

    Agar mere doston mai se kisi ko bhi such internet unsubscription ka code maloom ho to please urgently mujae mail ya text karein,([email protected])
    my cell no# is (0301-2683216).bye,

  • Rahim

    Agar mere doston mai se kisi ko bhi such internet unsubscription ka code maloom ho to please urgently mujae mail ya text karein,([email protected])
    my cell no# is (0301-2683216).bye,

    • WAQAS

      To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.


    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.
    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006”.


    To de-activate mobile internet, sms “unsub to 6006″…

  • Sardar Roman

    I need info about skype on any network. have any1 use skype on mobilink? what is going to be the best service for that. please help. as i need to be in touch with my mates in pakistan from here uk. thanks.

  • sara

    how to deactivate it then

  • shahid

    aby yar itna w8 kr leya hai to march 2013 tk intezar krlo inshallah 3g was avalible in pakistan.

  • Naved Alam

    agar speed bar jaye tu sahe he warna abi u fone ka sasta package aya he ause ku istimal kard

  • Waleed Bhutto

    telenor is the best net and high speed receiving

  • Waleed Bhutto

    please tell me, Mobilink deactivated wap servis

  • Waleed Bhutto

    Thank Waqs mene apki comment parh ke unsub kr li he

  • attaullahsaeed

    jazz do something about 3gp network plz

  • seema

    kia koi ye baty ga k jazz internet unsub kaisy ho ga,[email protected]……….plz reply

    • umar farooq

      mahar umar farooq from dubai
      03007857480 only send sms me



  • humayoun rasheed kamboh

    Mobilink jazz jesa koi net hy he ne mujy 3 year ho gay hy hain moblink jazz pe net chlaty hoy aj taq koi lamaa ne, high speed hy mere big bhaio ye net servic achi hy dekhna main ap sy wada karta hoon k pakistan ka sab sy pahly 3G honain wala network mobilink jazz he hoga lnshallah, main (okara) main rahta hoon okara ek choti city hy per phir b net high speed ( suchi muchi ) ok salaam

  • ihsane

    hi, Moblink ischarging me internet which i don t use..
    plz how can i disactivate internet from my jazz card..

  • Zong internet pakege is very best and not expansive. I am using the Zong 2gb pakege at rs.200 with all taxes. The downloading speed is also good. Zong is best for internet. Mobile pe online Youtube songs.

  • khalid

    hi jazz ka internet pahlay bohat tayz tha per ab to ithna slow hay ke video be nahe show kerta thinx please internet thaze karay

  • Abdul Salam

    Friends! Main pichlay 1 sal se net use kr rha hun, mje speed ka nai pata k kitni hai, per mere mob pe tez speed hai, aur woh b free use kr rha hun, blnc ho ga to katay ge na.. Mgr jab blnc hota hai to sb kaat letay hain. Q k jazz apna hai. Hahaha.
    Mgr ab yeh khushi sirf 5 april tak e hai.. New charge 64 kb/ rs 1.125

  • Mudassir

    Anybody know whdn 3g available in pakistan?

  • Imtiaz

    Telenor india me boht sasta a. Aur pakistan me boht minga.. Ab sab kar do telenor ka boycot.

  • muzammal

    yar sapeed ma sab sea acha nat wark kon sa ha jes ki saped achi ho pliz sms 03316588030

  • Shahbaz

    Congragulation! Dear mobilink costumers moblink jazz internet is free again with much better speed all the things u have to do is To change your mobilink connect setting and make the settings like this… Apn: mms.mobilinkwor proxy server adress: number: 8080 100000% working dont care of balance if u have it wont charge u but it will be better to keep your balance 0… Note: only use default , opera mini , and ibrowser… The best one is ibrowser for this small trick… i m waiting for your comments…

  • tanveerhussain

    i am tanveer hussain of saudi arab makkah shareef 00966562746588

  • nasir

    jazz par net ke ley koi monthly pkage nahi hy,,for 30 days pkage

  • kamal Khan

    All Dears can you tell me please which company gives good pakages about net, and servise,
    how much 2 gb sin on jazz

  • Fatima

    Salam…plz tel me dat how can i deactivate jazz internet daily bundle?
    Kiya ye bndle jb chahy activate nai kya ja skta coz daily pasy reduce hty hn…or daily me use b nai krti…thnx

  • Fatima

    Salam…plz tel me dat how to deactivate jazz internet daily offer?
    Coz is sy roz pasy reduce hty hn..or me roz use b nai krti..kya me jb chahun is ko activate ya deactivate kr skti hun..?????????thnx

    • ferhan

      Keep ur balance less than 10 for just 2days u automaticaly deactivated

  • Irfan

    Salam to All
    Mary pyary bhaiyo ek baat toh batao
    jazz daily package ki limit kaisy pata chaly gi mtlb
    kitny MB used huwa hain or kitny baki hain

    Irfan Malik

  • Salman Sallu

    kya muje meri call history net peh mil sakti hai….30 dayz ki ?

  • Iftikhar

    Aslam o alaikum
    please tell me kya hm jazz internet se skype use kr sakty han?
    aur voice clear ati hy

  • fatima

    plz help me i want to activate internet on mobile but i cant :(

  • ghaffar

    Yar kisevko pata haibk jaaz ya ufone ka number kise actavte ho ga skype pa..plz sms karna jis ko pata ho to…03007942188

  • imran sajan

    jazz number ki call history sms dteal chek krwane ke lie call krain