PTCL Offers Triple Play Smart TV Bundled Offer

smart_pbPTCL has introduced a new bundle package that includes:

Introduction of Smart Pack is PTCL’s effort to aware people to opt for Smart TV at a lower price that is also bundled with broadband – though 1 GB data limit sounds insufficient for majority of users.

It merits mentioning here that PTCL also offers Quad Play Services that includes unlimited voice calls, internet, IPTV and surveillance services.


  • The new package is offered to the customers at Rs.749 / month.
  • Existing customer can also avail this package but they have to pay one time charges of Rs.1500 as downgrade charges.
  • One time Equipment (Smart TV STB & Camera) charges may apply.


  • Access to PTCL Smart TV
  • Access to 100 + digital quality TV channels
  • Freedom to pause and rewind live TV programs
  • Library of 500 video on demand.
  • 24/7 service availability from PTCL’s side.
  • Parental control on TV channels and video on demand.
  • Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet
  • Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers on ‘Buzz’ broadband web infotainment portal.

Note: There is no student discount on the package

  • Wow, Wow, Wow….. Thank U PTCL.. I have been waiting for this

  • Munnu

    Total amount kya bani?

    • admin


  • Saqib

    Is this package available with higher internet speed (like 1 MB or more), off-course with additional amount.

  • zeeshan

    data rate with 1 GB monthly limit is tooo low
    it will finish in one day on smart tv

    • Adeel

      no, obviously the IPTV data wont be counted in this.

  • zain

    downgrade charges. thats not fair at all
    1 GB limit is noting

  • imran

    can u please check the website.
    The download limit is not 1Gb. its unlimited downloads.

    • admin

      it’s unlimited for september only, later on 1 GB limit will be applied

    • Adeel

      The unlimited download is for September 2011 only. But 1 GB is a joke.

  • shahzada

    bakwas. Nothing new there.
    lets look at the ALREADY PREVAILING charges
    256kbps DSL costs rs.300 per month
    smart tv services cost rs. 449 per month
    total = 299+449 = rs.749 per month
    What they did not mention is that you need set top box which will cost you rs.5000 and it will be added to your monthly bill. That means taxes of several hundred rupees will be applied.
    The whole adventure ride will cost you as follows
    around 6000 for STB (including taxes)
    1000-1500 activation charge
    749 per month regular service charges with a SO CALLED broadband which originally has 1 GB volume limit.
    Do yourself a favor. Find a local cable service provider and get as many channels for 150-300 per month.

    • GOfaizan

      great info thanks
      was thinking to availing this offer
      thanks man!!!

  • shahzada

    still better than World Call cable services

  • ajrak

    Dear Shahzada,

    256kbps dsl – 299
    IPTV. – 449
    line rent. – 199

    So there is a discount of 197 rs.
    Line rent is only waived off on 1mbps and above dsl package for iptv subscription

    • Khan

      I am using PTCL 1MB broadband (unlimited). Does this mean that I can get my PTCL landline rental waived off by applying for smart TV?

      • admin

        apparently, yes you can – confirm it from helpline…!

  • ajrak

    Stb and installation charges are almos same as for other service providers.

    But of course iptv with rewind features can not and should not be compared with lousy and dotty quality

  • monis

    karachi main tu inka infrastructure hi itna thaka wa hai , net and iptv and dsl khak chaley ga roaz telephone lines dead ho rahi hotien hain, cable fault her month , distortion, a hell lot of problems with ptcl :P

    • GOfaizan


  • I take my 3 Wows back…:(
    I asked my brother he said u’ve to use 1 service at a time(Smart TV or DSL) for better quality.
    Grow-up PTCL

    • internetwala

      All three services work perfectly well if your inhouse witing is proper.

      telephone should be used after the splitter..

      My experience with PTCL’s triple playservices is good and thankfully they have started improving the content as well

      • I can’t use 2(DSL & Phone) of PTCL’s services at a time so how can I trust with 3 services at a time…When I use internet my phone set is useless because I’ve to hold my phone.
        I’m experiencing this problem from last 2 or three years & I’ve talked to everyone in PTCL but they can’t do anything.

      • I would love to subcribe to this offer but I can’t…:(

        • ptclkali

          you should have given your tel number or an email where someone from PTCL could have contacted you to reslve the issue.

          generally complaints at 1218 or OSS do get addressed

          • As I’ve mentioned above I’ve talked to them sevral times their worker’s/labour don’t do anything..The problem is in line which they are not fixing..My neigbhour’s don’t have any issue it’s only me in town.

    • Jamil

      That’s not true. I have been using IPTC since 2008 and I can attest that the usage of IPTV doesn’t affect the speed of DSL at all and vice versa. IPTV uses a separate and dedicated data channel for its bandwidth.

  • internetwala

    inhouse wiring

  • Asif

    i find a bunch of morons making this package. if we look at the ad, a man with a laptop and a girl with a plasma screen is using a connection of 256kbps?? gosh one should be stupid enough to invest big amount on the luxury items and buying a low speed and 1GB package..really disgusting.

    • Ahmed

      ha ha ha ha …+1

    • ptclkali

      it is not 1 GB you pay for more and it gets unlimited after a few GBs.

      and btw there are ppl who need 256kbps speed as they use internet only for browsing.

      you laugh as if the triple play services are not available for ppl with higher bw demand…

      wonder who is a moron here

  • Surfer

    I think having landline line rent waived off is a big relief for all of us. Currently,I am using Smart TV with IMB data rate , daily I do massive downloading of movies, at the same time i am using smart TV which means that Smart TV pipe has nothing to do with internet pipe. Come on guys you all have internet, search for technologies!!!

    • ptclkali

      masive downloaders should be on IPTV with 1 mbps and above those who dont have higher data requirements should opt for this package with 256kbps speed

      • Ahmed

        yea yea, like for those who check email once in a week and then don’t sign out but click on “close”.

  • we can play smart tv on 256Kbps Broadband data rate, i think it will not play continuously and stop and play due to slow speed

  • ptclkali

    Data rate speed has nothing to do with IPTV as it utilizes separate bandwidth.

  • zubair

    it should be unlimited then it will be good.

  • umar

    first thing first do they charge for STB if yes how much also do they charge activation charges if yes how much lastly service quality in Islamabad (btw they wherever occurs = PTCL)

  • malik

    i intend to get ur smart tv offer,who i can get at it

  • malik

    who i can get smart tv buddle offer

  • Taha

    IPTV utilizes a separate bandwidth and even with 256 kbps connection the downstream rate for IPTV is 4096kbps so it wont be stopping and @malik dial 1236 to avail smart tv and a huge relief to know that line rent charges shall be waved off if smart tv availed

  • afzal

    i have 1mb ptcl broadband.if i avail smart tv how many charges????????????
    1mb+smart tv=