Celcos Added 9.7 Million Subscribers in 2010-11

Pakistani cellular mobile operators added a total of 9.7 million subscribers in fiscal year 2010-11 to take the overall subscriber base to 108.9 millions as compared with previous year’s standing at 99.185 million, said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in it’s latest report.

The tele-density of the cellular sector has seen growth of 5 percent in the outgoing financial year 2010-11 to reach 65.4 percent.

Year 2010-11 remained stiff for cellular operators, mainly due to intense competition and tough regulatory measures. Churn and SIM data correction remained another hurdle for cellular operators in adding new customers.

Zong remained the star performer of the year with the addition of 4.22 million subscribers during the reported period. Its subscribers’ base reached 10.9 million by June 2011.

Zong was followed by Telenor, which added 2.86 million new subscription to stand at 26.6 million base.

Mobilink is the market leader with all time high level of subscribers’ base, reaching 33.3 million by June 2011. Ufone and Warid recorded 0.976 million and 0.456 million to their base 20.5 million and 17.3 million respectively.

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