Ufone Offers Roaming in UAE at Rs. 12 per min

Ufone gives international roaming for those who are out of their country.

Now you can receive calls from Pakistan while you are in UAE at somewhat affordable rates.

The offer has already been activated on all prepaid connections.


  • Roaming charges are Rs. 12 PKR or 0.52 AED

Terms & Conditions:

  • AED price equivalent to Rs. 12 is calculated based on IMF published rates dated 21st June 2011. AED price may fluctuate according to currency exchange rate.
  • This promotional price of Rs. 12 per minute on incoming call is available only with Etisalat network in UAE.
  • Standard published rates will apply for all other roaming services
  • Company has the right to revoke the offer without any prior notice

  • Ahmed

    Still I won’t receive a call in UAE from Paksitan ;) When caller can call my UAE number at same price and I can receive free.

  • De Sipra

    If Ufone wants to get good business in UAE n other Gulf countries then the I.Roaming charges should be lower to Rupees 5.00 because in few promo offers DU an UAE mobile company is offering to call Pakistan near about PkR:9.25

  • Bilal Sarwari

    this offer is only with Etisalat network :(

  • Uzi

    Ufone…u shouldve made it better…and what if aed rates fluctuate too much??

  • sarwat

    These arent the first companies who started it, they are just following the band wagon. Deal with it !

  • Better take Warid prepaid with you on international roaming, for free SMS receiving anywhere :D

  • Arbab Shah

    i receive a call from Pakistan in UAE on my Ufone Number. 03336606663 but its charge me mor then 20Pkr/minutes and i need to know how to set in to 12pkr, Or i need to select Du OR Etisalat Netwark please send me information


  • khawar abbas

    i ma need roaming package

  • khawar abbas

    i recive acall from pakistan in in uae on my ufone number 03347187885 but its charge me mor then 20kr/ minutes and i need to know how to set in.