Warid Brings Back Bol Anmol Instant Bonus Offer

Warid once again comes up with Bol Anmol Reward Program which was introduced earlier. In addition to the bonus daily usage, Warid is now offering bonus to new customers who port in to Warid network or using their SIM after a long time.

Now Warid customers will receive an immediate daily bonus by making On-net calls. However, the bonus received can be used, not just for On-Net calls but also for SMS to any network (On-net & Off-net).

Offer is pre-activated, so you do not need to subscribe to anything.

Also those customers who have not used their Warid SIM since May 2011 will receive free minutes / SMS worth 10% of their recharge amount on activating their SIM. They will also become eligible for the Bol Anmol Reward Program.

With the help of Warid Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, non-Warid customers may also switch to Warid network and can receive instant bonus with Bol Anmol Reward Program.

For more details about bonus, visit: Get Bonus from Warid on Daily Usage