Multinet Gets 450 MCB Branches Online

MCB Bank has announced successful completion of the first phase in its major online banking upgrade project for nationwide branch connectivity.

Currently around 450 branches of MCB are being served via next generation optical fiber connectivity, with an additional 150 branches planned in the next phase.

Multinet, as MCB’s partner, is serving their requirements via its largest MPLS 100% end-to-end fiber optic network, supplemented by cutting edge IP Ethernet services, linking MCB’s nationwide branch network and data centers across Pakistan.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Multinet will provide dedicated Managed Network Services 24/7/365 via its state-of-the-art central Network Operations Center (NOC) facilities.

The NOC will continuously monitor the entire MCB network and provide early fault diagnosis and prevention services, as well as monitor network performance for continuous optimization.

“This initiative is yet another milestone in MCB’s continuing endeavors in providing innovative and efficient financial solutions to our customers as well as enhancing our connectivity and operating efficiency and services for both our external and internal customers” said Adnan Zaki, CIO for MCB.

“Multinet greatly appreciates the trust that MCB has placed in us to help them enhance their customers’ experiences via our fast, secure and reliable connectivity solutions enabled on our nationwide end to end fiber optic networking. This is another example in our tradition of building strong relationships throughout the nation’s leading corporate clients and support MCB’s mission of delighting their customers” said Arif Hussain, COO of Multinet

MCB’s long standing relationship of 8 years with Multinet is further strengthened through this partnership.

  • Most of the Time, MCB Online service is too much slow, and their ATM network are either down or Slow as hell !
    I don’t know if its Multinet fault or MCB ?

  • This blog is looking more and more like a place for companies to advertise than anything. Where is the investigative reporting and breaking news that propakistani was so well known for.

  • MCB ATM network is worst of worst !!! i find it dead 4 days average in a week… pathetic !!! no improvements at all!!

    I am seriously thinking about switching my banker!!

  • But SCB’s ATM anual fee is too high. Rs.1160 for saving & 580 for current account, whereas MCB charges only about 300 for saving account.

    • thats the point my friend
      charge more but provide best service instead of charging less and providing pathetic services.

  • @kashif but you can at least get ATM services when you need. Scb charge more but they have quality. What is use of ATM fee when ATM will be down. My company use scb so I don’t have to pay fees. But my friends company use MCB and always complain.

  • @monis I thought solution on Fiber is always expensive?… and do you think MCB or any other bank can take a decision without evaluating Multinet’s or another service providers service?… As far as my little info is concerns, these links are not only used for ATM but most for online banking application, which is hosted in a centralized environment.

  • Multinet doing Inter-branch Connectivity, dont know if ATM Machines are also linked with same network.

    different applications running in real time. But as MPPL connectivity is concerned, we STARCOM also back supplier to MPPL. the Robust & Metro Ethernet Forum Certified Products has been used & Multinet is One of Largest Metro Ethernet Operator of Pakistan.

  • MCB is the worst bank ever …
    I opened account there few months ago .. and tried to get netbanking activated …
    I recived customer ID and then the nightmare started when i was asked to get it activated via phone ..

    for 2 months .. they always replied that system is down .. and it just went down ..
    I even tried mailing [email protected] but it didnt help ..
    so finally gave up and withdraw all the money ..

  • Next generation optical fiber technology? this is bs. Next generation is GPON which only Nayatel offers in Pak. Multinet and the rest of the companies sell the same as my cable walla which is dark core burning and using media converters.

    But price is low which is good. Cheap and cheerful. Definitely not as good as Nayatel but.

    • Sorry Mate i dont agree with you, PTCL and CYBERNET are also providing GPON connectivity to their customers with ONTs in Customer premises.
      Kindly update your records…

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