Despite PTA’s Warning Top PPP Ministers Use Unverified SIMs

As we first unveiled the fact that the top government officials are using mobile connections with SIMs that are not in their names. Today, ‘The News’ carried this story which reveals similar details and says:

Top PPP ministers Rehman Malik, Firdous Ashiq, Ahmed Mukhtar and Manzoor Wattoo are using unverified SIMs while the PTA launched third phase of SIM verification on Rehman Malik’s request.

Rehman Malik’s number 03005559*** was issued to the ministry of interior while Firdous Ashiq Awan 03008511*** was issued to the ministry of population welfare, Ahmed Mukthar’s 03008467*** was issued to Amjad Hussain with CNIC 3540141062*** and Manzoor Wattoo’s number 03008419*** to AJ Communications.

Sources in telecom industry revealed that there was a list of such numbers under use of cabinet members and leading politicians but are unverified and not issued to their names. However, commerce minister Amin Fahim number 03009221*** was issued to his name with CNIC 4230183689*** but the status was suspended.

Now these SIMs are registered with incomplete information, and does not comply with PTA rules.

According to (a letter No 15-9/2010/ENF/PTA issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority dated July 30, 2010, with subject “Issuance of bulk data SIMs to specified corporate customers”), PTA asked the cellular companies to provide user data including CNIC details of every individuals using corporate connections.

The letter stated that “procedure for issuance and activations of SIMs/connections to corporate customers has been made comprehensive by having control and checks on documentation for the corporate customers in regard to prepaid/postpaid and data SIMs.

The company is bound to provide details/documents including CNIC of each individual.”
The SIM would be issued on company name i.e. on title name would become company name while user data including CNIC and other details would also be provided and if the same SIM would be issued to someone else, the company would be bound to update the user data of new users.

It merits mentioning here that PTA is blocking all unverified SIMs on May 17th, that is, today. It is interesting to note that our top level government officials are lacking behind in getting their SIMs registered in their names. One may wonder what PTA will do to their SIMs after today.

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  • Z____i is using the no, 0302-9211-420

    And is issued in the name of a criminal, address of ____ jail,

    [Comment Edited]

  • Its look kinda funny. I dnt Think that they are Using Prepaid Connections… Coz unverified or un registred sims are only on prepaid connection… Definatly they are using postpaid connections… And this is not possible to issue unregistred sims in postpaid… Postpaid connections requires too many things. Newspapers just need chatt patti stories… Nothing else

  • @zuhaib if you have any relative or friend in franchise or in higher department in any mobile company you can issue postpaid sim on some dummy person

    when take my number they said 1 person come to the address to verify the details but till now in 2 years no body go on that add which i give which taking my postpaid connection

    and my Uncle all Postpaid connections are on dummy person’s name

    • Address is verified i.e. u get the bill of postpaid on the specified address, if they cant find the address then the number is suspended.

      Now here comes ur part i.e. if u have any official in any company then they just give the address of the concerned frenchise frm which the connection is issued. Ya i also have a postpaid connection on an unknown person.

    • getting a postpaid on an unknown name is not a problem even if you dont have any friend or relative. Just bribe the sales man of the company and you will get a connection.

      Almost all of the companies ask for land line number when you get postpaid sim, those sales man use one land line number (which is ofcourse belong to someone else) to issue 100 of sims. It happened to me, I got a new ptcl connection and right after activation, I started getting calls from mobilink billing office about the bills of several post paid connections..I tried everything but those calls didnt stop, everything a new call with bill of a new post paid number..
      and i ends up, i contacted ptcl to change my land line number..lolx

  • PPP = aksar PPP karkun do number log hain ________ jo aik say ziyada dafa jail ja chukay hain. unverified sim rakhna to aam c baat hai aisay logon kay liyay.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Rehman Malik is using a warid postpaid connection and it is registered on his name…

  • ان سب کا نمبر صحافی حضرات کے پاس ہے ، ریکارڈ میں دیکھو کسی اور کے نام ہے، کیا کسی اور کے نام صرف پری پیڈ ہی نکلتا ہے ؟ پوسٹ پیڈ بھی آپ کسی اور کا استعمال کر سکتے ہیں کون پروا کرتا ہے ، پیپل پارٹی تو مشہور ہے دو نمبر کام میں .

  • ان سب کا نمبر صحافی حضرات کے پاس ہے ، ریکارڈ میں دیکھو کسی اور کے نام ہے، کیا کسی اور کے نام صرف پری پیڈ ہی نکلتا ہے ؟ پوسٹ پیڈ بھی آپ کسی اور کا استعمال کر سکتے ہیں کون پروا کرتا ہے ، پیپل پارٹی تو مشہور ہے دو نمبر کام میں .

  • I think issuing a number to an Department’s name or company’s name is not big problem.. agar ye official numbers hain tou. or b bohat c companies apne employees ko numbers deti hain wo wo un companies k name pay issue hoty hain

    • If they have only one number then they are using that “official” number for personal use/political use as well, which isn’t ethical. 2nd there is a need to know if they are entitled for this or not. 3rd are they using ceiling given or exceeding it, if exceeding are they paying the remaining amount, 4th I don’t like Abdur Rehman Malik at all , and Ashiq Awan looks like pure Jatti, I doubt if she can more than just failed political statements :p

  • Its unless to talk about out MINISTERS. Its about to waste your time to discuss those who are ignorant of Public issues but just know how to Make Scores for their Political parties!
    As far as it is concerned to Mr.Rehman Malik (Interior Minister), he only knows his favourite dialouge “Taliban accepted the Responsibility” =D

    In short, Shame on such Ministers who still think that they are superior than ordinary/other humans.


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