GLOW Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary

Warid’s Glow,  is turning two today. Glow – which is a youth oriented brand was introduced back in July 2009.

Within these 2 years, Glow attracted customers with Glow Gang feature, discounted on-net and off-net call rates and then there were attractive SMS bundles as well.

Oh and there was a version upgrade too, when Warid revised it’s Glow packages and brought this change as Glow 2.0 or Glow version 2.

During the said period Warid claims to have attracted some 5 million users to its Glow package, which is a good number, considering the tough competition and number of choices available for youth.

Amina Mujtaba, Brand and Segment Manager Glow, Corporate and Postpaid, said:

“Powered by the best quality network in the country, GLOW, with over 5 million customers, has now become synonymous with energy, creativity, vibrancy and the youth of Pakistan”

“Through extensive marketing research, we identified the need to launch a brand specifically targeted towards the youth. A brand that would be hip, trendy, free-spirited, colorful and full of life – something the youth of the country would be able to relate to. Over a span of just 2 years, GLOW has launched ground- breaking campaigns, revolutionizing the way youth marketing is done in Pakistan. From creative advertising to developing tailor- made packages, products and services, GLOW has something to offer to every sub-segment of the youth market.” She further added.

  • Great, the much I know glow. Its the only youth brand that is matchless. Glow rocks..

  • So the major share is taking up by GLOW i think this is eqvilent to djuice which is 5 years old now

  • Waqas really ? If its true. My god Djuice with Five Years and then the Glow with just two years and with >5M base. Interesting it is really.

    Great Show Glow

  • Yes Glow is much much stornger brand than all other youth trageted brands.
    Quality network behind GLOW
    Best Marketing (but less in quantity)
    One of the best Packages

    Also GLOW success is because, ZEM is big failure for WARID (over all). GLOW is the brand on which WARID is earning the revenue after POSTPAID of WARID.
    But TELENOR have Talkshawk leading the race b/w Djuice

    Overall if this goes on i can foresee that GLOW will lead the market. As Warid is coming again with bigbang.

  • I am a Kinnaiard Student and i think in here almost 98% of students use GLOW, its the Best.

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Glowwwwwwing
    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Smiling :)

    Happy Birthday GLOW

    • yes this is possible
      More than 25% reveneue of warid comes from LHR only.
      It is ture that Warid = Lahories
      Beacause about two years ago Warid stopped SIMS selling in LHR because they don’t want to degrade their network in LHR.
      But in LHR now a days all networks giving problems because of jammer installed by security angencies effected areas (Barkat Market, KOT Lakhpat, Mall Road etc).

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