100,000 Laptops to be Distributed in Punjab

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said one lakh laptops will be distributed among the high achievers and in the IT labs.

“Not only the best companies have been selected for supply of laptops but these companies will also be responsible for their maintenance and after-sale service. This programme will leave a far-reaching impact on education sector and provide an opportunity to the students to benefit from the latest technology in their academic pursuits and research,” he said while issuing instructions for setting up a committee to be headed by Chairman Planning & Development Board to evolve a strategy in this regard.

He was presiding over a meeting regarding distribution of one lakh computers among talented students here on Thursday. The meeting reviewed in detail various matters including procedure for distribution of computers, selection of students and purchase of laptops. Chairman Information Technology Board Dr Javed Abdul Ghani gave a detailed briefing regarding various aspects of the project.

He added that revolutionary measures had been taken for promotion of quality education as well as information technology in the province, and the project of setting up IT labs in more than 4000 schools of the province had been completed transparently in a record period of time and now lakhs of boy and girl students from Attock to Rahim Yar Khan were benefiting from modern technology and gaining latest information.

    • gr8 step seriously ,it will be gr8 honour for me ,if i will get the one
      Thanks Shahbaz Shareef .
      btw who are saying that this will be the another way of corruption they should that thing with some weight
      Baatain karna duniya ka sab se aasan kaam hai ,agar ek insaan aap k liye acha kaam kartaa hai to tum usko ye reponse detay hoo ..
      plz kabhi ye distribtion documents bhi parh liya karoo agar time milay .
      itni himatnahi k jo corrution kar raha hoo usay kuch keh sakoo .Shame on urself
      nd behave like Educated not Paind00

  • Good step to promote education…why we always criticize,definitely it will impact on IT growth and hope same vision follow by other province as well.

  • if one laptop cost 300$ then 100000 laptops cost is 30000000 USD which is equal to PKR 2580000000. why don’t Government invest all this amount in laptop manufacturing industry? this will defiantly Generate new job opportunities.

    • and corruption opportunities. Pakis cant do shit. And retarded much? http://i.imgur.com/IcBLB.png If distributing laptops is another way of corruption then can you imagine how much corruption is a “Sarkari” laptop manufacturing factory going to cause?

    • Wahh, do you think you can setup a “laptop manufacturing industry” with such an amount? If that was true many companies might be having such manufacturing facility so far. Criticisim must match reality.

      • I am afraid that i never seen 2,58,00,00,000 PKR at once so i believe it is hell of big amount.
        Manufacture does not means only to produce it also comes with assemble meanings.

    • What kind of pathetic laptop costs $300??? even low end chromebook costs $350. More realistic total is Rs 3,87,00,00,000.

      To put your figures in perspective, look:

      Rs 2,58,00,00,000 — your figure for laptops
      Rs 0,97,00,00,000 — the underpass at Kalma Chowk (to be built in five months)

      • 300 X 87 = 26100 aspire netbook value is upto 24500.
        350 X 87 = 30450 u can buy a good C2D from Acer
        400 X 87 = 34800 u can buy a Acer Core i3 with 2GB of Ram and 320GB of HDD

    • oh, are you sure you can get a laptop in $300??? A good laptop is never less than $400 and better is in $600.
      You can just get a better desktop in this amount mate!

  • I already have a core i7 laptop. My name also came in list of students getting laptop from this scheme. I don’t need laptop so I want to donate my laptop to some poor student who can’t afford buying laptop. If you know anyone who need laptop and can’t afford please contact me I will donate my laptop to him/her.
    Contact Information:
    Name: Khurram Shehzad
    Mobile # 0343-8541418
    Email: [email protected]

  • what is the criteria of being selected by those students who are studying under semester system in private universties

  • in my thinking its gre8 job i am from Baluchistan and my opinion is this that Baluchistan govt should aslo take these kind of steps

  • Please, distribute laptops in fatima jinnah women university as soon as possible!.We have been waiting for 3 months!!

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