Zong Launches Pakistan’s 1st Accidental Insurance via Mobile!

Zong Insurance AdsFor the first time in the history of Pakistan, Zong, in collaboration with Adamjee Life Assurance Co Ltd. has introduced an insurance plan that can be activated, managed and claimed through mobile phones.

An unexpected misfortune may hit anyone at anytime, thus insurance is a necessity but owing to the painstaking and lengthy process it was restricted to just a handful of people.

Zong which has offered many flexible services to its subscribers in the past is now bringing this hassle-free insurance plan. With 38% of market share, Adamjee Life Assurance has the reputation of being one of the most prompt and efficient settlers of claims.

Service Features:

If you are subscribe to Zong’s Accidental Insurance service, a daily charge (based on your plan) will be deducted as insurance premium.

This daily deduction will be based on your insurance plan. Zong is currently offering following three insurance plans:

Insurance Plans

Accidental Death/ 

Accidental Disability Benefit

Funeral Expense Benefit in case of Accidental Death Daily User charges
1 Rs 100,000 5,000 Rs. 2 +t
2 Rs 200,000 5,000 Rs. 4 +t
3 Rs 300,000 5,000 Rs. 5 +t

With Zong insurance, customers do not require any documentation or the need to visit an insurance company for an insurance policy; they can get insured via Zong against accidental death or disability caused due to accident or act of terror.

No other insurance plan can give such a comprehensive coverage and easy policy approval process. There is no need to make any insurance premium deposits as the daily deduction will be automatically made from the customers’ mobile phone balance.

In case of accidental death or disability, the insurance policy can either be claimed by sending an SMS or by submitting the claim form to Adamjee Insurance which is available at all Zong customer service centers.

How to Subscribe Accidental Insurance Service:

To subscribe to the ZONG Insurance Service and purchase an Insurance Policy SMS “SUB” to 5433.

To complete the process the user will be prompted to confirm CNIC number. After verification the user will be allowed to choose from 3 plans. The user can add beneficiary’s details and receive the policy number after confirmation. The subscription fees will be deducted automatically from the customers’ mobile phone balance daily.

To Un-Subscribe:

SMS “UNSUB” to 5433

To Initiate Claim:

SMS “CLAIM” to 5433

Salman Wasay, Head of Marketing – ZONG says,

“We are offering this service so that our customers don’t have to visit an insurance company for an insurance policy or worry about any documentation. We want them to feel secure without any hassle.”

Fredrik de Beer, CEO of Adamjee Life Assurance further added,

“It is important to protect yourself, your loved ones and other family members, and insurance makes this possible for you. In a way it is a defensive measure taken before calamity strikes.

Having an insurance plan is vitally important in today’s world. That is why we have collaborated with ZONG to make it within reach of the masses. Hence this collaboration would go a long way in achieving this goal as it would allow insurance penetration in the masses at an extremely nominal cost.

Jehanzeb Zafar, Head of Sales & Bancassurance (Adamjee Life) said

“Adamjee is dedicated to explore innovative distribution channels that make insurance affordable & accessible, also create awareness amongst the public at large to make insurance part of an individual’s financial and future planning. Collaboration with ZONG is the first example.

Due to the lengthy processes and various documentation requirements of insurance companies, many people are usually unable to avail the benefits of insurance policies.

Zong says that it believes in providing unproblematic services to all its subscribers and for this reason it has commenced this service. Zong has made the whole process easier than ever before and is offering a comprehensive coverage and easy policy approval process.

Terms and Conditions

  • To purchase the insurance policy the customer should be 18-59 years of age with a valid CNIC.
  • To receive the benefits of the insurance policy the customer should be 18-60 years of age.
  • The beneficiary should also be at least 18 years of age with a valid CNIC.
  • The Zong mobile connection should be in the name & CNIC of the policy purchaser.
  • Validity of the Insurance policy is for 1 year.
  • Insurance premium (deducted on a daily basis) is non-refundable
  • In case of no balance, user will be notified for three days to recharge account so that insurance charges are deducted, after three days, in recharge is made – insurance plan will get expired.

  • Expensive.

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  • Shahzad

    wow, 2+tax …. tax kis baat ka? aik to re-charge per tax do phir Assurance per 19.5% tax ….. wow pehli baar sun raha hoon ke assurance payments per bhee tax hai …. halanke jo amount ap assurance ke liay pay kertay hain woah tax exempt hoti hai aur yahan tax dar tax …. great …. GEO Pakistan

  • Haider

    after a suicide attack or road accident who knows where his mobile is ? and if fortune doesn’t favor you how will claim the policy after death ?

  • Azhar

    Whts mean by “Validity of the Insurance policy is for 1 year”

  • khurram

    what if by the grace of ALLAH PAK nothing happend in validity period, should i claim for the amount or benefit?

    • admin

      No, you can’t….

  • TecomPK

    i think its pretty awesome!

  • Azhar

    Then wht will happen after 1 year..??

    • admin

      Your policy will get expired – and that’s it. You can renew it after each year

  • Rameez Kakakhel

    Nice offer, adds a lot of convenience & no premium to be paid, Rs. 2/day should be no problem for one worried about his health. But it is very expensive, even if compared to other international travel insurances offered by local companies.

  • muskan bhai

    good pakistan

  • Zobia

    Expensive but reliable…

    A Good start…

  • awias shaikh

    i thnk that,s a gud plane bcoz v xpence evrydy very much money 2 chating,talking 100 can’t i pay 2+tax evrydy.

  • WTF policy – just another trick to make fool out of us…! This is gonna expire after one year? What the f**k you guys are gonna do with our daily Rs 2 + tax money? That is so LAME

  • Zobia

    @ Umer, There is no need say f**k or something else. Behave like good boys Bhai

  • Zobia

    I think you already launched something http://www.team.pk/?feed=rss2

  • maqbool hayat

    sub keh do zong

  • fahd

    If nothing happens then no claim is paid. The money goes to the insurance company…so if you read behind the acturial jargon they have made free money by telling someone that he may face with an accident!!!

    I think the SMS service is useless. Besides if you get to die in a road accident chances are that your phone will either be picked up by passerbys or smashed itself. Wwhat good would the insurance policy be to that individual then!!