Telenor Pakistan Files Lawsuits Against Huawei and NSN

telenor_logoTelenor Pakistan has reportedly filed separate lawsuits against Nokia Siemens Network and Huawei Pakistan, told us sources familiar with the development.

According to the details we have received the matter was moved to court for arbitration over a dispute in an agreement between Huawei Pakistan and Telenor Pakistan.

Our source tells us that according to the agreement, Huawei was supposed to offer managed network services to Telenor Pakistan for three years, starting April 2011.

Just to recall, this was the same agreement under which Huawei had absorbed Telenor Pakistan’s whole department for Network Security and Maintenance.

Aamer Izhar Ul Haq, Vice President Corporate Affairs & Security at Telenor Pakistan confirmed us that Telenor is involved in separate legal proceedings with the Nokia Siemens Network and Huawei without mentioning the details. “As the matter is sub-judice, we are unable to comment any further on the subject”, he wrote to us in an email communication.

It merits mentioning here that Telenor Pakistan recently awarded ZTE a countrywide end-to-end network swap contract valuing $850 million to beat NSN and Huawei’s price.

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  • Does anyone know if ZTE’s contract is now inked? There hasn’t been a press release so far on the subject and both parties seem to be “discussing” the details 45 days after the planned issuance of first PO.

    Do you see an impact of spectrum auction on planned swap project?

    • law suit file kernay k liye paisay chahiye hotay hai mamu leekin Telenor nay bohat ziada paisay laga diya hein is liye tumharay paas to paisay hoon gay nahi :( is liye chup ker k jitna mufta lagta hai lagao coz tum jaisay sirf shor ker saktay hein

      • ap ziyada paisay walay lagtay ho, har haftay 50rs ka meray warid per balance bhej dia karo to apko koi faraq nahi

        is say ziyada to ap telenor ko izafi charges main pay ker rahay ho.

        • yehi to baat nikalwani thi tum say, use tum warid kertay aur rotay tum telenor ko ho…phir banay tum social activist phirtay ho :)

          ziada ghareeb ho to fone use kerna band ker do…. if you can’t fix it, stop whining about it. Sadi si baat hai, samajh aayi to good hai, nahi to kher hai rotay raho

    • We want to file lawsuits against you for brain damage due to excessively lame comments.

      You have a free market, you can switch to any other provider. No one is forcing you to use Telenor. It is not like WAPDA

  • whenever any company outsource its security his downfall starts,same is her in this case. Now Pakis courts will decide who will run telenor network…WOW Dejuice ka ban gaya Kanjuice

  • To the Editor,

    Kindly correct the error “Huawei was suppose”, it should be “supposed”, not ‘suppose’.

    An avid reader and follower.

  • @layman: contract has been inked with telenor. One of my classfellows in pre sales engineer in ZTE he told me about contract signing

  • I use telenor and I feel that they charge alot for God knows what and before you know your credit is over. does anyone else also feel the same? i am thinking about ditching telenor

  • Can we expect an official word from Telenor on the subject? Or would it be asking too much. The matter being in court doesn’t stop one to mention the reason for initiating legal action. What it does stop is to comment on the proceedings or speculating on the outcome.

    If these lawsuits are not merely part of the some twisting tactics, then organization could be transparent and may even like to make the industry aware of its stance that led to a law suit against two of its outgoing suppliers.

    There can also be an interesting lesson here for the new partner ;)

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