Celcos Added 9.7 Million Subscribers in 2010-11

Pakistani cellular mobile operators added a total of 9.7 million subscribers in fiscal year 2010-11 to take the overall subscriber base to 108.9 millions as compared with previous year’s standing at 99.185 million, said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in it’s latest report.

The tele-density of the cellular sector has seen growth of 5 percent in the outgoing financial year 2010-11 to reach 65.4 percent.

Year 2010-11 remained stiff for cellular operators, mainly due to intense competition and tough regulatory measures. Churn and SIM data correction remained another hurdle for cellular operators in adding new customers.

Zong remained the star performer of the year with the addition of 4.22 million subscribers during the reported period. Its subscribers’ base reached 10.9 million by June 2011.

Zong was followed by Telenor, which added 2.86 million new subscription to stand at 26.6 million base.

Mobilink is the market leader with all time high level of subscribers’ base, reaching 33.3 million by June 2011. Ufone and Warid recorded 0.976 million and 0.456 million to their base 20.5 million and 17.3 million respectively.

Check below graphs for more details:









  • admin

    Do you feel about telenor the same as I do, if it’s indeed possible to add real subscribers this equally and consistently.

    • ali

      I doubt that telenor is showing actual subscriber base.
      Also i can not fine this information at PTA site

    • Danish

      One thing you’d like to know that from quite some time, telenor is mostly focusing on areas where no other cellular company has its reception, thus ensuring its growth, and it paid them off very well. There are many far flung areas in AJK and FATA where only Telenor or Ufone are available.

      However as far as these graphs are concerned, the different scale in each graph slightly misportrays the real picture as

      For Mobilink 500,000
      Telenor 500,000
      Ufone 100,000
      Warid 200,000
      Zong 2,000,000


      P.S: Feels as if Warid is done with their business in Pakistan, any comments…

    • Ansari

      It’s anything but consistent. You need to adjust the measurement scales to show the real picture. If you take out the difference betweek additions of each month, this is how it looks and you can clearly see the ups and downs in addition.

      Shady web journalism?? :)


  • Khan

    Lolz. Was thinking the same. Telenor’s graph seems more like a forecasted trend instead of actual.

    • Caveman

      It’s called planning !!!

  • Well Done Telenor. Telenor Rocks.

    We Love U Telenor

    • tel

      i wish every company beat telenor.

      • Caveman

        Did they reject you for that job again :-(

        • tel

          caveman aap telenor k owner ho kia jo itna afsoos ho raha hai?

          • In your face

            Thats why they won’t hire you ! Low IQ

            Submit your application in English next time instead of getting the village scribe to write it for you


    Warid must need to change its tariff plans on urgent basis to save entity as Warid Call rates on other networks still so high as compared to other operators.


    BUT None other is providing the Best Quality network service as warid. Outstanding Network Quality.

  • Saeed

    I don’t who is purchasing Telenor/Ufone sims? Very poor services.

  • Junaid Tanoli

    In return, cellular companies need to maintain a Good Quality services like in Europe and Americas atleast provide 3g services to its customers.I have a lot of complaints.Not a single company is upto the mark.

    • Caveman

      At a $2 dollar arpu what do really want ! Rolls royce at suskui prices. Cough up more money and you earn the right to complain.

  • ali

    But Warid have almost same revenue that Telenor have
    So which means warid have better ARPU than Telenor

  • zain

    zong best hai. sab se kam call rates. aur zong to zong unlimited freee calls aur sms sirf Rs.7 mein.

    • Irtza Shahan

      u sure local based calling also offers free sms along wid free cals ?

  • tel

    bas kuch bhi ho,telenor kisi tarah neechay ajai sab se.aur baki companies opper ajai.

  • faisal

    Tel bhai ,

    lagta hai shaid app kay sath Telenor nay ” BOHAT BARI ZYADTHI ” kardi hai ,

    Allah khair karay kuch aisa to nahi kay aap apna muuh bhi nahi dikha saktay ?

  • Insider

    I hear Warid is looking for a new CEO and Irfan Wahab from Telenor is in the running.

    • ali

      i don’t think soo, Warid is the only company which lost subscriber base and one thing is amazing is it has almost equal revenue to Telenor. So Telenor ARPU is far behind it. Warid is not now on right track as this year Warid is first one to launch Ramadan packages. (few years back i remember they launched Ramadan package after 15th Ramadan)
      Also Warid have biggest PostPaid subscriber base, wait Warid will be launching New PostPaid package with in this month.

      • In your face

        Yeah they look like they are doing really well. If you work for Wrid and let out company secrets like a new tarriff plan in the next month I would fire your.

        People like you destroyed Warid, when Irfan takes over make sure he knows your name so he can give you your just rewards

        [Comment Edited]

  • Zong will take the major market share one day.

    • In your face

      Tell me which day so I can send flowers !

      One Day !!!!! :-D

  • errrr

    yea i also hate telenor,bas kisi tarah telenor neechay ajai baaki companies opper ajain.

    • esc

      yes i also hate telenor because i doubt telenor is freemasons company because i saw signs of freemasons in djuice ad.and also brtish government gave secret funds to easypaisa,why?for some secret dirty work?yea.per kuch ho na ho daal main zaroor kuch kala hai.

      • Up in smoke

        I saw a UFO yesterday, were you smoking the same stuff as me :-)

  • Irtza Shahan

    East or the west Zon is the best . Best in Quality and best in costs . However telenor is also providing good nd satifactory services to its customers rest(ufone, warid nd mobilink) are looters nd useless dunno y ppl are still buying there connections !

  • Hot off the press

    Heard telenor employees are talking about going on strike, it would appear that the recent firings have gone too far with the CMO involved in inappropriate hirings and public ally humiliating some of the senior members of the organisation who have been working for him in his previous job.

    Looks like telenor is collapsing under it’s success.