Google Turns Green to Celebrate August 14th


Google Pakistan is celebrating Pakistan’s independence day by featuring a Green Doodle with “L” being replaced with Minar-e-Pakistan and a moon along with stars.

This is the first time ever that Google has featured a doodle for any Pakistani event, and what better it could be than the independence day.

Pakistanis celebrate Independence Day on August 14th, with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place throughout the country.

Pakistani internet users had reservations regarding the Google Doodles, as no Pakistani or Islamic event was featured so far on Google’s home page. But Google users from the region will defiantly be delighted with Google’s Green Doodle for their Independence Day.

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  • Its not coming up on .com version. Google should put this doodle on .com version as well just like others.

    • Only on and not on
      But I think we never saw American Flag on as well.

  • It’s silly to say that this doodle isnt on worldwide google. How it can be? 14th August isnt a worldwide event. Google doesnt celebrate 200+ countries’ independence days. This happens only on local domains. Poor Pakistanis! Ever complaining.

  • Something is better than nothing’ : is better than no one celebrate : Little moment make an hour little thought a book : pls.,, dont dotard respect what you gain from a world library : not from a worrier.

  • Yeah, I saw this… But you people are mistaken, Google is not showing this to the whole world. If you check it is only on not on

    • Pakistan 14 AUG ko wajod men agaya tha . when the message was broadcast the date was 15 AUG , but it dosent mean , that Pakistan should suppose to be independent on the same time when message was broadcast . some common sense required here!!

  • Actually, its True that Pakistan real independence day is 15th August, but just to make it differ from India its celebrated at 14th August (there’s some factual reasons behind 14th August as well)

  • We all must be thankful to google, as they are the only one in world, who give respect to us. Please be positive and think …. How we can make it globle, its our responsibilaty, we need to work together.

    “together we can make it happen”

    I Love you Pakistan.

    | ! (* ;
    Abi tk chimti han zanjeren gulami ki
    Din aa jata ha azadi ka azadi nahi ati


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