Illegal Gateway Exchange Ceased in Multan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) alongwith Federal Investigation agency (FIA) has conducted a successful raid in Multan and seized three operational VoIP Gateways.

According to details PTA and FIA teams through combined efforts not only traced the exact location but also carried out raid in areas of Altaf  Town, Tariq Road, Multan. One person running the setup was also apprehended during the raid.

This successful raid, which was made possible because of continuous monitoring, by PTA, shows the effort it is putting in curbing the menace of grey traffic.

The confiscated illegal setup consists of gateways, Tellulars, Switches, Routers and number of SIMs of different operators. Moreover, the campaign against illegal telephony resulted in blocking of more than 60,000 Mobile SIMs alongiwth IMEIs.

It may be added that PTA with the state of the art monitoring facility is observing the international traffic coming in to the country, round the clock. The aim of monitoring is to identify the illegal gateway exchanges and track the elements operating them.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen appreciated the joint efforts of PTA and FIA teams and also warned all those involved in the illegal telecom business to stop their activities, otherwise PTA shall take strict action against them as per the law.

  • grey exchange ko patarna bohat mushkil hay yah sirf mukbari pay hi pakar saktay hain in logon k pass itni technologoy nahin k yah grey exchange pakray ya exect location pata kar sakain hago pta hago fia.

    • Read the article again. “Joint efforts of PTA & FIA teams”. I do not need to remind you who headed FIA (& still wields control on it).

  • Hats off to PTA. But they should come down hard on likes of PTCL and other telecomm companies to make sure the QoS standards are same as practiced worldwide.

  • The other side of the picture is:
    PTA increased call termination rates so high to benefit PTCL and LDI operators and rip money out of pockets of overseas Pakistanis calling home.

    Overseas Pakistanis due to this fact are compelled to use VoIP operators abroad for cheap calls, these operators mostly use grey routes (not just this one) so GoP isn’t paid for termination charges, money of overseas Pakistanis goes to VoIP operators abroad while a local VoIP which was providing services to overseas Pakistanis was compelled by PTA to shutdown.

    So no benefit for local even after increasing termination rates and by shutting down local operator, and money of overseas Pakistanis going in pockets of others.

    On the other hand PTA system still can’t track VoIP traffic and rely on your GSM SIM card huge bills and if reported local CLI numbers. Millions were invested in this so called tracking system, who can question them ? As options like Skype gateways, non-standard VoIP protocols and even Instant Messengers can act as gateway.

    But PTA will not answer these questions due to no awareness of public on this.

  • Hi Brothers!!!

    I have been hearing the news “Illigal Gateway Exchange caught” for couple of years, searched even the internet but could not get the Real Meaning :))

    Anyone to explain what does it Really Mean??


  • “Illigal Gateway Exchange caught” means they bypass licenced operator for international inbound calls thru Internet (VOice over Internet Protocol) Using SIMs THeir is equipment which convert voice signals into Internet packets. They use same technology as Licenced Telecom Operators just they dont have licence to operate the network. Its a very cheap way to make a calls for Pakistan oversea’s. Just imagine your family or friend calling from abroad and you see local Mobile number on your screen. This is call VOIP Termination.

    For More details

    Mobilink to Mobilink per min is 1 PKR plus the internet charges. This is the total cost to terminate each minute on top they add their margin and sell it to Calling Card companies in UK and US.

    If you need more details contact my email

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