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Mobilink_careerA thing I’ve noticed about the current generation is the extreme talent that is on display anywhere you look. Unfortunately that talent is often coupled with an inability to effectively convey and apply that talent.

I’ve seen scholarship students who don’t know how to make an impressive CV. Aces in universities not getting the job because of a lack of interview skills. Most students only realize the importance of knowing how to present yourself properly and be deemed an attractive candidate too late, and that too only by experience.

That’s why I’ll highlight a venture by Mobilink today that might help you get on the right track. Mobilink Careers is a blog started by Mobilink, which aims to be a place where you can get career advice, tips on bettering your professional life and interview skills etc.

The blog itself is well designed and informative. Posts include success stories, interviews with various Mobilink employees and different workshops that Mobilink holds.

A post which caught my eye and one you should definitely check out is the “CV checklist” post. It should be of relevance to many people since most universities are off and others will be soon. Summer time is of prime importance to anyone who takes their career seriously since a good internship augments your degree and can better your chances of getting a specific job.

The post consists of a presentation that offers tips on how the CV should look like, its vital components etc. The post is located at:

The blog itself is located at:

This venture wouldn’t be as effective if it were confined to the blog, good thing is they can be found at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The discussions at LinkedIn are most informative and deal with answering your questions and how to improve your interview skills etc.

Personally, I found them more useful than the blog partly because the blog seems to be updated 3-4 times a month with new posts, so do check it out.

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  • this is by far THE best initiative taken by an organization operating in pakistan. i totally agree with the writer here; students fail to mobilize the resources and so can’t make full out of their talents. i’m really positive about this service and i hope our students make full out of it.

  • at last SOMEBODY is being considerate to us students and graduates in this ugly job market… thanks

  • There is a need to have a central place where senior /mature citizens with experience in different fields volunteer to:

    1- School/College/University selection.
    2- Guide youngsters in career selection.
    3- Guide them in daily life problems, counselling.

    Last (which should be first in fact) counselling on moral and social problems/values.

  • i agree with ahmed here. in fact i request the companies who are active in helping students build careers to delve deeper into this by taking initiatives of a greater scope and cater to the outlined points.

  • that’s productive discussion. i believe this initiative by mobilink is a stepping stone towards providing greater support to the students in various ways

    • the page does have useful information doesnt it?small things that we assume one should know, but sadly no one tells..

  • yaar shukar hai koi industry ka perspective bhi aaya is cheez ka! har koi kehta hai k cv achi karo, interview acha do laikin koi batata nahin hai k karo kya!!

  • nice to see someone step up and fill in the missing link to bridge the gap between rather confused graduates and demanding industry professionals…should help a lot if one is willing to use it to their gain

  • I love the presence all over! goes to show how much the corporate giant cares to give back to the society.. its almost amusing that till now, no one else stepped up for the job!!

  • Thank you Mobilink!!! sucha perfect time when graduates are desperate to figure it all out.. cant thank the minds behind it all enough for this venture! such an amazing help that too free of cost! May Allah bless whoever came up with the idea and made it possible!!

  • nice to see multiple platforms bing used to spread the message, should definitely boost the average graduates worth significantly to not only Mibilinks gain but to that of others too
    a very good move by Mobilink here. very thoughtful and generous too

  • i’m moving back from canada this december and this is the first time i came across something relevant for my job hunt, besides rozee. good shoooowww!!!!!!!

  • This is so true, i had to learn all this the hard way! Great to see that Mobilink took this iniative and is helping out everyone!
    Really glad to see this!

  • Thank god!
    We need help in interview’s and cv’s and you telling us from a company’s perspective will really help me out!

  • It’s a great tool. i’m very positive that students all across the country will capitalize it to the fullest…..

  • I was so happy with the such jazba hunts. I had so much fun, and now you are guiding us on how to make cv’s and prepare for interviews!
    Lovin jazz!!

  • I just graduated and have to now start applying to places to get a job! This article is a blessing!
    Thanks Mobilink

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