PTCL Launches EVO Tablet


PTCL has introduced this above pictured 7 inch tablet device as August 14th Dhamaka to celebrate the Independence Day. PTCL’s 3G Evo Tab boasts built-in EVO service to offer wireless broadband internet on the go.

After the launch of Ufone Futura (which offered GSM voice and EVO Broadband), one such high-end device was very much expected. And here we have a mid-range touch screen, Android Froyo powered device at a price tag of Rs. 27,999 (three months of free unlimited internet included).

With EVO coverage in more than 100 cities, PTCL definitely had a chance to come up with a CDMA compatible smartphone or tablet. They can win handsome number of subscribers before 3G could practically hit the market in 2012 or beyond.

With this EVO tab, PTCL is now part of smartphone competition that was earlier geared by cellular companies only. Probably a good solution for those who require high speed internet while on the go.

Though PTCL isn’t disclosing the original manufacturer of this tablet; their helpline said they don’t have any words on the make or model – but we are pretty certain (thanks to a reader’s comment below) that it’s Indonesia made IVIO Twilight 7 device or it’s little variant maybe that is tailored specifically for PTCL.

Ivio is a brand owned by an Indonesian company PT. Intersys. They develop mobile devices like modems, handsets, and at least 1 Android tablet.

Following is the device image being displayed on IVIO official page, which looks pretty similar to PTCL’s EVO Tab.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL’s EVO Tab supports GSM network as well, meaning that, you can use cellular SIM for voice calls too. Having a bluetooth earphone will be added advantage – or you can use speakerphone for voice calls. P.S. We are not sure if PTCL allows you to use cellular SIM or not.


Size & Weight:

  • Size: 199*114*12mm
  • Weight: 429g


  • 7” screen
  • WVGA LCD 800X480 resolution
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Multi-Touch


  • 512 MB (RAM) & 512 MB (ROM)
  • Micro Slot up to 32 GB

Cellular & Wireless:

  • Support EVDO/CDMA 1X 1900Mhz,
  • GSM/GPRS/ EDGE/UMTS Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900/ UMTS 2100Mhz
  • Dual Mode: EVDO or UMTS


  • Qualcomm MSM7627T (Turbo) 800Mhz

Operating System:


  • G-Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth EDR 2.1


  • 5 Megapixel rear Auto Focus,
  • VGA Secondary front Camera


  • USB Port
  • Ear phone port
  • TF card slot
  • SD card Slots


  • 3500 mAh internal Battery
  • 7hours usage
  • 140hours standby time

In the Box:

  • 3G Evo Tab
  • Stereo Earphones with Mic
  • Micro USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Free Sleeve Pouch
  • Documentation
  • Warranty Card


PTCL Evo Tab comes with 1 Year after sales & service warranty. Please refer to limited warranty statement on Warranty Card placed inside the box for complete terms & conditions.

Price and EVO Tariff:

As a part of launch offering, PTCL is selling EVO Tab with 3, 6 or 12 month contract for EVO unlimited package at following rates:

  • EVO Tab + 3 Months Unlimited EVO = Rs. 27,999
  • EVO Tab + 6 Months Unlimited EVO = Rs. 29,999
  • EVO Tab + 12 Months Unlimited EVO = Rs. 31,999

After the launch offer, usual 3G EVO pricing would be as following:

  • Evo Tab Unlimited (Unlimited data volume): Rs. 2,000
  • Evo Tab 5 GB (5GB Data Volume): Rs. 1,500
  • Evo Tab 2 GB (2 GB Data Volume): Rs. 1,000


Design and Button:







Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Another flop drama by PTCL. Instead of improving its slow speed 3rd Class EVO Service, PTCL is trying to trap innocent customers. More importantly, what is the quality of this device? Is it going to last long or people may end up with a faulty device after few months? I strongly recommend people DO NOT buy it till PTCL improves its EVO network quality. After all people are going to spend their hard earned money on it and only a Corrupt person can afford to throw his/ her money in dust bin.

      • Absolutely..
        There was a time when i got 250 – 300 kb/s download… pretty awesome..
        but now, i hardly get 1+Mbps… just enough but not good as it was supposed to go near 3 Mbps..
        They must have upgrade their infrastructure or purchase more bandwidth to improve QoS instead increasing sales volume by using such tactics..

      • Very right. I have a EVO broadband and it is as poor as dial up in North Nazimabad. When I visit Apna shop , officer come so late that is about 11 am. Poor administration, making people fool. Just consider they spent 45 billion on poor Chinese hand sets to distribute to customers. Some people definitely making money out of these schemes

      • I do agree with Anwer it will be better if PTCL offer this device on rental so that customer can have a better idea about the working of the device and QoS of EVO as well.

    • i have recently bought ptcl evo(2 weeks ago)..the best advantage is that you get internet at any time(you don’t have to wait for any other persons wi-fi signals)….i have got Samsung tab as an eid gift so evo is not in my use these days.. if any one is interested buying it from me my price is: Rs.28,500 for i year package (the actual price is 32000)…delivery will be free at any place in Lahore and payment will be taken only after the buyer is satisfied with it …

    • Bro is ma internet and Sim akhti (same time) chal jati hai ?

      plz Txt me any one 03124445040 on this number.

    • I just could not understand how PTCL manages to sale a tablet in such a small price…….

      it must be of 3rd grade quality or (don’t know what to say)……

      usual prices of tablets are 50,000 plus……

      • Just used it, and I must say EXCELLENT quality and quite stable build. It seems to be very responsive.

        One shouldn’t comment something being bad if he hasn’t used it.

        • quite right..
          i just bought it today..and with such a low price its quite responsive
          how will someone know aboutthis tab if he hasnt even tried it..

          • Aoa Guys,

            Well looking at it, it looks awesome, but can some body guide me if it can support the POP Up email like Black berry if we use GSM network with internet.



            • It supports Android applications so MS Exchange application is built in, which supports MS ActiveSyn, PoP, IMAP or you may download any other application for such purpose if you want.

          • Hi jaura / Usman

            Can you confirm me this tablet has flash for camera or not?


        • could u please tell me about the internet sharing speed coz i read somewhere that the internet sharing speed via wifi hotspot option in this tablet is very slow.

          when we share internet on our laptop via ptcl evo tab websites open very slow.

      • Hazrat “Jawad”…… If they are managing to sell the device at lessor price then you should praise them. I think the Indonesian brand’s reviews can be checked from the internet before buying, they are not new to technology.
        I think it’s becoming a fashion to criticise just about everything that comes from “In HOuse/ Pakistan”. We should be calm and patient, after the checking the device only then we should start our criticism.
        If PTCL is selling at lower prices, as business student I must say it’s a good business tactic “now even middle class in Pakistan can afford a tablet”.
        If you are comparing prices of this device with iPad then I am sorry ” u dont’ know Apple”.

        • Yes now I’m hearing people complaining about PTCL tab with battery life, Charging Issues and app support. Wait for few more days :).

          • battery life is about 5-6 hours & online software updates are available
            currently i’m enjoing the experiance :)
            its a good initiative by PTCL


  • Looks really impressive!

    The best thing is inbuit EVO feature the price! Looking at the features it seems like a pretty cool gadget!

    I am surely getting one! Will let you know how it work…

    P.S…. I dont think its Huawei .. look at the back picture of the device … it says “by IVIO” But whatever it is … it looks Yummmmyyyy!!!!

    • Thanks for IVIO name, yes – it’s an Indonesian brand. Though specs look lot similar to Huawei IDEOS S7

      • Amir bhai Ek post ALEDHA se “14 August mubarik” wali to banti hi hey:D blog per jhandiyan wandiyan bhi lagaein :( ik chotay se logo se kam nahi chalna

  • Good offer. But can I connect my PTCL EVO Nitro device with this tablet? Please confirm me.

  • – i year warranty from ptcl
    – IVIO manufacturer – confirmed
    – carries leather pouch, tablet, usb cable, charger, booklets, some usb thing
    – works with any GSM / CDMA
    so GSM sims should work
    – nothing is locked
    – getting 3 month or 6 month or 12 month contract is necessary. only then we can use monthly packages. Tablet will become our property anyways.
    – has two sim slots but both sims will not work at the same time
    * Info as per help line, and the guy seemed quite knowledgeable about gadgets.

    * Anyone else has any more info?

    • this discussion is off the topic but no issue with it. it isnt voice, issue is with voice

  • sab america ki saazish ha k is internet say nojawan nasal ko gumraah kia jaye…boycott this plzzz

  • Nice initiative from PTCL…
    I hope their Customer support is good for this tablet, else they will loose their customers…
    what else do u need in this price? :)

    • Tablet using less than Honeycomb are much cheaper. Have a look at Amazon, one Froyo brand costs ca. Rs. 9000.
      Either it should have Honeycomb or the price should be less than 10K

  • is liye ye log pakistan me 3g technology nai aney dtey…. …. had hai…
    ye islami jumhorai pakistan nai hai. sub khao pio or kursi chor k bagh jao

    [Comment Edited]

  • Andriod 2.2 has a built in hotspot feature. so i guess you can also use it as a wifi router. not a bad offer at all.

  • Can this device be upgraded on Android 2.3 and does it support flash in web browser or not. And How is its speed. Is it laggy.?? As it has an 800Mhz Processor.. Which is I think low for a tablet?? But for this Price Tag A good Deal???


  • If you only consider the pricing of Evo unlimited package i.e; Rs. 2000/Month. you’ll get this tablet in Rs. 7,999 for 12 month contract ;)



    What more you want?? :)

  • Battery timing and Apps compatibility & availability in the apps market is my concern with this tablet. 4 hour is not so impressive. If you have R.s 30,000 wait.. for 3/4 months more when you have around 45/50,000 go for IPAD2.

    No matter how bad you hear about IPAD… it will definitely grow on you with time when you buy it. IPAD has 10 + hours of battery life. Very thin and smart design & apps are awsome.. very mature app market. Memory extension of IPAD was an issue because it does not allow you to upgrade it because it has no sd/usb slots. Thats no issue anymore.. you could use seagate goflex and use wifi to excess your data.. music.. movie and everything.

    You could use apps like splashtop to access your pc through wifi to browse thorough files and do everything you do in you computer. There are several things i could write to make you say yes IPAD is the one you should buy… :) so get an ipad2.. Jail break it and get a goflex and thats all you need. ENJOY… :)

    • ImIkhan i wanna buy a tablet but i am in conflict which one to buy between Samsung galaxy tab 10 or Apple Ipad 2 ?
      Galaxy tab has flash support and i can also read pdf files(urdu writen image files which are combine in pdf) on galaxy tab but this is not possible on ipad2, whay you say..

      Need your best suggestion to buy tablet, Thanks

      • :) Yes i can hear you loud and clear my friend. That has happened to me 5 months back when i was buying one for me. I kept

        on researching, reading tech news and visiting forums on daily bases and you know what i got confused just like you. Why ? because in the

        forums or in gadget reviews when someone says this thing is good… 10 people comes after him saying No No that thing is way better than

        that so it defiantly makes you confuse. All those discussions effect your buying decisions after all marketing is intentional manapulation of a

        buy decision as they say. All those questions you are asking me, had in my mind when i was likely to buy one for me & my concern was

        battery life + memory extension + flash support. Ipad has had good battery life but was lacking both memory extension and flash. So i went

        for Asus transformer as i heard alot about it. I bought it online but i had some issues with it as they sent me 16 gig instead of 32 gig ver but i

        used it for next 2/3 days and i found it quite good but later i gave it to my brother and bought motorola xoom for me which i found a lot

        better. But as i got used to it, now after 3 months i think i should have bought ipad2. Most of the people think youtube when they talk

        about flash rite ? & thats what i was thinking but on the other hand Youtube is not flash but HTML5 so you won’t have any issues viewing

        youtube videos. Your Second question is regarding PDF files. Well Ipad does support Pdf files. I’m not sure about urdu compatablity within

        IPAD yet. But if you embed urdu fonts with in a pdf file from your computer, which you could easily do in acrobat. it will definatly work for

        you. .If you look at Apple as a brand you will soon find that it has no comparison with any brand so far Whether its IPhone, IMac, Macbook

        pro, air.. etc. Because of its high standards, design and Operating system. Apple has captured a big market ever since its in the market and

        its customer loyalty is still intact.
        There are three issues people have with Ipad that is flash, memory and itunes restrictions & belive you me they are no issues. As i said

        earlier if you think you watch alot of movies or games and need more memory you could buy external seagate goflex drive which is around

        R.s 10,000+ for quite larger memory which you could use for ipad + your laptop + desktop simultaneouly to access all your movies, games,

        apps and whatever you like.
        Another issue Ipad owners has is whenever they need to install an app into their ipad they have to connect a data cable to their computer

        and sign in to Itunes and install the app But that is no longer an issue. You could easily break that restriction using jailbreak online & with

        in few mintues you are free to install any app without it.
        Lastly FLASH :) ! well my brother technology is changing every other day. Every famous website you visit each day do their best to be accessable for everyone so the flash is no problem for most of the websites. Remember its steve not you and me :) who took the decision not to use flash in ipad & steve jobs is the person who is leading Apple the most successfull company in the world :) ! i spent several days thinking about this and my final decesion go for IPAD :) !
        Since its a pro pakistani forum :) ,i’m not going to say that PTCL tablet is not worth buying because its new and yet to be tested but i told you all my experiences for you people who are new and wana buy these gadgets. Because once you buy it they would not refund it. So think several times before you buy.

        I hope it will help people making their choices.


  • This is good because all other devices except for Chinese tabs are being sold at a much higher cost.

  • wow PTCL cha gya really awesome specs reasonable price but anyone tell me the brand name and modal?
    Secondly weather it comes with the evo device or i will have to buy it seperately?
    Thank you

    • Just confirmed from PTCL Website … it is made by IVIO which is a Taiwani company with production in Shenzhen China.
      PTCL is giving 1 year warranty unlike all the crappy Chinese tablets.

      YES thats the power .. it comes with built in EVO!

      So I would say … it is pretty good offer!

      I am going now to buy it … well send the review …

      • iPhones/iPads are even made/assembled in China so made in doesnt matter, its the features/quality

  • Which one is best between Samsung Galaxy Tab and this PTCL Tablet ?

    Also what about PTCL Tablet Battery power as its the most important thingy for lapies and tablets ?

    • I think the only advantage buying PTCL table is its compatibility with evo. 4 hour battery life which is stated on its website isn’t that good as you already know. Although ptcl tablet is new so its yet to be tested.. Whereas samsung galaxy tab both 7/10.1 are quite good and has 7/10 hour of battery life. Pricewise samsung is expensive too and has higher honeycomb versions and quite big app market.

      • Android Smartphone is very data intensive, it differs front others in respect the phone is on constant data connection with the Google server for syncing and others. This means it is consuming a lot of power and data bandwith. Not to mention it has plethora or other features such as WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS that also consumed power. On the network side CDMA/EVDO is notorious to consume more power than its GSM counter part especially in fringe signal area.

        Evo Tab giving 4 hours battery with 3G is pretty impressive!

        • — Android Smartphone is very data intensive, it differs front others in respect the phone is on constant data connection with the Google server for syncing and others.

          Um, so turn off sync? It’s just a menu item, turn it off and you can sync manually.

    • Battery type is not stated in the PTCL specs section. Batteries for these gadgets are same like mobile phones and laptops.. that is with time as you use it more and more its battery power diminishes. Normal lithium batteries used in laptops gives you 1+ year battery lifetime. like you charge it 400 times and its dead. If you buy PTCL tablet ask them if its battery is replaceable. So keep all those things in mind when buying these gadgets.

      Thank you.

      • Sory i am posting this second time just to get your suggestion.

        I wanna buy a tablet but i am in conflict which one to buy between Samsung galaxy tab 10 or Apple Ipad 2 ?
        Galaxy tab has flash support and i can also read pdf files(urdu writen image files which are combine in pdf) on galaxy tab but this is not possible on ipad2, whay you say..

        Need your best suggestion to buy tablet, Thanks

        • Hello
          If you can wait for 2 or 3 months more ipad 3 will launch. 2ndly its better to go with ipad2 because OS is very stable and no viruses in iOS but android is good too due to its flash support thing and you dont need to jailbreak your device this n that. Its very difficult question to answer because it depends n personal choice.

          • ! Brother i’ve tried to answer you in detail in your previous post above and yes Dr. Faraz OS is quite stable as always. Apps are quite intuitive as compared to android with a huge app market. There are no or less force closes as in android & that is the reason IPad is distributed amoung several government institutes around US. This is due to Apples all time i would say conservative/shy Apporach. Their products built quality has always been unique. That is the reason you find Motorla & Nokia being sued every other day by Apple because they take inspiration from Apple :).

            • All being said is good,but My question is that can we open/edit Microsoft Office file on ipad2? We definitely have to get app for that & which is cheap.
              The same is the case for xvid & divx video formats.

            • All being said is good,but My question is that can we open/edit Microsoft Office file on ipad2? We definitely have to get app for that & which is not cheap.
              The same is the case for xvid & divx video formats.

              • Well Asim ! buy anything you like. I’m no one to defend any brand. I never said PTCL is not worth to consider. I told you my personal experience. I’m sure our local stores are filled with Cds filled with Ipad and android Apps illegally downloaded through torrents just like the windows softwares. So you don’t have to worry about that. If not Internet is filled with those Apps and alternatives.

      • It is mentioned I just check .. it says :

        Power & Battery
        Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Capacity: High Capacity 3500mAh Battery
        Standby Time: Up to 140 hours
        Video Playback: Up to 7hours
        Internet browsing: Up to 4 hours

        • Ok i see it now ! Video playback upto 7 hours is quite nice but 4 hours for internet browing is not so good for me & yes wifi/3g and all those apps you are using consumes a lot of battery.
          Since most of us buying tablets for surfing internet. Battery life should be around 6/7 hours. Secondly Ion batteries loose their power as time passes. so if you buy this thing after 8/10 months you’ll have to replace battery as well.

  • This is only evidence to the fact that Internet and data communication in the wireless space is going to increase by leaps and bounds sealing the fate of fixed line. Long live DSL and fiber optic crap. Wireless is the way to go.
    Cannot wait for Wimax2 and LTE at 100 mbps connection speeds.

  • Very Nice offer by PTCL.
    Its really very cheap as compared to other available tablets in the market with an excellent internet package for 1 whole year…

  • Ok ppl …. alot of you are talking about BATTERY … so here is some detail:

    Well 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Sync, GPS etc. are all power hungry features. If you want to save battery turn of everything …
    even if you are not connected to 3G the device takes up power to stay connected to the CDMA network… as if you are in a poor coverage area … your battery will run out much quicker.

    Best is to turn off everything you are not using and kill back ground aps. This way you can save alot of juice!

  • How can I post a review of the Tablet? Cuz I want to be the first one to review it!

    Just going to PTCL OSS to buy one now!!!!

  • @Aamir Bhai,
    Post has no info about how it will connect with EVO, will it use its builtin EVDO modem? Can we use EVO package provided with it separately ?

    • Evo is embedded into it.. same like they recently introduced a cell phone with embedded modem.

  • Very nice device .bro my question to all …i m already having evo using it 2k/ month ..if i buy it ..can i connect my laptop with evo how i use the services of evo on my laptop as i used to do previously with evo usb..
    They offering two slots of sim what is use of two slots if they can’t be used at the same time ???

    • Evo Tablet has 2 slots of sim.
      1)CDMA for PTCL Vfone Sim Card
      2)GSM for other Cellular Operators

      CDMA Technology is an additional feature of EVO Tablet. just like EVO USB has CDMA Sim Slot for Vfone Sim Card.Bcoz others Anroids dont support CDMA.
      Only One Sim Card remains active at one Time.

  • Happy Independent Day and it is good looking EVO Tablet. 3G internet is high speed internet but in Pakistan this technology for everyone. I am also waiting for 3G coverage in mirpurkhas city.



      • Since its an android tablet it also has gtalk and other similar apps which has audio/video calling functionality.

      • are u sure its supports video call on skype bcoz i m using it and no video call if it does then tell me how

            • abbas bhai i already installed latest version every one is saying android foryo 2.2 does not support video calling only voice

        • Yes the recent version of skype supports more devices for audio/video capability. You have to enable it before you use it. you can do that in the settings. Once you sign-in to skype there is a grid icon on the bottom rite on the taskbar where you have home. back buttons… on android… tap on it.. and you have |sign-out| settings| about| Help| buttons tap settings and you will find enable video calling on video calls tab.


          • bro in setting there is no option like u said plzz give me more info otherwise i m selling it anyone want it tell me i only used it like 7days only i have leatherpouch also

            • If its not in settings… i think i doesn’t support it yet.. but might update in future versions as new devices get listed in skype. You could use gtalk and fring to make video calls btw.

  • And one bad thing with this Device/PTCL that you cannot buy it through your credit card and you need to bring hard cash with you ……crap :(

    • Brother ! android Os does not have Microsoft office.. but there are some apps like Quick Office which lets you view/edit Word, PPT, Excel documents.

      • Android & Apple Os has a huge app market and you can find any kind of app from games, e-books, communication apps like gtalk, msn messenger, skype, facebook messenger. There are apps like splashtop you could use to control your laptop desktop pc connected to wifi and browse files. There are large amount of apps which are suitable for kids of all ages, puzzle games, action, strategic, story books. There are apps like photoshop express from adobe and sketch book pro from Autodesk which lets you draw and photo retouch. There are apps like bar code scanner which uses your tablet camera and take a snapshot of any product you have like book and finds its price on the internet. There is a app SkyGrid which lets you follow your desired topics and keep you informed related to your topic every minute. Tubemate is an app for android which lets you view and download youtube videos on your tablet watch them offline. has a nice app which you could use to listen any podcast related to any topic whether its tech news, medical news and anything. IMDB app lets you view list of top movies and read reviews on your tablet. British council has an app which lets you view their blog and learn english through their regularly updated podcasts. Nasa has an app. There are apps which lets you view radars on the sky through your cam. Wikipedia has a quite nice app. There are apps which lets you listen to live radio shows around the world and watch tv shows & the list is huge my brother.



  • This one is important:
    The application processor is ARMv6 architecture. Processor family is arm11. It means you wont be able to install and use some good apps/games like Firefox Android, Google Earth etc. that need ARMv7 instruction set.
    Thats the catch.
    And the application processor is just overclocked processor. I wonder why did not PTCL use MSM7630 etc?
    Maybe they did not want us to use EV-DO Rev B yet?
    Fret not. Soon, PTCL will launch tablets which will be EV-DO Rev b i.e. 9.3mbps capable. Since they will be ARM7, they will sell for around 40k :)

    • what you mean by why ptcl didnot use MSM. PTCL just bought this device as it is and is just a re seller.

  • Well, although there are some flaws as far as ptcl (evo) network is concerned, but i think we should appreciate their effort.
    What I don’t like is that having wifi feature, they should let the consumer free to use any internet service ( as the primary function of wifi )

    • I am a ptcl user not the Evo, but hav heard that Evo is better than any of the other USB internet connection including world call

      • That’s right.. but since last few months… ptcl has gained a large number of consumers of evo which has deceased the normal speed of Evo.. however it is good for surfing and in the night hours.. you may also download with handsome speed.. 200+ kb/s
        not a bad at all…

      • why don’t you try to connect EVOTAB through PTCL WiFi router on your connection and let us know the result

  • I am interested but the differences between the IVIO Twilight 7 and PTCL TAB is a bit confusing for me. IVIO Twilight specs shows 3MP back camera while PTCL claims 5. PTCL also claims “HD Quality Video” Recording over features page but no mention in Specs page.

    • Sajid Sb,

      I bought an Evo Tab!

      It has a 5MP camera and I must say that the Picture Quality for Photos is Excellent!

      I have an iPhone 4 and even if I compare the photo quality to iphone its comparable (atleast in day light) ….

      However the video is not HD Quality. It is recorded on bitrate of 412kbps. Just so so video quality.

      • Hey talha wil you plz tell us about its battery timing and its pros and cons as they will help us to buy a tablet for us.

        However what i think is PTCL charge Rs.2000 for unlimited internet for one month so if we pay Rs.32k for tab with one year net fee then Rs.24k is net rate for one year and we are getting this ptcl tab in Rs.8k only which i think is a very very good deal.

        Unfortunately my area is not accessible for veo signals otherwise i will rush for it.

        • Don’t Rush Better Wait… i think in the next few days you will have a better picture to decide whether you should opt for ptcl or some other international brand. I still think Apple has no comparison with any brand as yet.

        • Yes .. this is exactly what I thought that Tablet is only for 8K… 24K to khali Evo internet kay charges hain. I think so considering the features it is under priced. Sub kuch to hai yar … built in Evo, GPS, WIFI, blutooth, camera .. the touch screen is also excellent capacitive multitouch hai. battery is ok too ..evo pur nonstop to use nahi kiya laykin on chora tha to koi 5,6 hours nikaal gya tha.

          Evo speed on speed test was 784 KBPS. which is faster than I get on my Evo USB.
          Good built quality
          excellent touch
          Superb Camera results – i am impressed!
          good screen brightness/resolution
          built in evo
          fast machine for general aps like pulse, browsing,

          less inner memory of only 512 .. spare is something like 200 mb.
          need to buy SD card for using camera
          i didnt like speaker sound although its loud.
          Heavy games are not smooth/sort of run slow but work
          In short .. its Good Quality Tablet which is GREAT value for money! I dont think you can buy anything as good in this price.
          Definitely Recommended!
          Will post a detailed review soon….

          • could u please tell me about the internet sharing speed coz i read somewhere that the internet sharing speed via wifi hotspot option in this tablet is very slow.

            when we share internet on our laptop via ptcl evo tab websites open very slow.

          • @Talha:

            1-pls check the size of image. it will clarify whether the image is 3 MP or 5MP.

            2-Does this device can act as WiFi router?

            3-Can it connect to any WiFi Network?

      • Talha dear please post a review asap coz a number of ppl are waiting for your feedback. Specially its battery timing with and without all the connections active. Any other detail will also be helpful.

  • Yeah, I also love this device. It’s also not much costly. Almost as inexpensive as a netbook.

  • close