Broadband Subscribers Hit 1.40 Million Mark

Broadband subscribers in Pakistan reached 1.40 million mark – compared to 900,000 subscribers, 11 months ago – adding half a million broadband users in last fiscal year, reported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in it’s latest stats.

DSL subscribers rose to 654,707 compared with 476,722 subscribers in June 2010, while the number of WiMAX internet users increased to 397,155 from 257,616 subscribers a year ago.

EVDO subscribers showed highest growth in the outgoing year by taking the subscriber base from 111,194 subscribers a year ago to 294,161 subscribers in May 2011.

Trends show that DSL and EVDO subscribers are growing evenly with WiMAX operators catching them up swiftly.

In the outgoing year, EVDO subscribers’ share in broadband market grew from 12 percent to 21 percent, while DSL’s share went down to 47 % from 53 % during the reported period.

Universal Service Fund played a major role in this year’s broadband growth. USF claims that broadband operators this year added 250,000 customers with the help of USF funding. PTCL remains the largest beneficiary by having 50 percent of broadband projects launched by USF.

Check below for a graphical glimpse of broadband industry:








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