PTCL Wins Global HR Excellence Award 2011

PTCL Senior Executive Vice President HR, Syed Mazhar Hussain, receives the Global HR Excellence Award by Federal Minister for Commerce, Makhdoom Amin Faheem.Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has won the prestigious “2nd Global HR Excellence Award 2011” in recognition of its outstanding organizational performance in the telecom sector.

“This award is an acknowledgement of PTCL’s pioneering efforts undertaken to transform our HR policies and practices,” said PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Human Resource, Syed Mazhar Hussain on the occasion.

“We have won this award because of the tireless efforts of our HR team, which has demonstrated exceptional commitment towards elevating PTCL to new heights of success by overcoming atypical challenges”, he added.

Proffered by Global Media Links and Business Milestones, the Global HR Excellence Awards recognize leading organizations that have achieved excellence in the sphere of Human Resource and Organizational Development.

In the post-privatization period, PTCL’s organizational transformation has been spearheaded by the company’s HR Department, which has played an instrumental role in creating a new momentum and infusing vigor within the organization to bring about a paradigm shift in its organizational culture.

“The Global Excellence Award has increased PTCL’s visibility on Pakistan’s corporate horizon and enhanced its image vis-à-vis our employer branding,” said PTCL SEVP, Syed Mazhar Hussain.

The Award’s judges unanimously selected PTCL for this year’s honor in view of the fast-paced progression of its HR Department, and its exceptional achievements in successfully leading the company’s massive post-privatization transition by introducing HR best practices in a very short period of time.

“Starting with a major rationalization of headcount to introducing a merit culture whereby performance determines the annual salary increments to the employees, our HR department has been at the forefront of our organizational change,” said PTCL Executive Vice President Organizational Development, Shahzad Safdar Khan. “We now place a strong emphasis on the development of our human capital by providing them with numerous learning opportunities that are in sync with our corporate objectives.”

In recent years, PTCL has firmly established its reputation for redefining and realigning the industrial relations paradigm. In line with contemporary business requirements, it has led organizational development and employee welfare by successfully creating a win-win situation, both for the employees and the organization, to emerge as an employer of choice.

  • Iftikhar Sharak

    Excellent- PTCL has definitely done excellent product launches especially in the field of broadband.

  • Reihaan

    PTCL growing now rapidly,yet they can not provide better services in rural areas, as in rural areas the PTCL services are not so good so far…Even in cities we have some issues in broadband.. So they have to make them perfect in these fields as well…

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  • Imran Shah

    o bhaio….Iftikhar and Reihaan i smell fanboyism!!! do u people even know what human resource is?….according to Wikipedia “Human resources is a term used to describe the individuals who make up the workforce of an organization” and they gave that award to PTCL….I MEAN TO PTCL??REALLY?….*FAINTS*

    • faisal

      @imran , LOL , love your description on HR .Specially the last word of your message

      * drink water *…….. there are more weird people out there doing stupid stuff.

  • Sher Khan

    Lolzzz…of all the telco’s!!!! seriously!? This is some kind of joke. Only the dead wood of GSM sector ends up in PTCL. Naveed Saeed etc etc…and the fresh blood that comes in leaves within a month or so…ufff seriously…I want propakistani to probe whether PTC(Hell) got this award or ‘Bought’ it…”Faints as well”

    • yasir


      it is of course PTCL(HELL).


  • Mirza

    This award is bought by PTCL officials who does not know ethics and ABC of HR.

    Their only achievement is termination of hundreds of those employees to whom these (headed by Walid Irshaid) first declare as Key Talent, and when these employees accepted NTC; these terminated them showing their performance that they have cut HR staff.

    Oh Mazhar and others; someone will take revenge from you and be prepare for it.

    [Comment Edited]

    • yasir

      i m greatly shocked that why the Propakistani kills the lines and words which are in reality giving the true pictures of grim state of affairs ??????

      Comments which get edited must be containing some truth which is suppressed in the pretext of “Comments Edited ” .

      it is unfair .

      • admin

        Narrating reality and using abusive language are different things. We are so open that we mention that comments are edited or not.

        Please understand that we work hard to bring the true feedback but within language standards.

  • yasir

    ooohhhhhhhhhhh what a serious blunder is this ???
    how come the worst ever notorious HR of ptcl has been awarded such a prize ?????

    its extremely hilarious.

    we the employees of this company know the reality on ground.

    it was well before the privitization but after the privitization, niether the employee nor the customer is happy with PTCL.
    and also i feel that the price awarding standards will be extreme sub-standard and this award is in reality an absord, inferior.

    The best award which should have been given to ptcl should be of Global HR excelene is best curruption and Human eating .

  • Nosheen

    HR….that too of PTCL….. it hasssss to be a joke man!!!!!!
    Ask the employees there…… they will tell u the tale….

    • Asim

      Well, HR cant make all people happy…be it HR of PTCL or Wodafone…or T&T or Bell Telecom…

      and a complete turn around doesn’t come over night…it takes time…the reason for award would be the initiatives taken by HR…

  • Asim

    WoW, being part of PTCL,i agree with this award.. HR of PTCL really deserves it…they have been putting huge efforts in transforming the company, mind you OD department which consists of merely 10-12 people have been given the mandate to change a company of 30,000 employees. in the last year and a half they have launced excellent initiatives which boggles the minds, because their success was a dream..

    Good job OD – HR guys..

  • HR Member

    I fully agree! HR has come a long way!I think only those who can’t keep up with the pace of privatization are complaining. I think it is always easy to blame and point fingers but it takes courage to own and be able to lead the change. I think instead of wasting time on endless debates we should be spending time on undertaking some productive activity which adds value. We are open to suggestions and would even welcome your input!

  • yasir

    no no

    absolutely wrong.

    ptcl deserves the award for Global HR curruption and Human abuse.

    OD like other dept of HR is the most notorious in its reputation.

    the Govt has decided the pay increase of 15 precent irrelevant of the employees cadre and working but due to the OD modification and mal-practices and cunningness, the employees remained deprived of the ful 15%.
    the govt has announced the 25% increase in the house requisitions whereas the senseless mean people in OD are putting every possible hurdle so that the employees cannot be benefited finaancially.

    Also the organistions desighns are promulgated and enforced after a very short span of time without any consulting the techinical people of the company. OD is doing every thing on its sweet will.

    Hence the HR is the black scar over the face of civilised society.

    The OD is doing all its best to slaughter and make financial murder of the employees and left no stone unturned in bringing the inflictions, hardships and hostality over the employees.

    What we see that the employees are like Tissue paper in the eye of OD. Wpie your nose and throw them into the dust bin.

    The worst treatment is being metter out to the employees and we all curse the PTCL HR.

  • ahmed

    they must be mistaken with HR CATERING …

  • osman

    The situation of the employees is extremely uncertain as said by PTCL employees who have been asked to submit their performance reports repeatedly. There were dozens of GMs who were shifted to Islamabad from regional headquarters recently and rest of many executive posts have been shelved off by the management as redundant.

    There are fuelling rumors about another VSS despite repeated refusal of the management for avoiding a disrupt situation in the company which it witnessed last year. In 2010, strike, sit-in, protest rallies and duties boycott have become the order of the day in the former national institution as the management did not increase the salary of its employees as per announcement of the government.

    There are many incidents reported in which technical staff members have been indirectly and unofficially conveyed that the company wants to get rid of them. They are asked to get training of broadband, otherwise they will be shown doors by the management. The same situation is also prevailing in many departments of PTCL.

    Thousands officials at middles and lower ranks are living in uncertainty about their future because they are not confident about their jobs, which are also affecting their performance and professional motivation.

    “There is lot of things going on at higher level as few decision about layoffs have been leaked whereas the management is hiding its plan about the future,” said a union leader who requested not to be named.

    Whatever is going on is exceptional in the company as I never witnessed it in the past, he added.

  • osman

    The worst situation was witnessed by retired employees. First the promise of job security was outright ignored and the rest of all pledges were not considered as legitimate and the majority of the retired employees were gradually deprived off from their health facilities.

    Some ex-officials are allowed health benefits but these are so called unachievable benefits as they have to strive hard to get company’s panel healthcare facility after lengthy and tiresome process.

    It is a dilemma that a staff member of more than 60 years of age, who served the company in his life, now is fighting for his rights in the illness. His family members also face hardship in confronting with PTCL management people.

    This is not enough. The retired employees have to face a shocking surprise every year and it also happens this year when hundred thousands of employees have not been given an 8 percent raise in their pension despite the government had announced 15 percent increase publicly in the budget speech 2010-11.

    They have filed petition but the verdict has yet to be announced because of delaying tactics of PTCL management regarding hearings’ dates. The poor pensioners of PTCL have been raising voice for their rights, which have been unheard for more than six past months.

    The government should intervene into the matter immediately and resolve the grievances of PTCL officials and retired employees as if steps have been taken for securing thousand officials of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC).News Analysis: The Sad Story of PTCL Employees.

  • Karim Javed

    Excellent my foot they haven’t solved my billing issue.

  • F

    In PTCL its “Achar” not HR :D

  • MB

    What a joke….. HR award for PTCL! Surprised on jury’s criteria. Agreeing with Mirza, on unqualified and unethical top HR management of PTCL. They have no sense of hiring or firing human resources.
    Forced resignations without any notice or ANY REASON (what to talk of performance) has been the norm in the telecom giant (launching variety of services without any focus on QoS).
    So much to be said…..but why waste time any more time commenting on this company and its corrupt and unprofessional top management.