Social Media Followers for Celcos

By Khizra Zaheer (from Karachi)

Streaming of social media was started for connecting people and businesses with their customers, all over the world. Things took up pace in Pakistan too and our cellular companies couldn’t hide from its bewitchment effect.

Initially, back in the day, telecom sector used print, TVCs and billboards to advertise their products, but in this globalization epoch all cellular companies are penetrating in market by usage of social media, in addition to conventional communication channels. Social media tools include: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Have a look at stats of fans at Facebook pages for all cellular companies:


Let’s come to the further segmentation of cellular companies and their facebook fan page crowd:


It’s obvious that Ufone has surpassed all other operators – and the apparent reason is that they are operating with one page for all sub-brands, unlike Telenor and Mobilink, who have pages for various segments.

After an overwhelming response on Ufone fan page, Djuice page is pretty populous among youth for presenting distinctive activities, such as competitions, prizes and so on.

Zong also has crowd of sizable fans on different channels.

Message for Warid: It’s time to rethink and take an upturn by launching official fan pages at different channels, and arranging online activities through irrepressible contests and advertisements; for generating rapid traffic on it.

Now take a quick view at twitter fans:


Here comes the YouTube subscribers stat:


As per stats, Ufone shines over YouTube, mainly due to its advertisements

  • Telenor is also best in this business. Telenor has Five website Telenor, Talkshawk, Djuice, Telenor Persona and Easy Paisa.

    Pakistan most Reliable company

    Telenor Rocks

  • informative survey carried….
    and warid should do more for its subscribers nationwide and its awaiting fans

    • This is a weird story. We all know there is a segment of the local population who does not like Facebook.

      So, I have to wonder what the figures are representing? What kind of people use Facebook and what kind of people add their companies fan page pages? I did not add Mobilink fan page until very recently even though I used Facebook from 2007 or so and heavily since 2008.

      • Everyone have their own choices and they ad the cellular company which they like or their advertisements and so on.


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