PTCL Should Offer Auto Billing Through Credit Cards

PTCL-logoIn today’s telecom era, PTCL remains the only paper based billing company that asks customers to deposit their bills through banks, though there are other ways of paying the PTCL bills as well, such as Ufone Kiosks and so on.

With cellular companies offering recharge services, auto billing (through credit cards) and other simpler and easy balance share methods, it’s time for PTCL to come up with innovative billing solutions.

An ideal situation would be if PTCL offers a way for customers that their monthly bills are deducted automatically from their credit cards / debit cards. Customers should have a way of changing/updating their CC information and other related operations at PTCL’s website or through their landline phones.

But during the while, PTCL will have to make sure that the system is very solid built with high security barriers.

This will not only help PTCL grow it’s recovery rate but will facilitate its customers too with hassle free communication/broadband services.

This proposal is valid for other utility companies too

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  • I have been paying PTCL Bills through AKBL online banking for last so many years. Now a days virtually all banks including SCBL and MBL offer the same service via their internet banking.

  • if u have alfalah credit card simply call
    0800-22225 and ask them for auto payment of any bill including bill and ur bill be paid automatically each month.

    or u can use mcb virtual banking for autopayment of any bill.

  • Let me increase propakistani knowledge that PCRM machines already introduced by PTCL in major cities, which accepts Cash and credits cards.
    In pakistan least people use credits card over web,due to multiple reasons,All allocated banks allow to pay PTCL bill online.
    How many people use their telecos bill online? not even 1% in pakistan.PTCL launching HUGE single signin customer care portal in collaboration with IBM, end of this month.

    • PTCL tried that “HUGE” single signing customer portal in past as well, which never worked, even after successful sign in and 1st time login, it didn’t work. PTCL did a 2nd effort and failed again..I think this time they gave up and asked IBM to help which you are calling “collaboration.

      I am sure PTCL must not be having adequate knowledge of their customers, let alone knowing how many use credit cards and pay online. I got legal notice twice after I had paid all bills and even got a certificate from Revenue Officer afrer I applied for disconnection, there were never a single bill due, I was surprised that after my protest with SRO over first notice, I got a 2nd notice after 6 months.
      A few machines in 170 million population doesn’t mean PTCL has acheived a milestone but it simply shows they are slow and will take another decade to reach rest of the country.

  • NO SCB DNT OFFER PTCL BILL PAYMENT VIA ONLINE BANKING PLEASE GIVE THEM FEEDBACK TO ADD IT AT 080066666 am paying 300rupes per year for Crap UBL NETBANKING JUST 4 PTCL BILLS… Ubl day by Day Apni netbanking ka kabara kar raha hay..

  • Its stupidity to start developing everything in house, i hope you have an idea or experience of large organizations…!!!or didnt get a chance to work?
    BTW changing nick as mine is good move LOLZ

  • Various banks are offering automatic payment facilities through their credit cards for all PTCL, SSGC/SNGPL and electricity companies and through their ATMs. But payments through ATMs (most ATMs are now debit cards) are not made automatically, I hope they will start soon.

  • Can i pay my PTCL bill via standard chartered bank debit card, please help me anyone about it, thanks.

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