Qubee Bags 55,000 Subscribers: Mubashir Naqvi

Mubashir Naqvi, CEO QubeeQubee has become the fastest growing broadband network of Pakistan with focus on excellence, customer care with global standards in service quality since the start of commercial operations from June 2010.

This was stated by Mubashir Naqvi, C.E.O. of Qubee, in an exclusive interview with ProPakistani.

“With an aim of providing uninterrupted broadband service to everyone, everyday without exception and in our first year, we have managed to acquire more than 55,000 subscribers”, revealed Mr. Naqvi.

Since inception, it has been my belief to stay committed and ensure best-in-class broadband services to the customers in pursuance of the company vision, “Broadband for All”.

The Qubee team has always kept a customer centric focus in all of its actions, maintaining a service quality standard which is at par with our international guidelines, said Mr. Naqvi.

Qubee with a cost-effective business model, standardized customer care & smart marketing has helped us gain a significant success in a very competitive broadband market of Pakistan, Mubashir said while explaining the success of Qubee in Pakistan.

The secret behind our achievement is the ambition to facilitate our customers at any cost. We have facilitated our customers with multiple package options to get affordable broadband along with immense opportunities to get extra services at no additional cost, which is supplemented by a good number of Customer Care Stores that serve customers and help them connect to a world of endless possibilities.

The core strategy is to keep operational expenditures (OPEX) tightly controlled as compared to other market players that contributes to success in a manner by which we earn better and spend less. The investment capital expenditures’ (CAPEX) is significantly heavy, which has allowed us to introduce the advanced technology of 4T4R on WiMAX with latest Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE).

We also try to keep our revenues not only growing but also safe with a low bad-debt ratio through smart planning, budgeting and overall business strategy, explained Mr. Naqvi.

In addition to that we have also kept the coverage challenge at bay economically by sharing BTS locations with different cellular operators without compromising on the quality of the service. Qubee has a total of 416 sites installed in four cities combined – Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Last but surely not the least is our personalized sales & marketing model through which we have developed a modified personal sales & distribution channel that currently has 71 sales points across the four metros, CEO Qubee said.

We have managed to retain our customer base with service quality by offering different packages, promotions & different benefits periodically for our subscribers. As a matter of fact, Qubee has the lowest churn per month as against 90-day churn policy followed in the industry.

Our subscriber base has crossed the benchmark of 60,000 as per PTA definition to subscriber reporting. However, we consider our customers base at 55,000, this is because our internal customer base policy is very stringent, due to which the company posted positive revenues & EBTIDA at the end of the first year of commercial operations in comparison to other WiMAX operators who are facing difficult financial challenges despite showing high subscription growth.

Furthermore, exceptional service quality and a personalized marketing and selling model have helped us generate great word-of-mouth. In line with our broad range pricing strategy, we target a relatively wide cross-section of the broadband consumer base of Pakistan.

Currently, our customers can avail a full-month of free internet services by paying three months line rent in advance. They can also enjoy additional 2 GB extra every month by paying their bills on time, and that’s not all. They can also refer their friends and enjoy 20% discounts on Qubee monthly bills. All of these offers have gained us very healthy response from customers.

To provide consumers with greater access to broadband, we introduced the 1st true prepaid broadband service in Pakistan. It is a very affordable with pay as you go facility that provides endless access to the world of Internet and technology.

Qubee customers are loyal, because as an operator, we provide uninterrupted broadband services with different packages and payment solutions for all segments, Mubashir concluded.

  • Self praise is no praise. Witribe has 100,000 customers as of June 30, 2011. The grew from below 20,000 customers last year. It is obvious who has better growth rate.

    By the way, can somebody comment.. rumors around that Qubee is up for sale? Is this the real reason why drums are beating about this company and its par excellence management?

    • You mean growth in absolute numbers not rates. Qubee is the clear leader in terms of the rate of new subscribers added altho witribe could be in absolute numbers.
      The figure of 100K quoted needs to be verified.

    • This is certainly possible. Our Finance Minister Mr. Hafeez Sheikh owns a stake in Qubee through his Dubai-bases investment firm Silk Ventures and like most VCs, is probably looking for exit. Qubee operates on spectrum leased from Telecard/Arfeens who are notorious to steal other people’s success – case in point is Instaphone which they acquired from Milicom for $1.

      It was also interesting to see Telecard’s name omitted from APC/LDI defaulter list, but my sources tell me that Mr. Hafeez Sheikh has asked PTA not to pursue Telecard, who is a defaulter by over Rs. 1 billion to the government.

      But, I suppose we will get to hear about Telecard and Mr. sheikh following a new government set-up and another corruption inquiry – but Mr. sheikh will already be back in Dubai at the time.

      Sorry state of affairs continues!

  • i am using qubee unlimited package in pindi and its constantly giving me above 100k download rate, my friends are using witribe in same area qubee services are much better than witribe

  • Wi tribe rocks using it since the day of luanch excelent customer support I have ever get the only problem is there bill payment which I think now being resolved trough easypaisa. I prefer to pay my six month bill at time becouse of the trust that wi tribe has developed with me. It never takes more then 30 minutes to resolve any prob if I ever had any. mostly prb free

  • Please can the Witribe and Qubee employees stop duking it out on this public forum?

    your jobs are only safe if your respective co. can rollout LTE.

  • i am using wi tribe unlimited package in khi and its constantly giving me above 100k download rate, my friends are using Qb in same area n having so mny problms,,, no customer support….
    witribe iz much better than qb

  • I am a user of both QB, Witribe, and Evo. I believe they all are good at certain places. If we talk about Evo, there is no dought that they have the best coverage but there throughput/speed has decreased drastically in past couple of months.
    Witribe and QB are good when you are close to the tower but the coverage is limited. At the moment we are getting consistent thorughput, I hope they would maintain it.

  • yar koi qubee ki service ka batoa karachi mai near johar chowrangi,bcz m using witribe with gud experience but now the load of subscriber increased thats why speed not come properly i talked wit technical dept person in detail he said we r installing new setup on johar chowangi it will take 1-2 months u can freeze the account n switch to another company 4 some time.

    plz koi batao darulsehat hospital ki taraf kis ki service zada achii hai except witribe.

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