wi-tribe Introduces Prepaid Packages

image001wi-tribe today introduced long-anticipated prepaid packages for it’s customers, allowing them to buy internet hours in advance to avoid bills/rentals at the end of the month.

You can buy internet hours at Rs. 20 per hour through prepaid cards ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1,000.

Customers won’t have to pay the rental for duration they don’t use the service. Simply pay for what you use, that’s it.

Rs. 20 per hour might seem high to many, but this deal will attract those who want to avoid long term commitments or monthly rentals.

A statement issued by company says:

“As a service that provides “broadband by the hour”, wi-tribe prepaid promises to be a catalyst of change for the industry. It allows customers to pay only for what they use, giving them the flexibility to use the internet as and when desired, without any hidden charges.”

Initial deposit:

DeviceSecurity DepositInitial Credit
Desktop ModemRs. 2,000Rs. 1,500
Wi-Fi ModemRs. 2,500Rs. 1,500
Pocket ModemRs. 2,000Rs. 1,500

To put up-mentioned table in words, you will have to purchase a modem with initial costing of Rs. 3,500 in case of desktop or pocket modem or Rs. 4,000 in case of Wi-Fi modem.

Initial deposit of Rs. 1,500 will be automatically transferred to user account in three months, i.e. Rs. 500 every month, meaning that you you can use Rs. 500 for first three months. One can of course recharge account if usage exceed Rs. 500 limit.

Recharging your account:

You can recharge your account with prepaid cards of following values and validity:

AmountHours Validity
Rs. 10057 days
Rs. 25012.515 days
Rs. 5002530 days
Rs. 1,0005030 days

Terms and conditions:

  • All devices come with speed of 512 Kbps
  • There’s no download limit for prepaid packages
  • Total initial charges: Security Deposit + initial recharge amount
  • Security deposit refundable upon return of device
  • 3 days money back guarantee

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