Broadband Subscribers Hit 1.40 Million Mark

Broadband subscribers in Pakistan reached 1.40 million mark – compared to 900,000 subscribers, 11 months ago – adding half a million broadband users in last fiscal year, reported Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in it’s latest stats.

DSL subscribers rose to 654,707 compared with 476,722 subscribers in June 2010, while the number of WiMAX internet users increased to 397,155 from 257,616 subscribers a year ago.

EVDO subscribers showed highest growth in the outgoing year by taking the subscriber base from 111,194 subscribers a year ago to 294,161 subscribers in May 2011.

Trends show that DSL and EVDO subscribers are growing evenly with WiMAX operators catching them up swiftly.

In the outgoing year, EVDO subscribers’ share in broadband market grew from 12 percent to 21 percent, while DSL’s share went down to 47 % from 53 % during the reported period.

Universal Service Fund played a major role in this year’s broadband growth. USF claims that broadband operators this year added 250,000 customers with the help of USF funding. PTCL remains the largest beneficiary by having 50 percent of broadband projects launched by USF.

Check below for a graphical glimpse of broadband industry:








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  • I think in an year to come or two, the wimax operators are going to snatch a handsome share of DSL and EVDO, as they are targeting the price. So far our non-corporate (or even some businesses) are still in favor of the lowest prices not the quality, so DSL and EVDO will have to come up with comparative pricing if they want their growth continue in the same way as this year.

    • hahaha…Wimax is provided by 4 active players and yet the numbers are not impressive. Wateen has a habit of exaggerating its subscriber base and the legacy of TM continues.

      DSL is growing at a much faster pace than PTCL + Worldcall.

      PTCL’s DSL offers the best value for money and the total DSL subs are over 700k as of June 30, 2011.

  • Wimax is mostly used by youngsters. It is good for surfing, but not for downloading. You can get proper speed by DSL, but wimax depends on the signals which often make problem. The same problem is with EVDO, but PTCL is trying to improve the service.

    • The hunger for download can only be satisfied by optic fiber or DSL. Optic fibre is expensive and beyond reach.

      PTCL’s DSL is gowing impressively but the perception remains poor. I have a dsl connection and it works really well but i do know of ppl whose left PTCL because of quality issues…the answer is that PTA should force PTCL to invest more in dsl and improve quality as alternatives other than FTTx dont come cloase to what dsl offers

  • There is still space available for growing business in DSL,Wi-Max,Wireless broadband because there are a huge amount of user is not able to access of Internet.Internet accessibility is just for 1.4 Million people and rest market is open for DSL,Wireless broadband companies.This is start of internet Era in Pakistan.

  • Proves that Wireless – EVO, WIMAX or the new LTE- is the wave of the future. Fixed line such as DSL and even Fiber is DEAD!

    • DSL and Fiber are the only real solutions. EVDO with 5 Mhz bandwidth and Wimax in 3.5 Ghz can not even think about competing with DSL and fiber.

      Financiers have to understand the country specific business dynamics better before siding with wireless boradband in Pakistan

  • The number of broadband connections provided under USF projects is now 300,000 (Aug 2011). 250,000 Broadband connections quoted here are probably based on information provided on USF in World Telecoms Day Supplement/Publications

  • The number of broadband connections provided under USF projects is now 300,000 (Aug 2011). 250,000 Broadband connections quoted here are probably based on information provided on USF in World Telecoms Day Supplement/Publications(17th May 2011)

  • Perhaps the mark of 14 million broadband subscribers had also been crossed as the stats indicate 13.96 million users upto May, 2011 (three months ago!!)

  • bytheway
    Wht do we have in regarding broadband services in pakistan
    like witribe,wateen,qubee,ptcl,worldcall, & etc is giving wht services? SO CONFUSED their are lots of companies throwing away their qualities at cheap rates & so on, so i would like to know which one is providing what service?
    what brand, company providing DSL services, WI-max services, EVDO & HFC??

    rigght now im using cableNet by DREAMNET services & im paying 600/rs for a 512MB speed with 60KB/s downloading speed with a hell sharing portal service which is gr8

    • Every subscriber has ihis own unique requirements…in Sulaiman’s case 52 is what satisfies him.

      Some want 256 kbps and then many need 2 Mbps and then there are those who need more than 4 Mbps.

      The beuaty of competition is that everyone makes its own strategy to grab the market shere. some do it mass scale like PTCL and some go for niche markets like wimax operators and FTTx operatos.

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