PTCL Introduces Video Calling Services

PTCL is Launching IP video phone(IPVP) service for its customers – which will offer video telephony service that will run on PTCL’s DSL Internet.

Named as Video Con, this video calling device will be equipped for both audio and video communication. Customers will have to buy this device from PTCL on both ends to be enabled for video calling.


PTCL Video Phone Service is currently only being launched in three cities Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. More cities will be added soon.

PTCL said that Video Phone service is aimed at contributing to the reduction of cost and time spent on travel, benefiting corporate customers by resulting in savings. On the other hand families can see and share with their loved ones precious moments of life through voice and video communication by simply acquiring their own video phones.

Service Highlights :

  • Voice and video communication facility

  • PTCL Video Phone is available on High speed Broadband VOIP technology which is faster than traditional POTS based services

  • Customers can enjoy video communication with 7 inch large digital Color Display Touch Screen Video Phone provided by PTCL

Video Calling Phone Features:

  • Video with call dial and answer,
  • Full screen,
  • Local video control,
  • Color ring/image,
  • Multiple Language options,
  • Call Manager,
  • XML phone book,
  • Auto-provision along with Video Phone Performance
  • 7” large color touch screen display,
  • 800×480 pixels high resolution,
  • Rotatable CMOS sensor camera ,
  • 300K CMOS camera
  • Superior video codec H.264.

Tariffs and Device Pricing:

  • Device Charges (Regular Price): Rs. 14,999
  • Device Charges (If purchased on installments):
    • Upfront: Rs. 2,999
    • Monthly installment for 15 months: Rs. 1,000
  • Video Phone Service (Monthly Charges): Rs. 500
  • Video Call charges:  Free till 30th SEP-2011.After that standard On-net Landline charges
  • Voice Call Charges: Standard Landline charges

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  • Well, there infrastructure for DSL sucks. I don’t get speed over 100k on my 2mb DSL. So how come PTCL can provide uninterrupted video-calling over DSL?

    • DSL is only as good as your phone line, get your line checked. Call helpline and look into the SNR(signal to noise ratio) on your modem.
      If its not good just apply for a new line as that solved my problem and been working fine for 4 years now.

  • so we can enjoy free demo service till september and then dislike the service and subscribe for 500 per month lol

  • Why NOT go get a Skype certified Video calling phone then? why pay Rs.500 to PTCL ?

    By the way, how Video and Audio over DSL is legal now? as PTA claims that Internet in Pakistan can’t be used for Audio/Video communication. Have they changed their “rules” ? PTA invested millions to block VoIP (but not porn) which you still can use in Pakistan.

    • PTCL does not bother and PTA issue them showcause every second month….but these arabs and the top management especially commercial head is down syndrome

    • I think VOIP rules from PTA are against using VOIP with actual phone lines. Computer to computer is okay. In this case, video device to video device.

  • PTCL’s license allows it to carry “VOICE” that is what worries PTA the most.

    PTCL Videophone is only usable on PTCL’s DSL unlike the universal portability SIP phones offer.

    Video and voice havebeen practically available on internet everywhere in the world and even in Pakistan.

    I think this is a new beginning and this will also determine the market for video calling over mobile sets as expected from 3G

    • PTCL DSL sucks so this new beginning will have sad ending like EVO and other PTCL products

  • i agree skype is free and all other PTCL services are not dependable…people are stuck with evo devices and vfones…PTCL new launches are BAD NEWS

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