Google Doodle: Strum a Few Notes Today!

To make websites more interesting, make them interactive, there is no further pleasure than having some control over the content in some manner, be it playing around with a logo.

Google’s tradition of incorporating variants of form for their logo has evolved in recent times, with the company bringing human interaction components to give the web populace some fun, even at the workplace while researching that precious information.

How can one forget the PACMAN game that Google let us all enjoy? One of the least productive days at the workplace on the planet, huh?

Today’s doodle (09 June 2011) commemorates Les Paul, an American jazz and country guitarist, with the company’s multicolor logo becoming a Gibson guitar. Les Paul was synonymous with this line of guitars and it is considered to be among the best variants of the instrument till date.


Just move your mouse pointer over the strings and re-create your favorite tune. Or better yet; get together your buddies or work fellows to form the first ‘Google Doodle’ rock band.

All in all, good work Googlies!


  • Creativity at its best …. Google is simply amazing. :-)

  • ameerhamza

    Nice GOOGLE>>>!!!

  • I like this sound in google but why google dont give importance to islamic events

    • Hamayun Khan

      Y should they?
      even a bit………

      • Y should they not?
        They do so for christian and other religion (easter, christmas etc) and i can’t see any reason to not acknowledge muslim events such as Eid, Hajj (largest human gathering) etc in at least islamic countries. 1.5+ billions muslim mean they SHOULD consider it if they are considering other religion.

        but again, a company founded by two Jews, we can all guess the reasons.

        • I 100% agree with your thoughts regionally celebrates festivals of various several countries and religons unfortunately there is no kind of initiative started by them. very sad to know it

        • Shahid Saleem

          — but again, a company founded by two Jews, we can all guess the reasons.

          Stupid conspiracy theory. They dont even give any doodles for Jewish events.

    • Kashif

      wait… google halal hai islam mai?

      • If you are curious, YES unless you use it to search stuff that is haram.
        If you tried to make fun, it wasn’t something funny

      • Zomail

        Seriously, a failed attempt of Mockery. Get a life!!

  • Usman

    Update: Now you can Record the melody you just made yourself.

  • Mansoor

    Google does change its doodles for some of the mulism countries on their national days as well as some cultural events/personalities.

    Anyway some one might have some objection about google doodles on islamic events since drawing pictures are haram in islam right?

    As for those who think its a jewish company I hope they are not using it or any other infidel technologies.

  • Hmm google always best i like google