Jazz Customers Win Gold Coins

A while ago, Jazz launched an attractive and rewarding “Chota Bundle Offer” for Jazz customers. The Chota Bundle offers 7 minutes of talk time and 30 SMS per day to all Jazz customers. The exciting part is that all those Jazz customers who subscribe to this offer could get a chance to win 10 Grams of Gold.

Just Recently, Mobilink Jazz announced as many as 30 lucky Jazz customers across Pakistan who won 10 Grams of Gold each.

Special prize distribution ceremonies are now being conducted in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad to present all these winners with 10 Grams of Gold each.

At the prize distribution ceremony held in Islamabad, one of the lucky winner Mrs. Abid Rana expressed;

“I have been using Jazz for last 7-8 years and I am extremely happy that Mobilink is rewarding its loyal customers with such amazing prizes.

When I found out that I have won the gold coin, I was ecstatic! I am definitely going to continue participating in Mobilink campaigns in future too.”

Following are pictures of few of winners:

  • aaaaaaa too bad mera nai hua phir gold coin! chalo koi nai it was fun. and CONGRATS to those who made it! have fuuuuunn heh :)

  • i love how mobilink is so active in giving back to its customers. i come across something of this sort every month now. good going

  • i’ve been an acute observer of how jazz gives back to its customers in so many ways and i must say it’s magnificent. and i don’t even knowwww why i follow these news about jazz so much. will definitely get one as soon as i get back to pk

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