Java to Live on

Oracle has outlined plans for the future of the Java platform and showcased product demonstrations illustrating the latest Java technology innovations during the recently held JavaOne 2011.

Hasan Rizvi, senior vice president, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java, along with Adam Messinger, vice president of Development, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Cameron Purdy, vice president, Development, Oracle, revealed Oracle’s strategy to evolve Java platform.

“Our strategic objectives for the future of Java are to accelerate technical innovation in the Java platform and increase Java technology adoption.

We expect to keep Java vibrant and moving forward through ongoing support for open standards and by working closely with the Java developer community,” said Mr. Rizvi.

Java is #1 programming language with 9 million developers worldwide and 80% of mobile developers using the Java platform. 97% of enterprise desktops run Java while more than 3 billion devices have been powered by Java technology including more than 125 million Java-based TV devices.

Oracle announced plans to improve the interoperability between HTML5 and Java technology in order to simplify the development of rich client/server interaction for cloud based applications.

Oracle also announced availability of JavaFX 2.0, an advanced Java user interface (UI) platform for enterprise business applications and the next step in the evolution of Java as a premier rich client platform. Oracle intends to submit a proposal to open source the JavaFX platform as a new project within the OpenJDK Community.

Java EE continues to be hugely popular with increasing developer adoption and over 40 million downloads of Java EE components, including Oracle GlassFish Server.

Java EE 7, the next generation of Java EE, is well underway which will further enhance the Java EE platform for Cloud environments with support for features such as multi-tenancy and elasticity (horizontal scaling).

Rob Benson, Director of Runtime Systems at Twitter, announced that Twitter has just joined both the OpenJDK Community, as well as the Java Community Process (JCP). Twitter will be collaborating with Oracle and the other members of the JCP and the OpenJDK Community to help evolve the Java platform.

IBM, Intel and Red Hat, as well as ARM, GetJar and Harris IT Systems, also demonstrated their ongoing support for Java technology.

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