Zong Sponsored Charitable Concert

Charity concert supported by ZONG

In line with it policy to support the underprivileged members of the society, Zong supported a charitable concert organized by Arthritis Care Foundation (ACF) in collaboration with Learning Alliance Community Services (LACS). The charitable event was organized to raise funds for those people who have been crippled due to rheumatic disease but do not have the money to get medical care and treatment.

Zong, which has also supported numerous philanthropic causes in the past, was the title sponsor of this concert. The telecom company, realizing its responsibility as a corporate citizen, joined hands with the foundations working to prevent and fight disabilities caused by rheumatic disease. Funds collected through this event will be utilized to sponsor free medical treatments such as diagnostic tests and joint replacements for the deserving patients.

Sajid Mahmood, Chief Commercial Officer of Zong said, “We understand that only a prosperous community can assure sustainable growth of our company. And to achieve prosperity it is essential that all members of the community are healthy and have access to medical facilities. ACF and LACS are doing a great job by promoting quality health care in Pakistan and that is why we choose to partner with them for this event.”

The concert was attended by a large number of participants which also included patients who have received financial support from ACF, students of LACS and media. The audience present at the concert thoroughly enjoyed enthralling performance by famous musician and singer Atif Aslam.

  • It’s good sign that companies work for charities.

  • Hamza

    it is great that Private companies now work for charities.

  • steve john

    Its Really nice that companies work for charities.. really Great..