Zong is Planning Something Big

We are told by sources that Zong has decided to go to the next level by singing an exclusive deal with Manchester United, one of the top football clubs in the world.

If scoops are to be believed then this will be first ever deal from any Pakistani corporation with a globally recognized football brand, such as Manchester United.

Though we are unclear about the particulars of the deal at this point of time but sources inside Zong tell us that that Zong is planning something big by the end of this month, something that has never been done before in Pakistan.

It is anticipated that Zong might bring an unending loop of packages/services to use this deal with Manchester United to target millions of MANU fans in Pakistan – and probably abroad too.

This is a developing story, and we will keep an eye on the situation to update you as soon as we get hold of any thing further.


Zong has published following ad in today’s papers confirming that it has partnered with Manchester United and has become the official telecommunication partner of the football club in Pakistan.

Print ad isn’t revealing anything else, but as we mentioned above – it is anticipated that Zong is all set to bring in a complete line of services/products based on this deal with Manchester United.

All this is scheduled to happen before the end of October 2011.

Check below the print AD:


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    • lesson learned: never hold a news story!

      We had this information with us yesterday, prepared it – and then scheduled it for publishing at 9 AM this morning.

      Never knew they gonna publish an AD today, especially when activity was planned for last week of October.

      My mistake.

      • aamir bhai farq nae parta wese phr b theek kr lein * next level by singing (SIGNING) an exclusive deal with Manchester United*

  • This step needs a huge applause for Zong… They are actually promoting a very healthy game in Pakistan which should have been done by govt itself decades earlier after loosing so many cricket matches & facing so many scandals. On the other hand we have the so called Cricket which inherits promoting foul game & match fixing + no physical activity accept for the bowler & batsmen

  • I will buy zong sim just for United. Viva united.. This story tempt me to submit comment ..can’t wait to see what they bring .. Hopimg sumting really big coming ourway .

  • what kind of packages etc might come??
    is something related to manchestor united will come??
    or something for all sort of customers

  • But their service sucks, can’t even send sms or make clear phone calls :( (Based on my own experience)

    • this might be a problem in cities where LBC is offered. as far as i am concerned i would place zong no. 2 equal with mobilink in service quality and better than ufone and telenor

      • Well said zain, i using in Lahore where LBC is used much but still i m much satisfied with the service.
        Thumbs up for zong.
        But zong has put limit on LBC package as 180 minutes per day, previously it was totally unlimited.
        Now the service should be more better i hope.

      • Zong @ no. 2 with Mobilink, and better than Ufone and Telenor, leaving just Warid out here. Do u mean Warid is @ No. 1 in Service Quality?

        If that is your call, then so it be. :D

        Cheers !!

  • How is this something big??????????

    And what use would it be for the Pakistani subscribers?????????

  • Just think about all of this from a Marketing perspective. ZONG will now take full advantage of the ManU brand… this is something pretty amazing. This ia a marketing coup, leaving all the rest behind. Only Mobilink sponsoring the Pakistan Cricket Team cna compete with this.

  • I know alot obout this campaign, as i work for Zong, but telling you very truth, i am very excited with this deal, and sooner we are to revel great things, but lemme say this one to all United fans out there, some thing big coming very soon for all of you…

  • All telecom sector should promote their favourite clubs.
    Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal….
    and also promote Pakistan Football.

  • Im SOOOOO switching to zong…being supporting man utd for years…GGMU…. well done zong..cha gahye ho tha kar ke ;)

  • Investing this much is waste of Pakistan’s resource in a team which is not even owned by the country. This only translates for a Brand Manager’s personal preference

    They should have spent this money in building soccer teams across Pakistan and ran a tournament.

  • Exclusive telecom partner of ManU in Pakistan. I mean, seriously, what does ManU need a Pakistani telecom partner for? Their fan base here as a percentage of their global fan base is miniscule, and they are not going to visit Pakistan in next few decades.

  • Dear Concern,
    According to the truly champion promotion that is very good for me I like zong and football very much.

  • I am a new reader and could not stop myself to share the indeapth reality and truth.
    Football sponsorsip objective is to create the hype,becasue Zong has limit their Package, unlimited to limited (180 minutes), Signal problem, line disconnection, and Abnormal deduction is main feature of this Company.
    And to reduce such impact,now has start marketing to build brand image,
    In reality, Zong is going down and down and this downward trend could not be stopped, but i could say it will be stopped when local management will be replaced, current team will try to hide the issues,
    Current off net traffic of Zong is less than a poor calling card operator………

  • This is the right time for Zong to uplift its corporate image. Partnership with world’s most popular football club can shift Zong’s brand identity to the upper layer. We heard it a huge campaign, hoping that Zong will leverage it to the optimum level.

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