Etihad Airways, Who Gave You My Email to Send SPAM? UBL?

Sending SPAM emails in Pakistan is fast becoming a norm for corporations, and here I am talking about big multinational corporations. Thanks to cyber lawlessness in Pakistan anyone can collect thousands of email addresses and start sending them Emails to call it Email Marketing.

Etihad Airways (it’s Pakistani division specifically) is one of such company that is sending unsolicited and unwanted emails to thousands (could be millions) of internet users in Pakistan; and that too without any unsubscribe link. Screenshot of one of their email is given below.

One may call it pretty fair for a business to take part in every possible (even illegal / immoral) activity that may fetch it customers, but without an unsubscribe link these SPAM emails become utter annoyance and a bad repute for the company ultimately earning them bad name.

In case of Etihad Airways, I have got a strange feeling – I am not sure though. I believe that UBL gave them my email id (I am UBL newsletter subscriber), as they ran a collaborative promotion once, on August 12 to be exact.

Since then I have received almost eight emails in a month but after first there was no mention of UBL whatsoever.


Apparently, Etihad Airways partnered with UBL to run a promotional campaign in Ramadan, grabbed their email IDs and then started sending their own promotions without involving UBL after first email shoot.

I have confirmed this from other UBL customers (in my FnF) to make sure that my theory isn’t wrong. I am expecting to receive more confirmations in comments from other UBL users who are getting Etihad emails.

It merits mentioning here that these emails are being sent from Etihad Airways servers. So blaming only the Pakistani division won’t be enough as it seems that these emails are sent with the consent of headquarters.




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  • I have received spam from UBL few times and contacted them for this. But i did not get satisfactory reply.

    One of the email was asking some information too.

  • I’ve been receiving these emails for quite some time now. Reported it as spam. I think everyone should report them.

  • And what about you Mr. Amir? You are sending me Pro Pakistani weekly newsletter after getting my email address from my mail which was about a query regarding Pro Pakistani, and without my permission, you add it to your subscribers list. Is this kind of ‘marketing’ is not spamming? “Hammam main sub nangay”

    • Fahad bahi, we don’t pull email ids from comments or from anywhere. We have a simple and clear privacy policy mentioned here:

      I have investigated about your ID – and it was included in our weekly newsletter through that Nokia Lucky Draw in which you had participated on April 29th, 2010 and agreed to receive weekly newsletter …

      Let me know if you don’t remember participating in that lucky draw…

      In addition, all emails sent from us (be it daily newsletter or weekly) we have an unsubscribe link given in there. You can opt out any moment you want to.

      • Amir Bhai, I sent you a mail regarding Urdu version of Pro Pakistani from —– email address. I never received any answer of my mail but my above email address added to your list. I only subscribed to Pro Pakistani newsletter through my Gmail address.

        Thank you for clarification.

  • Yeah, same happening to me. Usually when doing newsletter email marketing, there should be an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list, but they 200% stupid, did not give any option.

    There should be authority in Pakistan to report such spam matters, as PTA have for SMS/Call spam complaint.

  • @Saeed
    probably you are not UBL netbanking user, that is why these SPAM emails are not touching your inbox.

    i’m here to share my experience, since i have activated my UBL netbanking they are sent me newsletters without any unsub link and the transaction alert system is creepy enough.

  • So why you whining ? Just click spam on one of their email and next time gmail will send any new email from them to spam box :/

  • Abu Shamal or Fahad:
    First u said that u havn’t subscribed & now u say that u had it from Gmail Id. Plz first confirm the things & then blame anyone.
    And yes, Pro pakis nwsleters have Unsub link u can simply unsubscibe. So its not scam…….

  • I am also a customer of UBL, with netBanking subscription. But I received no email from Etihad Airways. So, it means, UBL did not share the data.

  • they also send such emails to my address. i just marked them as spam, now their mails goes to Junk folder. :) we every one mark them as spam, that can also solve issue. i think so..

  • Spamming from Advertnama Pakistan
    From Couple of weeks I was wondering who are the Girls with sweet names are sending me emails containing promotional stuff on daily basis. I and most probably all of you usually ignore the emails containing information about some exiting offers like Cheap IPAD, China Mobile made easy etc and other bullshit stuff. So whenever I opened one of the email from those fancy name girls, it contains that bullshit stuff, and spam/trash these emails. But day by day the numbers of emails are getting increased. Today i removed 10 emails from those fake girls
    I have tried to talk them personally to get rid of these fancy girls I called at given numbers and told them my innocent problem. They have listened to me and assured that my email will be removed from their victims list. But its Pakistan, fake people with fake promises and I am still getting this spam.
    In Pakistan, we dont have any law to sue these spammers and these companies sending spam emails. I want all of my readers to read and mark them spam at respective platforms e.g Google, Yahoo etc. Btw these guys using Gmail and Google Groups for sending spam. or suggest me if any channel is legal in Pakistan to take action against these bastards.
    The spam sending company
    Advertnama (

  • Advertnama is spaming

    Their claims that they are SPAM proof is just fake

    “”Advertnama You fake guys … prove that u r true pakistani ”

    This advertising company has bugged me by sending emails from various googles groups. They fakely state that one can unsubscribe by visiting this page where they mentioned 100s groups to choose from. Please check this and if someone report to google, I’ll appreciate.

    I spent hours and hours but could not find how to contact google to report their malicious marketing activity. I hope those who are well aware of the system will help me in reporting this page and their groups.


  • you can put their email address in the block list. millions of people recieve a ton of junk mail all around the world. my junk folder had over 15 email per day whether im in Toronto or NYU. so its not about laws here telemarketers and email marketing is out of control. but i must admit that once in a while a catchy subject line really gets me to open the email. especially the ones from Michael Kors and MACYs
    so stop whining and deal with shit.

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