Google.Com is Expiring Soon!

Just to update our readers with an interesting find here, is going to get expired pretty soon – yes, on September 14th this year.

Sure there is plenty of time left for Google to renew the domain name – but you might agree with me here that domain names of major brands are renewed for decades and not for year(s).

Moreover, snatching a domain from Google can be a wild dream for any web surfer, especially when they have plenty of trademarks and patents associated with the brand. But again, what Google is waiting for to renew it’s domain name?

check below:

Following is the list of popular domains with their respective expiry dates and once again Google takes a lead here, indeed.

  • – 14-09-2011
  • – 19-01-2012
  • – 23-02-2013
  • – 08-12-2013
  • – 12-08-2014
  • – 13-01-2015
  • – 03-05-2015
  • – 04-06-2015
  • – 03-03-2020

  • He he he..
    Google agar expire ya hack hogai.
    Tu net ki duniya tU khatam hojayagi.
    He he he propakistani b adsense ki waja sa chal rai ha & i know its not posSible k google domain expire hojaya.
    Google world ki 1st top ranked site ha.
    Renew krna ma 1 minute lagta ha.

    • Internet work is not just relaying on google, but no doubt google has major share in search engine world.
      anyways, point is is not going anywhere, let suppose, if they forget to renew domain, even then no one can register this domain..

      Status: serverDeleteProhibited
      Status: serverTransferProhibited
      Status: serverUpdateProhibited

      check the detail of those status codes at

      Registry will refuse any kind of delete, transfer or update request for this domain on server level for

      • and if you forget to renew or you are busy with some stuff company will give you minimum 45 days of grace renewal period meanwhile your domain will be pointed to their dns….

  • hehe pretty cool, i think google internet ka second name hai iss ko chalty rehna chahiye

  • LOL! as if Google will not renew their domain and leave it for admins to buy? :D

  • leave google… See Facebook expiry :D
    Google is leading web in world… I wish there should be a big big competitor. yahoo, bing are not much giving tough time to google. Its may be due to Google quality. Google has really a innovative team..

  • their are many sites which can be relied upon after google and waisey bhi google search is getting useless day by day

  • lol :P
    It does’nt make any sence..
    If its domain expiration date…before the expiry they…updates their site :)

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