Zong Vs Ufone – The War Is Not Going To End Soon!

In response to Ufone’s advert, Zong responded back forcefully, but wisely. Though we had a perception that Zong may not respond anything to the taunting and infamous advert as Ufone was already displaced, but they came up with this advert – without using insulting words and doing the trick as well.

Ufone has to think 100 times now before they will plan to taunt anyone. Moreover, responding to Zong’s this advert will remain a challenge for them.

Again, this advert was just for viral marketing, as it didn’t reach the small screens.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I feel that Ufone Marketing department is still occupied by the guys who joined on first day of UFone Company Launch. They never come up with a true branding concept. Not projected their image as a Corporate Company or A Connection for Corporate World. They are still doing same joker kind of Marketing.

    Is this a matter of only Subscribers for any telecom company. I remember in 2004, when Mobilink had only 250,000 Star Post Paid (Presently Indigo)subscribers and approximately 2.5 Million PrePaid Jazz Subscribers but Revenue from PostPaid Star was 60% of total Revenue.

    Companies should stop going after Number Game. They should concentrate on good service and brand loyalty.

    • i dont think so that creative team is same. I think last year u-fone changed their advertising firm and then faisal qureshi & his team was given this oppurtunity…
      but i think they can do more better.. though it helped them to generate sales and people attention but this idea will soon make sales growth lower so they need to have something new

  • Why this site is so against UFONE? and so pro Zong and Telenor? UFONE’s ad campaign is going fantastic… viewers actually enjoy their commercials… and their marketing department thinks outside the box unlike other crazy dancing ads that we unfortunately have to watch for months if not years

    • Don’t accused until unless you have proof!!! if you have share it here!!!

      i think on ProPakistani, i am observing “U & other Operators” have hired couple of people to keep on scrapping in comments for no reason.

      Any how , its your rite to do!! But this is not a way to do it!!!

    • because UFONE belongs to PTCL, and the way PTCL is treating its customers and enjoying the benefits of being the state company with unlimited resources, ufone is acting the same, as its parent company (PTCL), ufone is providing the most pathetic service among all the cellular subscribers, and their plans are not even that good, even the good offers have some strings attached, as the best sms offer is available only to the Life packages, which deduct Re.1 daily.
      Mobilink also enjoys the greatest market share advantage and has higher rates but still, the quality of service provided my Mobilink is unmatchable.

  • this advertisement is a big slap on ufone’s marketing department who approached the negative side to compete zong . Very decently slapped ufone !!!!

    I m loving it !

  • kia baat haio yar zong advertising main tou chah gaya hai agr yahi kuch yeh apna network par bhi karain aur ussay warid ki trhan aalaa network bna dain tou yah pakistan ka bst servic provider ban jaye ga cuz rates tou ink bht achay hain bs network prblm hai jo pahlay se kafi behtar hai par othr networks se comparatively abhi bi bekar hai

  • I agree that viewers like Ufone Ads. I have seen people really holding the channels if Ufone Ads comes.

    And I really don’t like dancing ads of other telecoms.

  • My Friends! in My Perceptions Zong Responsed Well but Zong ko Advertisement k sath sath apni Service ko bhi improve karna hoga kyun k Zong Service k lehaaz sey kafi peechay hai. Zong k SMS bhi end main Missed hote hain aur kabhi kabhaar zong sey balance bhi drop ho jata hai jo k complain karwane k bawajud bhi wapis nahi aata, So Zong ko is per bhi kafi concentrate karna pare ga.

  • Dear All,

    As for as my opinion is concerned, I think we use Mobile Phone except of being used by Mobile Phones (Brands & Connections).

    Its all about connectivity and friends and family contacts. Further approximately all the GSM companies in Pakistan have almost same kind of Technology except of some slight differences.

    So, I personally would suggest to users to focus on Quality Customer Service and rather than discussing over silly commercials, because companies want attraction of customers by their adds and they all are successful!


    Mushtaque Asghar

  • i use both of them n i find both of them quite kool…bt haan at tyms zong mein wo balance wala pb hota hai as stated by usman above…bt still no biggie…there isn’t any as such big pb…lov both of thm muah

  • nice reply by zong..
    Ufone really crossed ethics stuff in last add..
    but i am writing this because propakistani is actually biased in my view.. Telenor and zong are their favourites..

    its an advice from me that if propakistani want to expand more, they should stop bieng biased and this will surely help propakistani to become no.1 soon..

  • Dear All

    I think that all the company must give concentration on the quality. I am using Ufone from the start. But I also like Zonk. I appricate them for good services to public. Samad

  • The girl in the video looks angry, like Zong is her pappa’s company and she is really pissed and trying to control her emotions :D . To be honest, Ufone has got best signals.

  • Ufone is the best telecom company in Pakistan offering best packages, Zong is trying to get that position but this will be a hard job

  • I think that what Zong did was totally unethical. I mean why on earth did they directly attack telenor or ufone! First they should try fixing up their network and thn start competing with Ufone! As far as Ufone is concerned i think they did what was right and if all are sayin tht wht ufone did was unethical thn my fellows wht Zong did wasn’t ethical. They started it. Infact I would say Ufone answered with the maturity and creativity without targeting Zong or any other network! Peace! :)

  • i worked with paktel around 4 years then it went to become zong.. n i recently quit zong due to thier rubbish attitute they always go for the monetory benifits they don’t care 4 their customers n empolees. that’s why they still suffering with the minimam market share in telecom sector of only 7%. seriously ZOng is a joke in telecom sector not a company…

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